Martha Mathews, Ann Wells, and PJ Pronger

Recorded November 13, 2020 Archived November 13, 2020 40:45 minutes
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Siblings, PJ Pronger (67), Martha Mathews (68) and Ann Wells (75), recall their upbringing on their family ranch in Texas.

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PP describes his upbringing with his sisters MM and AW.
"We had lots of freedom out there."- AW
"Our family valued hard work and we all got a dose of that."- PP on the different chores he and his siblings had.
PP and his siblings describes their meals.
PP recalls an Air Force pilot stopping at the house to use the phone after he parachuted out of his plane.
AW recalls a place of play and joy on the family ranch- the junk pile.


  • Martha Mathews
  • Ann Wells
  • PJ Pronger