Mary Railey and Lillian Crouch

Recorded February 8, 2023 Archived February 8, 2023 39:04 minutes
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Friends and members of the Woman’s Club of El Paso Mary Railey [no age given] and Lillian Crouch [no age given] share the history of the Woman’s Club from the late 1800s to now, why they love being members, and the role of the club in transforming women’s influence in El Paso.

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Mary Railey (MR) talks about her past presidency of the Woman's Club of El Paso.
Lillian Crouch (LC) shares some history about the Woman's Club.
LC explains how the club helped shift understandings of a woman's place.
MR tells a story about the former president of the club, Mrs. Olga Kohlberg.
LC describes her installation as club president.
MR explains the reach of the Woman's Club in El Paso and its hand in creating other clubs in the city.
LC talks about joining the club in 1989 as its first African American member and reflects on the club's trail-blazing nature.


  • Mary Railey
  • Lillian Crouch

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La Fe Community Center

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