Mary-Allen Macneil and Jack Weisberg

Recorded February 26, 2020 Archived February 26, 2020 39:30 minutes
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Mary-Allen Macneil (75) talks with her friend Jack Weisberg (74) about her spiritual journey, being raised as a devout Catholic, coming to doubt her education and the search for spirituality that led her to Zen.

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MAM reflects on her communion at 6-years-old and her first memories of spirituality.
MAM recalls growing up in a small town in Southern California and being excluded because of her gender at church.
MAM recalls when in a history class in college she realized that her Catholic education had not exposed her to many of the things she could have learned, and why she left the Church in her 20s.
MAM talks about searching for her spirituality again her 30s.
MAM reflects on having satisfied her intellectual concerns in terms of spirituality and religious traditions, and wanting to find a way to be a non-ordained spiritual person.
MAM explains the difference between Tibetan Buddhism and Zen.
MAM describes her relationship with the idea of death and the ways she has engaged with it in her work and spirituality.
MAM reflects on the way her suffering gets transformed to connection, what she teaches in her classes, and what "ancient suffering" is.


  • Mary-Allen Macneil
  • Jack Weisberg

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