Maureen Elias and Dustin Elias

Recorded April 21, 2022 Archived April 21, 2022 40:49 minutes
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Maureen Elias (44) talks to her husband, Dustin Elias (44), about their Army careers, their marriage, and the experience of parenting while serving in the military.

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Maureen and Dustin talk about why they each joined the military.
Maureen and Dustin talk about their families and the relationship of their families to the military.
Maureen and Dustin remember 9/11, which was just days after their wedding.
They talk about their Advanced Individual Training (AIT) wedding.
Maureen talks about being a woman in the military, and they both discuss the challenges of becoming parents while serving.
They talk about their first military ball and their reactions to one of the speakers.
They reflect on learning Korean and their time at the Defense Language Institute (DLI).
They talk about learning that their kids had autism and finding out that Dustin had to go to Fort Bragg.
They talk about moving and about what went well for the family in North Carolina.
Maureen and Dustin talk about Dustin's retirement from the military. They reflect on their time in service and on finding professional camaraderie.


  • Maureen Elias
  • Dustin Elias

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