Paul Zorn, Sarah Zorn, and Martha Zorn

Recorded December 1, 2008 Archived December 1, 2008 41:15 minutes
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Id: MBX004657


Sarah (Sally) Zorn (77) and her husband, Paul Zorn (81) talk to their daughter, Martha Zorn (50) about their own parents and experiences growing up and their passion for bicycling.

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Paul remembers his childhood in Hartford and Windsor
Sally talks about her father and his great affection for her, love of ice-skating and tuberculosis
Sally talks about her father’s aging and the experience of committing him to the hospital where he died shortly after Paul and Sally married.
Paul talks about first getting into bicycling and doing it throughout his life.
Sally talks about getting into bicycling and the cycling trips she and Paul have taken and hope to take in the future.


  • Paul Zorn
  • Sarah Zorn
  • Martha Zorn