Bruce Ferguson and Miriam (Mimie) Pacheco

Recorded May 30, 2008 Archived May 30, 2008 41:17 minutes
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Bruce Ferguson talks with his daughter, Mimie Pacheco about his love of history, farming, and serving in a public service office for over 20 years.

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Bruce was born in 1929. Since there were few country roads his parents made arrangements to have him at the hospital in Covington, KY. His mom framed the bill for $35.00.
Bruce talks about how his great-grandmother, Bessie Baker became “land poor” in the depression because she was left with 700 acres of beautiful farmland but no money to farm.
Bessie used to invite family over for dinner and mention “after-the fact” that the fried chicken came from a chicken on the side of the road. She always used to say, “the chicken was warm when she picked it up”.
Bruce loved high school and played on the state champion football team at Holmes High School. His junior year he bought a 1924 Model T and he still has this car today.
Bruce served as the County Judge Executive for Boon County for over twenty years.


  • Bruce Ferguson
  • Miriam (Mimie) Pacheco