Mary Boatman and John Rossfeld

Recorded August 29, 2021 Archived August 29, 2021 49:04 minutes
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Mary Boatman (63) and One Small Step partner, John Rossfeld (54), share their thoughts on climate change, potential of society, concerns, and hopes for future role of government.

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MB shares work with Department of Interior as an Oceanographer and describes a present project in establishing winter mines. JR shares thoughts on social issues and the redistribution of wealth. MB shares concerns with denigrating government and the importance of structure. JR shares his desired impact of experiencing a worldwide issue.
MB and JR shares thoughts on education, including alternatives to college. JR discusses the benefits to providing housing and healthcare for all. He points out the difference in conversation among those able to work remotely vs. frontline workers. He also gives his thoughts on listening to Rush Limbaugh.
JR shares the importance in understanding left and right views. MB shares the motivation for a friend voting for Donald Trump, and the mindsets encouraged during his presidency.
JR shares his thoughts on President Trump's approach and personality. MB discusses the impact of Trump on government and personal responsibility vs the government dictating behavior.
MB shares expectations of shifting culture. JR speaks on having safety nets for those who attempt dreams and fail to reach those plans. JR discusses the erasure of racism and sexism with the rise of future generations. MB shares her personal concerns with Medicare, climate change, the impact of weather on growth and scarcity of food.


  • Mary Boatman
  • John Rossfeld

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