Maye Torres and Ana Beluche

Recorded March 27, 2023 Archived March 27, 2023 41:35 minutes
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Friends Maye Torres (62) and Ana Beluche (77) discuss Taos, New Mexico, art, and the many forms healing can take.

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M and A describe their childhood experiences. A speaks about her mother's work as a curandera.
M reflects on the origins of her art. M and A discuss how Taos, New Mexico, has changed over the years. They discuss growing up bilingual.
M and A speak about A's work as a curandera. A explains how her lupus led her to her work, and M talks about her relationship with natural healing.
M describes her gallery and speaks about art as healing. M and A discuss the many forms healing can take.
M and A recall the miracles they have experienced. They share their hopes for the world and reflect on how they would like to be remembered.
M and A reflect on how COVID-19 impacted their community and describe what makes Taos special.


  • Maye Torres
  • Ana Beluche

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Taos Public Library

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