Angelo Kachulis and Nick Kachulis

Recorded December 1, 2008 Archived December 1, 2008 41:38 minutes
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Nick interviews his father about growing up in Brooklyn and his life experiences.

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Angelo used to listen to the radio after school. Amos and Andy, Lowell Thomas. Also played marbles, baseball. Parents owned an ice cream parlor.
Played baseball with a broomstick and a rock. Treated themselves to movies, double features for 5c.
Remembers listening to Roosevelt’s speech on the radio when he was became president in 1933. It was an electrifying moment because he felt that things would improve.
Was a t a Giants/Dodgers football game on Pearl Harbor day. Heard the announcer ask for Bill Donovan (the head of Officer Strategic Services) to come take a phone call from Washington.
Angelo went on a date with Angela Lansbury, chaperoned by her mother.
Angelo went back to school at 62 and got his degree in History and Byzantine studies.


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