Mary Nell Lemert and James Lemert

Recorded October 28, 2020 Archived October 28, 2020 40:00 minutes
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Spouses Mary Nell Lemert (75) and James "Rex" Lemert (75) talk about growing up, meeting at UT Austin, Rex enlisting and serving in Vietnam, and their work for the Texas Panhandle War Memorial.

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MNL says she grew up in Amarillo in a loving Christian family who were very supportive, with three brothers, in a very patriotic family.
RL talks about growing up in Liberal, Kansas and talks about going to the New Mexico Military Institute.
RL and MNL talk about some of the places they lived when RL was in the military, and explain what happened once MNL got pregnant.
MNL talks about adjusting to life after RL went to Vietnam, and that her parents invited her and her daughter Tiffany to live with them.
RL describes seeing MNL for the first time after being in Vietnam for a while and that they almost didn't recognize one another because RL had lost a lot of weight.
MNL talks about what it was like when RL came back from Vietnam for good.
RL talks about the Texas Panhandle War Memorial.
MNL talks about working on the Randall County Annex building and describes some of the programs they offer.
MNL talks about the education center.


  • Mary Nell Lemert (b. 1945)
  • James Lemert (b. 1944)

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