Mateo Mulcahy & Karima Daoudi

Recorded December 9, 2017 Archived December 9, 2017 39:35 minutes
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A conversation between Mateo Mulcahy and Karima Daoudi. Mateo, the current director of Old Town School's World Music Wednesday series, remembers how his involvement with the Old Town School started when he was a 14 year old punk rocker who was taking banjo lessons. Mateo describes a collaboration with his predecessor, Juan Dies, to bring Old Town School's Festival of Latin Music to St. Louis. Karima remembers attending World Music Wednesday concerts when she was in High School and eventually becoming Mateo's intern. This conversation was recorded at the school on September 27th, 2017. Go to to hear selected excerpts from interviews collected as part of the StoryCorps-Old Town School partnership.


  • Karima Daoudi
  • Mateo Mulcahy
  • Old Town School of Folk Music