David Kuhl and Abigail (Abby) Wheeler

Recorded May 25, 2008 Archived May 25, 2008 00:00 minutes
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David Kuhl and Abby Wheeler talk about their family get-togethers and how everyone seems to truly enjoy themselves.

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There is a long-standing tradition that Santa Claus makes an appearance on Christmas Eve.
Everyone in the family has to “perform” to receive a gift from Santa.
In the past, family members have stood on their head, song Christmas carols, memorized poems, and much more.
David’s grandfather had a nervous breakdown during the Great Depression. He remained institutionalized for the rest of his life.
One infamous family story is when Dick shot Mary in the head with David’s BB gun. David’s dad clamped the BB gun shut afterwards.


  • David Kuhl
  • Abigail (Abby) Wheeler