Clarence D'Souza and Lisa D'Souza

Recorded October 1, 2006 Archived October 1, 2006 37:24 minutes
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Clarence talks about coming to America from India.


  • Clarence D'Souza
  • Lisa D'Souza


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00:00 Start okay.

00:07 Lisa Andrews D'Souza age 30 October 1st. 2006 Boston, Massachusetts, and I'm here with Clarence my father-in-law.

00:18 Yeah, my name is Clarence D'Souza.

00:21 I am a 71 years old.

00:24 Today's date of the 1st of October

00:28 The locations, Boston, Massachusetts

00:33 End the relationship

00:35 Is my sister-in-law doing good today?

00:40 Question. Am I your daughter-in-law Clarence born? I was born in Bombay India in the hospital.

00:58 I guess of what my mother told me.

01:01 And where did you grow up? I grew up in Bombay. So I went to school over there.

01:09 And some of my calls you a cold after and how many siblings did you have or have why I drove one one brother and two sisters.

01:20 And can you tell me where you fall as far as the oldest or youngest?

01:28 I'm neither the oldest or the youngest.

01:31 I'm image.

01:33 Second

01:35 Youngest

01:38 And can you describe me what it was like to live in India when you were growing up?

01:44 Living in India

01:47 Was very difficult.

01:50 From everything

01:53 Christening putting food on the table

02:00 To getting a job.

02:06 But that's why studies.

02:09 Concerned that was

02:13 Varivo imparted to me

02:17 There's something that your parents really emphasized education on true that

02:26 I got all the information that I needed to get.

02:31 And did you go to public schools are Catholic schools?

02:40 All the glass was about 40 to 50 students.

02:46 Boss slow gear normal average

02:52 Plus the back part of

02:56 The world

02:58 Talking about in India

03:02 We're all the students who attended school with you Catholic.

03:06 No, they were not all Catholic but a majority of students walk Catholic and

03:14 Those were

03:17 I was one of the reasons why it was

03:21 I'll run as a Catholic School.

03:25 So most of the year

03:28 People that were studying there.

03:32 What Avail themselves of teachings of beer?

03:40 People who ran the score and was it pretty unusual to be Catholic growing up in India?

03:52 By saying unusual, I guess it doesn't really trying to but what I would say, is that the Catholic makeup Christian Community and the person community as a whole.

04:07 Is about 5 to 10% of the total majority of India, so that would tell you how small majority come from.

04:16 Was that ever a difficult for you to be a minority as far as religion?

04:21 It was my difficulty in practice my religion and when my toaster

04:32 However, the only

04:38 Only thing I got to say is that during the this was during the days before India got its independence from the British.

04:46 And

04:49 During the day that followed it was very hard for the Christians as a whole to get a job because a lot of the preferences will given to

05:02 Non-christians that he has to know. In India is in the witches down still about

05:11 85 / 90%

05:18 So the majority when India became independent the majority of the people were Hindus and because of that they decided who got which jobs is that what you're saying? I only wanted to do it that India got its independence and

05:36 In 1947 as a result of

05:41 Some agitation political agitation from some of the people

05:52 Trying to say was that be

05:56 In the majority over there.

05:59 Can you do?

06:01 Take care of their own as you might say it but most Spotify.

06:06 What mellow?

06:10 But I do not exist in all the instances of mcwatters.

06:17 But that was just my expense when I was there.

06:20 Now moving back to your own personal family with your parents on you've mentioned that they emphasize education. Did you find that money money through his troubles with money or that your family was always able to provide for you and your siblings.

06:35 Well my family all of us for wife car.

06:39 The education money but going to a Catholic School also had his preferences for me in the sense that I was given.

06:52 Big rebate as far as the fees go in the school and that made it easier for me to

07:02 Undertake my studies in school.

07:08 And where there are certain things that your parents hoped as far as career choices for their children.

07:14 Toyota

07:16 Fox is that my father died. He died when I was in the tenth grade in School.

07:24 And my mother was

07:27 I was only too happy to see me get a job. She herself was not highly educated than that for.

07:36 Did not much one idea what conditions exist as they do among the

07:46 Higher classes in India and I like the people over here in the states by that. I mean as far as you're not trying to get an education school college and going for graduates of books Rodger did it so forth. So my mother just as happy that I got a job soon as I finish up school. How old were you when you finish school? I was 16 and a half years old when I finish High School normal age to finish High School.

08:24 Axelrad. Mipro Kevin's Wednesday

08:29 And can you tell me your parents names? My father's name was Lawrence D'Souza.

08:36 And my

08:39 Mother's name was Mary Amelia D'Souza.

08:45 So after your father passed away and your mother then was a widow. What what did she do as far as she ever choose a date anyone or did you move in with any of her children only rented?

09:03 Flag Republic of Ireland Bombay itself and

09:08 She got you to stay with us because neither of us was mad at the time so she just got here to stay with us.

09:18 And as time went by, you know.

09:23 Each one of us got mad and so forth.

09:27 I burned off to.

09:30 To see I joined the Merchant Navy for 2 years, and that's how I

09:36 Made my way to the history years and bear live.

09:41 I studied.

09:43 And I got a degree in electronics engineering technology and then went on to get my bachelor's in electrical engineering.

09:53 Milwaukee are doing it part-time. I'm entering a full.

09:58 Full-time job at the same time.

10:00 So why did you decide to join the merchant marines? And

10:05 I decide to join the Merchant Marine because

10:08 That was the only Avenue.

10:11 That is open to me where I could find.

10:16 Some kind of

10:22 John's to go and increase my

10:30 My professional status and my educational status so I can better my

10:41 My professional

10:44 State

10:46 And what places did you travel to with the merchant marines?

10:54 From

10:55 Get out of the states to South America and Back.

11:01 Lowe's of Bulgaria and by that I mean be things like a

11:10 Cement

11:13 Ino

11:16 That kind of cargo.

11:21 Give an example of a brat.

11:24 Cement from Canada down to Brazil in South America.

11:31 We also have a broadcast I know from Newport News.

11:38 But my new job from New Jersey in the u.s. Do

11:45 Brazil in South America

11:48 How old were you when you join the merchant marines?

11:53 I was 30 years old when I join the merchant marines.

11:57 And was that the first time you had left India?

12:04 I had hardly ever been out of my house except for some.

12:11 Vacation that I took in India south of you know may some day trips, but I never left home.

12:22 And why did you decide to come to the United States?

12:29 I want to study.

12:31 Electrical engineering

12:35 And

12:36 The u.s. Laws and I think still does have the major.

12:45 Access for

12:49 Push for knowledge in all the technical

12:55 Careers at industry

12:59 And did you think you would stay here for the rest of your life when you came? I came. I know I do not think that I'd be staying here and made up my mind. I just let her take one thing at a time and I like I said before I started, you know, you're not getting one degree went to a nightclub and I ended up meeting my wife and we got married actually get vgod mattered in India. Thought I took my wife to Mommy and Daddy got mad over there.

13:32 And she is not Indian. Correct. She is American and how how is that for your family that you were Marrying an American.

13:44 Stihl dealer

13:48 LOL, oops stand but she's not in any way hamburger Mary show.

13:57 Bless you my call. Did you meet how long were you here before you met Joan?

14:05 All about you about your two.

14:08 I'll be bored working at a psychiatrist Psychiatric Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut called Institute of living.

14:17 Let's all be.

14:21 Biggest stars like our ghanian Judy Collins. At one time for the psychiatric disorders. And were you both also attending school when you were working at the psychiatric hospital also attending school. She was attending the University of Benedict you have Connecticut while I don't remember

14:46 And can you describe your wedding in India?

14:50 My wedding in India was fun experience with my wife.

14:54 In the sense that

14:57 We had a lot of fun today and went over there.

15:01 With the

15:02 Some of the most popular bands playing for the occasion

15:08 And

15:10 A lot of

15:13 Hub eats and drinks for the occasion picture

15:20 Was the widely accepted by the cloud and by my wife to

15:26 Did you say it was a large wedding? I went up to it was a large wedding, but it was a medium-sized wedding.

15:33 And how long did you stay in India?

15:38 After I go over there for a couple of weeks to some of the game reserves in India.

15:49 And I'm going on a honeymoon to see the Taj Mahal the same time.

15:56 And then came back to the US became back to the US and

16:03 Of trust of dye. My first daughter was born.

16:07 And

16:10 Optavia optavia, two sons. So how old were you when you got married?

16:17 Study of all when I got mad and how old when you had each of your children my. Was about a couple of years later and the other two.

16:30 Following up with the

16:33 Mother couples of three or four years later discriminated against as an Indian living in the United States.

16:43 I

16:46 Was not discriminated against

16:51 Boston way to say so but I had some events that took place.

16:59 Withdraw What Not Buddy president to me

17:04 And

17:07 I don't know whether that was due to color of my skin or

17:13 Some other reason

17:16 Mara

17:19 Like one has to put up with everything that comes across one's life and I did.

17:27 Would you like to share either of those experiences?

17:31 Well

17:38 I want I want exactly call those.

17:42 Experience of discriminatory

17:47 What I would say that was that a lot of people thought that do not coming from any part of the world and back.

17:57 Area people tend to regard them as

18:04 Uneducated

18:08 You know.

18:12 Able to speak English and quite frankly. They were quite

18:18 Fry's when they heard me speak

18:22 Yesterday assumed that maybe since you weren't for me from United States, you wouldn't speak English very well.

18:29 Let's talk about your children for a little bit as your wife is American you were Indian you had children who were both American and Indian. Do you think that that had any effect on them going up the United States as far as having some difficulties are

18:48 No, I wouldn't say that Daddy needs omatic experiences.

18:55 Was like I mentioned before that war with some people who?

18:59 You don't care for the color of your skin or whatever.

19:08 Project believe you're not

19:11 Affecting by the meal.

19:15 I know you brought them all up as Catholics. Do you feel about the really important part of their life?

19:27 Baby bottle of us Catholics because that is what my parents imparted to me and

19:36 I've made it my duty to carry on the

19:43 Dr. Midi clock me, which I also think it's the

19:49 To doctor myself

19:53 . About YouTube your children fell a few minutes first and that your oldest daughter. You just grab her personality for me.

20:01 America

20:06 Balls are very good Korean School.

20:13 Anda

20:15 Moss off of grades worth

20:19 Amex in the top 10%

20:24 She

20:26 Also was very good in sports.

20:30 She was an excellent soccer player.

20:33 And she represented the state of Massachusetts.

20:41 Amy it's got to be that age category that she was in.

20:50 She was recruited.

20:54 Equus Point Ranch IMDb

20:59 Get into West Point.

21:02 Anda

21:05 One of the reasons you selected is because of a promise and sports soccer.

21:11 I wish she didn't officially went to West Point you decided that the Army was not the place for her and she left.

21:22 She then got a job in an insurance company and has been walking there Allison's car Providence College, right? Oh, she went to Providence College degree in computers in English.

21:37 Okay. How about Timothy?

21:40 WD Wells my son write off in the neck

21:44 And up

21:47 Yeah, I know.

21:50 High School

21:53 Education might be Wallykazam Catholic high school's right onto.

21:58 College at Worcester Polytech degree in biomedical engineering

22:06 And

22:08 Went on to get a job at the

22:13 Waters Ridge Waters Corporation and has been working ever since

22:18 And seems to have done well for himself.

22:23 My youngest son Randolph

22:27 Again, you went to

22:31 A local Catholic School in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, baby, love

22:39 Even down to Arlington College in Arlington, Massachusetts, Arlington Catholic College of God Catholic School.

22:48 He went on to the University of Massachusetts got a degree in.

22:52 Computer science

22:55 And it's not working for.

22:58 Company called EMC witches.

23:03 Renown worldwide

23:05 For the electrical and computer

23:09 Implements

23:12 And you think one of your children has a personality most like your own?

23:21 I don't think any of them have.

23:25 All the same qualities and I do

23:32 My daughter who has Aldi

23:35 Unique traits of hard work and perseverance and studies version Sports

23:44 What advice would you give me about raising my own children?

23:51 I don't know whether you will die.

23:54 Take my advice or not.

23:57 I'd believe that to you, but I think mostly better.

24:04 You should.

24:09 Be in touch with what they do and both.

24:16 At school or away

24:19 I mean be actively interested what they do and try to further their

24:26 Engagement weather be in sports. I'm better beans in school college of sports.

24:35 How many of your family members have come to United States from India correct part of that process?

24:46 Well, I was

24:49 For us all instrumental Latin

24:52 Getting my

24:55 My mother was the first one to come here. She has since died.

25:00 Of

25:03 I now have my

25:06 Sister and her family over here my brother and his family over you.

25:12 Living in

25:14 The state of Massachusetts, but I am located.

25:19 Did you have to help them as far as?

25:24 Have them live with you or sign any professional government documents in order to have them come and get green cards.

25:33 You hit it right on the nose.

25:36 I did all that.

25:39 What I was there for them to come down here.

25:45 And settle down here in November when it was my turn. I had nothing to look forward to I literally got off the boat with one bag of mine and and some money in my pocket.

26:02 But that's about it again.

26:06 I am out. I've saved up about $2,000. I thinking from my pages on boat ship.

26:15 For getting you must remember that we were not paid the fragile pages of people in the United States.

26:22 David considered part of the ocean

26:26 Cruel, and that's like your bed very low wages, but that was my horny.

26:33 Avenue for leaving India

26:39 Trying to

26:41 Make it in the world that you might say.

26:44 And by that, I mean preferably the United States. How do you think your life would have been different if you had never left India?

26:54 My my life would have been radically.

26:57 Different in the sense that

27:00 I was working.

27:04 Power off

27:05 A spinning and weaving

27:08 Melvin I was in India and I had a fella called for a job.

27:14 And I think I might have ended up working the same job.

27:19 For the rest of my life.

27:23 And that is what I wanted to change.

27:26 Why?

27:29 Well

27:31 For couple reason number one ones was that was a routine job with no access to any

27:43 Startups

27:46 Future

27:48 In the near area

27:50 Aura

27:54 Do any promotion that the company where I was walking?

27:58 And that's why I decided to.

28:01 Go to college engineering college and it make my re-up.

28:09 So financially was really the best decision that you've ever made.

28:15 It was a good decision that I made that's why the best of this is, I don't know about that.

28:25 Because the

28:28 Along with that decision came a lot of

28:34 Baggage

28:36 Backed

28:39 And encumbrances and I had to endure all my life and still do.

28:46 NBA scores for all

28:48 My wife

28:51 Family and my rotors will come here now.

28:55 But anyway want us to

28:59 What up, and what is?

29:06 Imparted one on his

29:11 Carrillo track

29:15 What kind of baggage do you think that you and all of your siblings have had to bring with you?

29:25 I don't know that I have said no.

29:29 Idiosyncrasies

29:32 And

29:34 Certain traits

29:37 I want to call the Ghetto by gin the sunset.

29:40 Anton Diva Madhuri baggages

29:45 But there was a lot to put up Lawrence.

29:49 For instance of on my folks gave me up. We put them up at our house.

29:57 Dinner time

29:59 They go there for at least 3 to 6 months or a remote to your

30:06 The Nicholas came up under label settle down.

30:11 So

30:14 Now since each of your siblings has come to the United States now and most of them all live here permanently was it you who really described that it would be a place that they would want to live and encouraging them to come.

30:32 Well

30:36 I wouldn't say that they they would not sleep want to love as you know, and I'd like to have a size it at that time.

30:46 Get a job in India leave alone go abroad and make a real in the world was.

30:56 What was like?

30:59 Hoping for

31:01 Thumping in Mundelein

31:04 And my thought

31:07 That I should share my

31:10 My blessings would that man I have tried to do so. Did you have to help them financially?

31:18 I beheld him financially when the first game starts at 11.

31:26 Who has been the biggest influence on your life?

31:37 Examples of my life of Ben my balance and

31:41 And remember that my father died when I was in the tenth grade in high school.

31:48 And

31:51 I will since then it has been already.

31:55 A pill

31:59 I'm just to make it.

32:02 With the

32:03 My father not getting any kind of

32:07 Morphe

32:09 Fun been here

32:11 Retired do real help

32:14 In Bombay, and neither one of us was looking at the time. I mean we went through some really grueling.

32:25 How days am I cannot explain?

32:28 Vacuum by telling you that it was a one-time used to go to church all of us.

32:34 Hand in hand spraying that something would happen.

32:41 Annabeth thanks. Chris. Thanks to wife. I'll Perez.

32:49 So what lessons do you think your parents taught you?

32:54 Oh, my parents are to Me piano lessons.

33:00 Hard work

33:02 Honesty

33:08 Mostly, you know?

33:11 Working very hard

33:14 In order to

33:17 Achieve success, but it be

33:22 At the examination table law

33:27 Indoor kto on Sports, whatever bar

33:32 I think it's absolutely essential.

33:35 Back doctor

33:41 That you will give off yourself modem 200% of what you have in order to achieve any kind of success.

33:54 And I think that's that is what I thought me a lotto.

34:00 Florida process

34:05 I don't know whether

34:08 I could have done better if I had to do it all over again.

34:19 What was your happiest moment in your life?

34:25 The app is wrong on my life was before I left India I studied.

34:35 For the FCC license the radio operators course, which enabled to work on board ship was the day I pass my exams.

34:45 That goes I was taking was very difficult and the people that passed Ackles bar only about 5% of class.

34:57 Leftover Whopper making for four at times. I finally got through and I was one of the

35:07 Highlights of my life of my happiest moments

35:10 Because I had a full-time job. I was at all as all done with my studies or the moment.

35:19 And you know, I was really enjoying myself.

35:22 What was your saddest moment in your life?

35:30 How about a few sad moments?

35:34 Being my one day my father is that my mother's dad.

35:41 I used to

35:44 Be friendly with the goal. I walked with an India.

35:49 And then she went abroad and

35:55 Things happen, I guess which

35:59 Shouldn't happen to whatever about

36:02 We ended up breaking up and she got married.

36:07 And this was when you were on in the merchant marines, this was after I come here.

36:14 Well, but I wasn't sorry, you were right. It was in the merchant marines.

36:20 What are you most proud of in your life?

36:27 Well

36:29 I know what I should be proud of it, but

36:32 My motto is always being to

36:38 Give more than 20% of what you have and

36:42 I've been Google.

36:46 Capable of doing it only when you have been through.

36:51 B

36:54 Hard life that I have Android

36:59 I'm not too many many people agree with me, but that's my feeling about.

37:05 So when you meet God, what would you say to him?

37:11 I don't know. I probably listen to him. Just asking for mercy.

37:18 Thank you Clarence. You're welcome.