Matthew Jauch and Rebecca Jauch

Recorded April 28, 2023 Archived April 28, 2023 28:58 minutes
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Matthew Jauch (46) sits down with his wife Rebecca Jauch (42) to discuss their time working in various US Embassies around the world. The two reflect on their marriage together, spanning from their first meeting in an elevator in Vienna to their hopes for their family and futures.

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Matt (M) talks about his childhood and how he imagined his future growing up.
Matt explains his reasoning for joining the Air Force, and recalls not telling his family until he arrived at boot camp.
M remembers his time studying linguistics at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California.
M reflects on first hearing about the opportunity to work at a US embassy in Vienna.
M talks about the various embassies he has worked at around the world.
M recalls meeting his wife Becky (B) in an elevator in Vienna.
M relays what he has learned while living abroad.
B remembers meeting M for the first time.
M expresses that he doesn’t regret joining the military because it led him to B and their family.
M speaks about his desire for B to achieve her goals now that his military career has ended.


  • Matthew Jauch
  • Rebecca Jauch

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