Marvin Pettiford and Daulton Jones

Recorded March 12, 2020 Archived March 12, 2020 43:01 minutes
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Friends Marvin Pettiford (84) and Daulton Jones (24) talk about their unique experiences of blackness through different generational experiences. They discuss what racism has looked like in the past and how it looks now, and share their hopes for the future of the black community.

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DJ discusses colorism within black communities and compares his skin tone to that of his family members.
MP remembers the neighborhood where he grew up and what his understanding of racism was then.
MP talks about how success was determined when he was younger.
DJ talks about some of the struggles he had in the education system.
MP discusses his relationship with religion.
DJ reflects on being raised around religion and shares his thoughts on the way the church interacts with the black community.
DJ talks about young black people today and how their relationship to race differs from other generations.
MP remembers being racially profiled by a woman in a Starbucks.
DJ mentions television shows and music that help him process his anger about racism today.
DJ shares his hope for the current generation of black people.
MP talks about what his children can do to make the world a better place for his generation.


  • Marvin Pettiford (b. 1936)
  • Daulton Jones (b. 1996)

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Beale Memorial Library

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