Barbara Lucey and William Lucey

Recorded August 31, 2008 Archived August 31, 2008 01:18:19
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Barbara and Dave talk remember their mother who had Alzheimer’s and the care that they gave her.

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Mom (Lucille) would would play piano while the children sang. Had a way of harmonizing to make their voices sound great.
Mom would tell the children she wants to be in a nursing home playing piano and swinging on the porch, not a burden to anyone.
Mom lived in the present and Barbara focused on those things-sense of touch-stroking, massage.
Learned to accept loss of reality. Let mom think it’s Sunday when it isn’t.
Caretaking was extremely difficult for body, mind and soul. Many days when Barbara collapsed. Watched mom’s capacity diminish.
Mom became like Barbara’s baby. She was as helpless and innocent as Barbara had been as a baby, and Barbara cared for her as she had done for her as her mother. Reverse development. Impossible to hold resentment
Barbara is living as if she knows Alzheimer’s is going to happen to her.


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