Marry Arnould and her grandson, Ian Wickham, discuss life during and after the Great Depression.

Recorded November 29, 2017 Archived November 29, 2017 23:30 minutes
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In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Flint, Michigan, Ian Wickham (16) interviews his grandmother, Marry Arnould (83). They discuss how important traditions, family and her Flint heritage are to her. Mrs. Arnould also talks about what it was like growing up before and after the Great Depression. For a funny story on how she got her first dog, and how it affected the family for years to come, go to 12:45. Finally, she talks about her husband and how they met. An emotional and inspirational interview for the Great Thanksgiving Listen 2017.


  • Marry Arnould
  • Ian Wickham

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