John Loder and Kathryn Neaverth

Recorded July 22, 2008 Archived July 25, 2008 01:21:51
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Id: MBX004107


Kathryn Neaverth interviews her father John Loder about her childhood, their friendship and challenges and their hope for each other and their familiy’s future.

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Kathryn remembers a secret party they threw, slid down stairs in a sleeping bag.
How John wants to be remembered, making good chili, a good friend, funny.
Remember how Sara (John’s wife) got pregnant with 3rd child.
They remember listening to a great radio station in Troy, NY, children’s theater.
They make wishes for all of their family members, Kathryn talks of her love of her son, Liam.


  • John Loder
  • Kathryn Neaverth