Mary Sullivan and Russ Tidwell

Recorded November 10, 2021 Archived November 10, 2021 53:58 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Hannah Sullivan (20) and Russ Tidwell (53) discuss music, major influences in their life and politics.

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- They read each other's biographies.
- Russ discussed performing music.
- Hannah discussed living among different people, which widened her outlook on life.
- Russ discussed his place of work being quite ethnically diverse being "challenging and incredibly fun!"
- Russ discusses those who've influenced him, "My dad taught me integrity, and another friend influenced my career path."
- Hannah discussed her influences, "My teacher, Johnny Winston, gave me the best advice toward learning. Also, I hope Chris Layhew hears this because he encouraged my music path."
- Russ said, "Im a teacher because Mike Patterson modeled impact."
- Hannah names other teachers, "I hope they hear this."
- Russ describes his political views. "Voting rights matter." "I wish our politics were kinder."
- Russ, "I stopped being a conservative long ago. I'm still a fiscal conservative, but my social outlook has changed." "I wish government could find ways to level the playing field for people."
- Hannah describes her political views. "I think people should be able to decide their own fates."
- Hannah, "The hot button issues should not be politicized."
- Hannah, "Why do we criminalize people who want to come to the U. S. for a safer place to live?"
- Russ, "Well, I dont understand why people who were angered by the mask requirements." "The cognitive dissonance bothers me."
- Hannah, "I don't think that abortions are the answer, but the gov't. should not dictate what women do with their bodies."
- Russ, "I agree. I would like for women to have control over their own bodies."
- Hannah discussed how she navigates people who believe the same but communicate it differently.
- Hannah, "The system is jacked-up" regarding law enforcement.
- Russ, "At my core, I want the political messaging to be honest and forth right." "We must have a system for civil protection." "When we say, 'Defund the police' we must be able to communicate what that actually means."
- Hannah, "Many church groups show so much hate, and there's a lot of invasion of personal space in a virtual scene."
- Russ to Hannah, "I think our worlds intersect more than I had expected."
- Hannah, "I didn't have an expectation, but it was great to see how much we have in common."
- Hannah to Russ, "I appreciate your wisdom."
- Hannah to Russ, "This felt more like professional development, because I learned so much about teaching, and we had music in common.


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