Marsha Staley and Patti Wood

Recorded March 5, 2023 Archived March 5, 2023 48:48 minutes
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One Small Step partners Marsha Staley (70) and Patti Wood (63) have a conversation where they explore each other's life contexts. They find they both prefer to see movies in theaters, believe in trusting their community members, and have unique relationships to the Christian faith.

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Patti (P) and Marsha (M) share about why they chose to participate in One Small Step.
P and M talk about the pandemic's impact on people getting to talk to each other.
P talks about the diversity she observes throughout her work.
P asks M the story of her great-great grandmother.
M asks P about how she began with Christianity and interpreting the Bible literally.
M gives P retirement advice.
[TRACK 2] P and M talk about their parents' political views and how they affected their views on the world.
M tells P about her preconceived notions about her.


  • Marsha Staley
  • Patti Wood

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