Maureen Lewiston and Elle Harris

Recorded July 8, 2022 Archived July 8, 2022 41:04 minutes
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Maureen Lewiston (66) interviews her friend Elle Harris (30) about her experiences working as a packer for the U.S. National Park Service.

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EH describes her job as a “packer” for the U.S. National Park Service.
EH shares her and her colleagues’ experiences working at Yellowstone National Park when a flood washed out the roads in 2022.
EH explains why the flood happened.
EH shares her experience working in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks during the wildfires that took place in August of 2020.
EH tells the story of how she ended up chasing a mule down the road in a stranger’s car.
EH talks about the National Parks where she has worked.
EH describes her journey toward her current role.
EH talks about her hopes for her next season of work.
EH explains how she maintains her long-distance relationship with her fiancé.
EH gives advice to others who would like to pursue a career path similar to hers.


  • Maureen Lewiston
  • Elle Harris