Mary Virginia McCormick Pittman and Dr. Charles Gentry

Recorded December 2, 2022 Archived December 2, 2022 38:37 minutes
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Colleagues Mary Virginia McCormick Pittman [no age given] and Dr. Charles Gentry (48) share a conversation about Mary Virginia's history with the military, her travels, and her passion for conservation. Mary Virginia also discusses her family's accomplishments and the importance of giving.

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Mary Virginia McCormick Pittman (MVP) discusses her life philosophy surrounding giving.
MVP remembers her parents and their relationship to nature.
MVP talks about her history working closely with wounded soldiers.
MVP tells the story of being made a member of the US Army Corps and Regiment without uniform.
MVP remembers coordinating a welcome home event to greet returning soldiers.
MVP discusses her father's, Dr. James E. Pittman, M.D., and her aunts', Dr. Margaret Pittman and Helen Pittman, lives and accomplishments.
MVP reflects on the impact traveling had on her worldview.
MVP tells the story of meeting a lion in the wild.
MVP remembers the story of Balto and talks about writing about it for children.
MVP talks about how she'd like to be remembered.


  • Mary Virginia McCormick Pittman
  • Dr. Charles Gentry