Mark Henderson and Marcel Henderson

Recorded September 3, 2022 Archived September 3, 2022 33:32 minutes
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Mark Henderson (64) and his, wife Marcel Henderson (54), talk about his life and their family.

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Mark talks about his childhood in St. Petersburg, FL.
Mark talks about the ways life has surprised him.
Mark talks about the lessons he’s learned from travel.
Mark talks about fatherhood.
They share memories from when their children were growing up.
Mark reflects on how he wants to be remembered.
Mark talks about the values his parents instilled in him.
Mark talks about the technological advances he’s witnessed in his lifetime.
Mark talks about what he’s looking forward to in the next decade.
Mark talks about the value of strong relationships.
They talk about being happy with the life they have together.


  • Mark Henderson
  • Marcel Henderson

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Atlanta History Center

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