Maureen O'Malley Kirschner and Megan Medina

Recorded September 18, 2022 Archived September 18, 2022 37:31 minutes
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Friends Maureen O'Malley Kirschner (35) and Megan Medina (37) reflect on their experiences becoming mothers early in the COVID-19 pandemic and talk about the importance of supporting each other during the challenges early motherhood.

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MK and MM talk about becoming friends through book club but strengthening their friendship when they became mothers at the same time.
MK and MM talk about the challenges of giving birth and becoming mothers during the COVID-19 pandemic.
MK and MM reflect on the support they were able to offer each other in early motherhood.
MK remembers the amount of gifts that were sent to her house after her child was born.
MM remembers the first time her parents visited after her son was born.
MM thanks MK for her support; MK talks about the importance of laughter during stressful moments.
MM and MK discuss their professions and how they worked during the pandemic and early motherhood.
MM and MK reflect on the importance of community among other mothers.


  • Maureen O'Malley Kirschner
  • Megan Medina

Recording Locations

Utah Museum of Contemporary Art