Gina Borton and Ian Borton

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Gina Borton, 31, by her husband Ian Barton, 30, about their lives together in the last few years since they got married and moved to Grand Rapids and since the last time they did a StoryCorps interview in Grand Central.

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They went on a honeymoon back to New York and stayed in the same hotel they had the time before when they did a StoryCorps interview.
They remember their honeymoon on the cruise during which Gina was seasick.
They went on a 2 year anniversary trip to Italy.
Gina remembers Ian stepping on her very carefully prepared cake.
The cat stepped on Ian’s cake on his birthday.
They remember some of their first dates in Bowling Green.
They recently bought a house in Grand Rapids and have made some great friends.
Ian shows Gina a series of pictures to bring back memories.


  • Gina Borton
  • Ian Borton


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00:02 Hello, my name is important. I am 30 years old and it is October 3rd 2009 and we are in an Airstream storycorps trailer in Grand Rapids, Michigan outside of the public museum. That's right in my name is Gina Barton. I'm 31. It's also October 3rd 2009 3 seconds later where in Grand Rapids Michigan my relationship to this man across the across the table from me is spouse. I forgot that part. That's okay. It would be the same. Okay. So first question, why did you agree to this interview?

00:40 I agreed because I remembered how much fun we had during the last one and listening to the CD afterwards and we sat around those people and listen to it. We played it for our parents and good times videos.

00:59 Where did we do the first one New York City Central Station in a little booth indoors?

01:05 I remember I come in at about what people were wearing when they walked by and you were mad about that window. That's right. You're talking about fashion. It was the first time in the big city in the Big Apple. I was I was in school and then we went to a concert afterwards at the at Central Park and it poured down rain on the way home. Remember that's right. And we rode we rode the Subway or ran all the way home brand of the subway. We were soaking wet. That's really really fun though. Was it that night that we went to the Pakistani TS?

01:49 I don't remember no, no different. Yeah. Okay at the concert was was cool. First time in Central Park. I got lost. I thought we were going to get robbed a bit. You thought we were going to get worse than that lost in the movies.

02:11 So last time do you remember who the who put on the concert, New York Symphony Orchestra?

02:25 Have a good trip. Have we been to every been to New York since then we have been our second trip was two years ago on our honeymoon. We went and stayed at the same place the Big Apple hostel. We were there for a day or night.

02:43 And then we left for the best cruise ever and the worst. Okay, so follow up on that, why was it is the only cruise I've ever been on in hopefully cross my fingers.

02:58 The only one I ever will be on currently don't do well in big boats and I get sick and sleep a lot.

03:08 Well said you like about the curse the food and the people watching remember when I ran into that pole because I was watching somebody with every cleaning like the the lounge app and there's red yellow caution tape around and walked right into the pool. It was on it was on the way out of the ship for are super cool Shore Excursion where the brewery was closed and

03:30 The the tides what was that the Bay of Fundy hit it perfectly in the window of total boredom to be to be fair. The pole was married.

03:47 It was shiny because it was metal The Shining like a chrome. I do like I do like to stare at people.

04:00 Did you can have a bad habit you can have a bad habit of a bad Hub? Okay. So yeah that that was why it was good. I knew it. You know, we got that we got on the boat at like 4 and it was super fun when we were leaving like when we are still in like the River bridges and I had french fries and settlement on the little lounge chair. Remember I took pictures of of ourselves like I have the camera and I thought this is great and then we got out and we like the Open Water and it was 8:00 and dinner time and we sat outside on the deck and we were like rolling back and forth and I thought I don't like this.

04:45 Remember that the guy that sat across from the table across the table from us didn't make it to dinner that night because he was already sick and I thought that poor bastard. I don't feel so good bad. And that was the rest of the that was a rest of the trip as well. Mom gave me that one of our presents for you know, she said she stocked up like toiletries in little things you can eat on the trip and one of them has Benadryl grandma mean for the first four days. I think I slept in the last day.

05:24 It is just busy. It took me like 2 days to get my to get my bearings to eat to lose. My sea legs. I thought I was going to go to the doctor that whole thing was not that fun and all of the pictures. I look like I'm having a good time, but I just pasted it on like so anyone who might be our ancestors looking at pictures from our honeymoon and we had a great time just so you know as soon as that camera stop flashing the the smiles faded away. Remember when we when we went and found that the back of the ship that hit that ice cream machine and you can get an ice cream cone anytime of day or night and we got an ice cream cone and then found that rabbit's foot that was sitting on the steps right by the ice cream machine. It didn't even have like a chain on it was literally like a sliced off rabbit's foot ever somebody to pack a rabbit with them.

06:12 Brought it on the cruise. Maybe maybe they've made rabbit in the kitchen or some sort of fancy dinner. Yeah. I don't think that happened. I think they just fell off somebody's keychain.

06:25 If I ever

06:27 Maybe that Rebecca smart and left the ship. He chewed off his own foot to get away cuz you know, how bad a cruise was.

06:35 So if that wasn't your best vacation, what was why you think was your favorite vacation doesn't have to be with me, obviously.

06:45 I would still say the Italy trip is was pretty amazing or 2nd anniversary. You should talk about that on June 15th from here from Grand Rapids this year and it was our second anniversary honeymoon, you know how to make up for the bad Cruise. No boats. You promised me that you know what the only about that I can't stand is a big cruise boat. I've have been out on the water with my dad a million times and loved it and never gotten seasick and not even just like in calm Waters like out in the water so video Italy in Belfast Belfast was great.

07:27 Yeah, it was a good trip was going to go fast for a few days and stay with Whitney and had dinner with the who was that Rosemary and then we went to Italy and synonym for 5 days and we went South and I feel like I've told the story of Mayan times in the last the last couple months will tell everyone regardless of whether it fits into the conversation about whatever you just did and I feel like I do that I find myself going. Well, that's one of the reasons you travel. One of the reason to travel is are the reason you do things I think is partly to to tell other people that you did that amazing.

08:13 The the piazzas word the best that night that we we found Piazza. Navona that first night at a second night was just put one of my top like 3 memories from that trip and that was it was just unreal. I don't know it was like a painting came alive or something and I never thought it would actually exist and it was so beautiful and pumpkin place. We sat at that little Outdoor Cafe in we ate and we ordered in Italian and the lady did not know any English and we managed was so good. I became like this Piazza addict. I had to go to another Piazza and we didn't we accidentally made it to the DM.

08:58 Communist rally so mad you were cuz it was not a beautiful Piazza with K and also has a communist rally with flags and singing and communist philosophy Marx and Lenin in da Che Guevara things dinner. Yeah future Generations. I'm going to I'm going to dress all of my comments to Future Generations. I guess future Generations know that if you need doesn't get supper, she could be very cranky. Oh and some more bread and we'll have one more piece of bread. Okay, then it's only a hundred and two degrees Fahrenheit outside. So let's walk around and as much as we possibly can have some Chex Mix out of a jar it to go home and take a nap and then wait until 8 for free pizza. Let's see how anybody does on that.

09:58 Much more bread with meat lovers Pizza, Italy

10:08 I'm bread. Do I ate so much food there. I have been on Weight Watchers since January of 2009 and it is what October 3rd. I thought I was going to eat whatever I want and he walks so much that it didn't matter actually lost weight. We drink wine and ate one good meal tonight like we would wait until like 9 we traveled. Well, we did it while we ate a lot of salami and drink a lot of wine.

10:38 Was great until a lot of Roman stuff. We did owe. You should tell that story. Tell that story doesn't matter.

10:49 So the second day that we second day that we are in Rome or walking around and it's it's that blistering hot. It isn't it isn't too yet. So I still hasn't got some bread left in me. But what is it like maybe 11 we walked around a little bit where the wedding cake. What was the real name of that place to remember Rome? Okay, and we walked out but we thought were the Spanish Steps and they weren't we found out later in the week. But we were sitting there watching like the brides getting their pictures taken and this guy.

11:25 I didn't I didn't understand what exactly was about it first. So, you know how you just going to pick up at own and so I heard this this guy getting angry you are writing your travel turn on I was just staring watching like I do and this guy said what are we doing? What are we doing in Italy in Rome been 2 days since I've heard English. So I immediately turned into it I turn around and there's just too exaggerated the story. I'm sure I'm sure I've exaggerated it between when it happened in now, but this is how I remember it is too innocent old people in their traveling jackets in tennis shoes.

12:03 You know they were

12:05 Innocently standing there considered scared black socks that was yelling at them has had said proud to be an American should have in his shirt said I'm with stupid that has had an arrow pointing up.

12:27 Continue to yell at these people and demanded to know what the plan was. Where are we? What are we doing? I want to see the Romans do that. He said, where are we going? I want to see I want to see some stuff and they were like what happened at a map out and he goes I want to see the Roman stuff and obviously he meant he wanted to see the coliseum in the Forum in Palatine hill whatever he

12:53 It it was it was shocking that he didn't realize that pretty much everything around him was the Roman stuff was in Rome. What else is there besides Roman stuff. Other than that other than his loud ass. It's like saying I want to see the Grand Rapids stuff pending and in downtown Grand Rapids, like screaming and stomping my feet when you really want to see the Gerald R Ford Museum big red sculpture thing. Yes and back to Rome. So I pretended to take your picture while you're writing in his journal entry like a picture of him another old over-the-shoulder trick and then I proceeded to talk loudly about how obnoxious that man was and how he should just shut up and not loud enough for him to hear but then I realize that his wife and daughter were sitting on a little step aside and I was embarrassed for a second to realize that they were way more humiliated that he was throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of fake Spanish Steps.

13:48 Whatever they were called. That was interesting so that became kind of like a catchphrase for the rest of the trip is I want to see the Roman stuff.

13:56 That's a good one. Naples was great. No Naples was bad. I got confused. Naples was bad. Don't go to Naples. If anyone listen to this don't just don't Museum there, but I don't know if it's worth it. I almost died.

14:14 By being ran over by scooter. It was horrible horrible to say erotic Arts be honest here while I'm being honest. I'm just waiting for that city. The whole city was dirty. I see it was it was representative. We did have our first Italian pizza that was good and we ran back from that store from that restaurant in the rain with their pizzas and sat on a hotel bed and ate pizza and I was heaven we took a nap mats to us running in the rain stories for this to tell

15:03 Sammy went to Capri beautiful side of the island of on a capri and we drink wine and ate chocolate and bread and salami on the top of our little Villa that Overlook the ocean and it was the best night of my entire life like nothing compares to that. That was so great the sunset and we got a Jesus wine that you bought it was cool water.

15:35 The name of that place Villa Ava Ava and we'll go back there someday maybe for longer.

15:44 Old lady in the face. She she's fine the bus lurched. I wasn't holding onto anything. It was hardly worth it, but it was going to put a dollar in a week in a little taxi on Capri jar and we're taking a taxi from the okay when we go back next time. We'll have enough money to take a taxi up there. Lots of wine. I think that was good.

16:26 Best vacation ever. I want you to tell me about this. Oh, and I'm on microphone.

16:37 Now I have to send to the version of the no way. I don't think so. Okay. So so in is put in front of me a nice sculpture of of a child wearing an adult outfit you'd only said like a student pants, you know that that picture where everything is black and white but the name of the rose pink like those things and it's a little kid wearing wearing that and a hat and a violin case. This is also another story that I've told recently.

17:07 I got this for my birthday from my mother-in-law. I thought it was going to be a guitar tuner and I was like, I couldn't open it fast enough cuz I just guitar and and I had my first lesson and Kyle was going to be like how we got a tune a guitar and I'm like the Yanks that's open. And she said now here's your present but don't open it until after Ian gives you his present. Don't open it. Yeah break. Okay, so I open it and it's this and I'm super mad and completely like doubled over in hilarious laughter at the same time. Like I hate it, but I love it.

17:58 It's so and it's a violin guitar case at the very next day. Maybe the day before that know it was the next day. It's at the next day on a cake that I had made for my 30th birthday and America's Test Kitchen like by the special chocolate pay the $25 for the cake pans that that makes the cake rise perfectly, you know a week's worth of preparation for the what was going to be the best birthday cake in the history of birthday cakes and Ian steps on it.

18:36 I didn't step on the whole thing stepped on my birthday. I did step on it, but I didn't ruin the whole birthday cake. No, no, I never said that. I was going to get to that picture but you did step on my cake. I did stuff on your case. So I work all afternoon on my birthday cake and I put it outside which admittedly it was a bad idea for some people wasn't bad. It was outside on the ground. That was a bad idea. There was a perfectly good shelf there. You could have no there and that was okay. So I put it outside because it needed a cool so I can Frost it and I said don't go outside the cake is right outside the door on the floor. I lock the door. I'm sure it's certainly lock the door. I probably put like fashion tape over it and none of it made a sign telling you hired a security guard to stand at the door and put their hand up like a like a village person.

19:36 There's a lot of real alien ruins dinner stories until 3. So in the middle of of cooling is frosting like it had to be at like at 37 degrees. And so I said make me an ice bath cuz you were I wasn't like demanding that you come and help me you were helping me voluntarily and you had a great idea of going out and getting snow for the ice bath instead of ice out of the freezer. Sure. I hear the door open and that's it. I didn't I didn't think anything of it. I thought you would step over the cake and you were in those slippers that Mom. Got you from L.L.Bean.

20:23 And you run back in the kitchen and you said your birthday cake steps and the look on your face was just I couldn't even do that mad at you. Like I was mad, but I wasn't yelling. I felt more bad for you or was it was an immediate?

20:46 Response

20:49 Cuz you had a ton of cooling rack through the metal accent that you tell me this seconds later. There's a knock on the front door and Todd and Danielle from next door and come over to play board games and hang out with us until I open the door and the daggers are still shooting out of my eyes and they are completely slept there. Like, oh we interrupted something will come back and I said no, you should definitely come in your saving his life from now. I won't kill him in front of you.

21:22 So luckily because it was a two layer cake and both layers are coming separately half of the cake was fine. Actually three quarters of the cake was there you go. I would say even know 70% of the compass. What's what cause you have 50% for the bottom and then the top was more than half. Okay, there was less. I squished the less than half of the top layer frosted it for me. I made the frosting and I put it in the fridge, but you actually frosted it for me and then you put that in this little this little person on it and I laughed and it's funny you stepped on my birthday cake this year as you turn to 30 Saturday that we had when we were getting any for toga party. You made your own birthday cake. What is it with a double layer cake for 30th birthday? So you made your cake and I didn't think maybe I had warned you beforehand like you better.

22:19 You better watch out where you put that cuz I'm going to step on it to get it back that may have been some sort of joke, but as we're upstairs trying on their togas.

22:28 You you get your Toga tied on in like 4 seconds. That's good. And you go downstairs tonight. I'm still staring blankly at my piece of fabric and wondering what to do with it when you walk downstairs.

22:42 Can you from flying upstairs at the cake and there's two big holes in the top of the cake that has been calling on the counter for maybe a half an hour? Right? And this might be yes, and this might be a good time for you to introduce the listeners to Charlie cuz you couldn't you got it. You got to talk about Charlie now. We got this new can't last year in October. I paid him out because Stewart down to me our other Cat decided to like to eat in a lot better than me until I needed a replacement and we were having kids soon enough. So if I needed another cat to to love me and I said and I told you I was going to surprise you with a present for getting your job at Forest Hills. And that was it. That was my present is pick yourself out a cat. So we got Charlie.

23:26 It was not the cat. We went to the to the store to get but you recently pain touched me in my shoulder. And I thought I was finished. That was it. Charlie was mine.

23:36 Charlie was my cat. That is very loving is very lovely. But he's he's just as dumb as he has loving this is so dumb. We should be short on the common sense and hungry all the time and dingbat. Mccain-palin.

24:09 We think right we don't have proof of this right I didn't do it because I only eat cat food and he's too fat to get up on the counter cake, which I was mad at you about the tow guy, but I still managed to laugh about it too big holes, you know, that is, yeah. It was it was payback. Everybody loves the cake. And what did you do? How did you do? That was the maid that layer the bottom layer that was the bottom of a cake. So if anyone who came to our party 8 that lemon cake you may have gotten some cats fit in with your BS with peroxide or whatever. The appropriate cleansing agent would be for the actually shave that Charlie's breath, Orlando.

25:07 You got your payback for that. We've had two ruined cakes that ruined I think of now. I not only do I add when I look at this little figurine might I add that that years later. You got your own cake kind of messed up. We should have put this in the whole barley. Yeah, but you should have just made it anyhow, so that was that that that's what I think I'm going to see that that was good. That was good cuz we got to talk about Charlie now next.

25:42 Okay. So a picture of of my hand print this is cool. Thanks. This is from Bowling Green. It's a picture of a bunch of paintings on the wall and every September in Bowling Green where where I live for 12 years and you lived from 3. They had the star Festival the Black Swamp Arts Festival end.

26:10 Gordon Ricketts

26:12 Gordon ran this is my art teacher my sophomore year of college and also now is with Mandy my friend Mandy. There's those two are pretty tight. Yeah, and they would maybe I didn't know the time but Gordon had this thing called adult art and it was the festivals for kids and and then they have a juried art show, but they did this, you know, take this little you know, 12 by 12 square plywood and hear some paint and do whatever you want with it. And so after all this art was completed they screwed it to the wall in the in the grounds for coffee shop in the back hallway, and I painted my hand. I did like a cold background like this like fading color like dark blue to White and then I painted my in opposite some

27:02 Whatever. So anyways, I put it on the board until that's my hand print and I signed it GM and it's on the top left as you go in and I forgot about it and I went back to Bowling Green couple months ago. I walk through that hallway and I saw it and it was still there and mom has a painting up there and I have one of my foot that I did and my friend Mandy what she says when she walks through there. She was puts her hand on that thinks of me. And that's where we had our first date to.

27:34 I like that coffee shop. I spent money in an hour in there Bowling Green.

27:42 Mostly food things

27:46 You know what? They say the what is it? The quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. The quickest way to James happiness is to her stomach. I used to go there and study and look for men. I swear. I never really found one except for you. But let's get it was worth the wait and then Panera I used to in my two years of of being single and you know happy about it. I took myself out to Panera every morning for a bagel on Saturday morning. So once a week every morning every Saturday,

28:29 I would sit outside and eat my everything bagel with light cream cheese Double Toasted and I would like to read books and journal and you know, check my email. Sometimes I take my computer down there and then when the week after we met I said he want you meet me at Panera and we'll have breakfast and then we'll go to the Toledo art museum in and so that started our tradition of going down there. We would ride our bikes or walk even in the winter. We went down there. Should we meet at Panera? What do you mean meet? We met at the morning that we went to Panera for the first time.

29:08 We are I walked in separately. You walked in separately. Okay, I don't remember we went there so many times like getting up in the same bed every week out of that sleeping in your bed the first week, although you would have hoped it differently. I'm sure in fact that night you can get me to spend the night at your house kids are injured Grandma's lying. I had to fight her off with a stick. I threw some food out the door and She chased it.

29:40 True. It's not true. You're just embarrassed. You were completely overwhelmed. I still am overwhelmed by your beauty sleep on the couch and the Corner Grill, which I was just talking about last night's right very greasy, but very cool all the open all night and good burgers and good food for drunken pilot of the bars and are looking for a greasy spoon. I've knocked my share of drinks over at that place because I was gesturing wildly and drunkenly play the detective drunk people and deal with them. I don't know. What else do I like Bowling Green the fountain outside of the administration building?

30:41 I don't know. I'm happy to be gone from there. That was a chapter of my life. That was good. But this is this Grand Rapids experiences this even better. So

30:53 I think he'll agree with you. I'm glad that we're here so far away, you know you had said when I was in the middle of freaking out about quitting my job and moving to a city that I never lived in in far far away from our family, you know, you said this is going to be great. Well, this will be a new start, you know, this is going to be like the start of our sitting out in our family and and it really has been it's only it's only gotten better. Okay, you know you love your job and I think they'll a storycorps interview we did we talked about

31:25 Where we wanted to be in a few years and I said, I hope I have a job that I've actually liked and and house and I don't know I don't even remember what else to say. It said at that time. I was just so happy to have a job. The last time we did the interview and I didn't like that job. It was horrible. It was hard to do and I worked it filled in Toledo and I love every day every minute of every day that I work in that place is heaven and aren't we just bought a new house in East Grand Rapids? And I love it and I love you and it's just a it's a good life.

32:04 Good friends

32:07 Who are some of your favorite people here in Grand Rapids? Margaret is my favorite person other than you. I love Margaret. I love Margaret.

32:18 I Could Cry by Margaret you can cry a little bit.

32:24 Anyhow, she's good people. Who else do I live in this town Dave? Y-90

32:36 I guess that's it. I think you should tell a little bit about what happened with our Realtors about about Hugh Griffith realtor cuz you like him to I do like you Griffith realtor. He came in and saved the day and helped us find a good house. We almost bought a foreclosed house that would have we would have had to think $60,000 into the plug on that at the last minute dropped our hearts to print and found it. Thanks to cook thresher you they were helping he was helping them sell their house. And yeah, so I like you in a bit of a realtor fiasco.

33:20 Yeah, that's passed. Well, what about I'm trying to decide what I have got too many. Okay. Okay this one.

33:40 Looking sweaty and angry and I am a sailor dress with a white hat and white gloves. This is this is Mary my sister Mary's wedding where she always tried to get me into the Sailor dress when I was little and I never would do it until I was in her wedding and she told us all really cool sailor dresses and I remember my dad look at me. I was all dressed up and down and he didn't recognize me when I walk up to my think. This was like the moment that he realize that I was growing up, but I didn't smile because I had like googly crooked teeth and so my sister still gets mad when she looks at our wedding pictures because my mouth is closed, but I look pretty in your sailor dress.

34:23 I hate it at the time, okay?

34:34 This is Zara white house I grew up in.

34:41 What is that make you think of what does that make you remember?

34:46 Lots of things good things

34:50 I don't know just being outside all the time and playing with mine my dog. I don't know I think of all these little pictures of me as a baby and standing on that side walking.

35:04 Standing in front of that fence and getting pictures taken in and that was a good that the picture that this is was my mom and dad were in Florida and hadn't seen the snow for years. You know, they would always leave before I sound inside. I made my way up the hill and when winter when I was there and I took a whole album of like snowy house pictures and and made them a picture of them and send it to them and we wrote on the chalkboard outside. I love you, Mom and Dad love Gina and of course of like the next 6 months all of my brothers and sisters cross my name out and wrote their name as if they wrote it.

35:36 Oh that that looked a little brick walk there like a stone wall. And I used to pretend that my dog was like in the circus and I would walk and sit down and get up and like I trained him like he was a lion named and Don got married right in that little grassy area.

35:56 Just been a lot of good years right in that spot. Geez, I could tell a million stories about that place or scooptimes. I thought I'd pick a winner. This is a picture of

36:10 Running late my garage sale banana handlebar bike with a t-shirt on and bathing suit bottoms a really bad haircut. It was a little hell that I wrote down. I bet 300 times before I figured out how to ride my bike. That's funny and the pear trees right beside there.

36:32 This is me in a tie dye shirt at.

36:37 What's that Park in the southern, Ohio?

36:40 What the hell is your parents go there for the rain to Hocking Hills roads from a science teacher in 7th grade and it was he was a tadpole and she grew them from a tadpole and hadn't heard 12 years old. So he never first name it was mr. Right, but the care cats are always going to get him in one day they succeeded in clawed him and he was dying slowly back and eat it. He lived in our dorm room. We would gag reel be like in again. But he died while he doesn't know the story. He we were going to kill him who mainly because he was suffering but you know, how do you kill a frog humanely? So I asked somebody that works in the in the lab on campus to get me some either till I put him to sleep. So we put him in his jaw.

37:40 Little cotton ball with these are on in the jar, but it didn't work until he just like what you didn't fall asleep until someone else had told me to put them in the freezer and he'll die slowly and so it's room in the freezer, but I told Kenneth s room in the freezer or she was standing there. I said, I'm just going to put them in the freezer, you know until just until we could bury him. But really I had to put them in the freezer to die because you're still like flopping around that jar, but we took him couple weeks later down to Hocking Hills and buried him under a tree which was like

38:12 Four or five hours to this park and we went hiking and buried them under a tree Mister Rhodes was an important part of Candice's life. And so I wanted to honor that but that was that trip also the same trip that I was packing for when you say that you thought I was like a little Hispanic girl in that picture. That's right outside of your

38:35 I've gotten that I've gotten the five minutes. You got one more sure. Okay, this is good cuz this isn't a picture.

38:42 I love Jar Jar Binks is definitely the underdog for a reason I got Jar Jar Binks from my my very favorite principal Maggie Hawk and I want to say goodbye to him and tell him I was moving to Grand Rapids and I saw a Jar Jar Binks on is on the shelf and he said you can have that. I don't know that anybody else love Jar Jar Binks like I did and now he sits on the steps.

39:18 What's it was Jar Jar Binks?

39:22 It makes me think of the one time that we did that we were playing Lego Star Wars and I thought I was at kicking ass and I know I was jumping around in a cave off to the corner of the screen. But really it was it was you and you really get out of that cave and help me. It was like what I'm kicking ass doing so well around the corner and you get to get all the important stuff done at the work done. But you look so good doing it jumping up and down a little like a little Jar Jar Binks. All right. Well, let's

40:01 I don't know. What's what's what's is going to happen in the next year in Grand Rapids. What's that? Little baby or something? What a beautiful garden in the backyard in hangout with Margaret. Cameron told me right before we came in here. You said I wish that I could have told you that I would have loved to be able to tell you that you can tell me have been a big lie.

40:29 That was a lie, but someday we can pretend that that's really how it happened will come back. Okay interview to

40:37 In the can check done. All right.

40:43 Well done. Thank you. You too.