Masroor Malik and Kimberly Hornikel

Recorded July 9, 2020 Archived July 9, 2020 43:47 minutes
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One Small Step Conversation partners Masroor Malik (50) and Kimberly Hornikel (53) talk about their different cultures, especially when it comes to faith.

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KH talks about growing up culturally isolated, and how she now lives in a culturally diverse place. MM talks about growing up in Pakistan.
KH says she's just coming out of her blinders about racial justice.
MM talks about how he doesn't like how people use the scripture to discriminate against women.
KH asks MM to tell her about Islamic beliefs. MM explains the similarities of the religions.
MM says we need to have a lot more dialogues to heal as a country. Says we need to still be able to have civil conversations.
KH says we're never going to be united if we don't find out what we have in common.


  • Masroor Malik
  • Kimberly Hornikel

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