Maureen Bartee and Brad Bartee

Recorded April 20, 2022 Archived April 20, 2022 37:23 minutes
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Maureen Bartee (49) interviews her husband, Brad Bartee (57), about his military service in the U.S. Army when the Berlin Wall fell.

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MB asks BB why he joined the service. BB shares he was influenced by a friend and was interested in intelligence in the Army.
BB describes his deployment to Berlin. He was assigned to East Berlin and describes how different it was from West Berlin.
BB describes his life and work in Berlin before the wall fell. He witnessed protests, refugees fleeing to West Berlin and interrogating the refugees from other European nations.
BB describes the day the Berlin Wall fell. He shares that no one was prepared for peace, only conflict, so the Army in East Berlin did not know what to do.
BB describes the celebrations and joy he witnessed after the wall came down. He says the celebration lasted months.
BB shares that he spent most of his military career abroad and shares his favorite and noteworthy experience in Guantanamo Bay and Afghanistan.
BB and MB shares how they met in Kazakhstan at an Irish Pub.


  • Maureen Bartee
  • Brad Bartee

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