Pauline Curry and Christine Hemmings

Recorded June 25, 2009 Archived June 25, 2009 01:14:58
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Pauline Curry (64) is interviewed by her daughter, Christine Hemmings (40) about her lifetime love of the Dolly Copp campground.

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Dolly Copp National Forest Campground; first memories of going to Dolly Copp
story about Smokey the Bear disappearing; curfew; sneaking out of the tent
plan to put electricity at Dolly Copp; 65th summer without missing one summer; flush toilets
2005 the city built a one mile road next to Dolly Copp; glacier rocks; buying a lot that borders Clay Brook ad the National Forest
fire tower on Pine Mountain; marble seat in memory of someone; climbing Mount Washington


  • Pauline Curry
  • Christine Hemmings