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Zand Bakhtiari (18) and his mother, Rosemary Bakhtiari (50), remember Rosemary’s father, Frank Firek, by recounting their favorite stories from his life.

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It has been 3 years since Rosemary’s father, Frank Firek, died.
Rosemary remembers her favorite story from Frank’s childhood about a cow that was afraid of umbrellas.
After high school, Frank worked at a steel mill. Rosemary learned only as Frank was dying that he had received a scholarship to Notre Dame but Frank’s father couldn’t afford to send him. Frank joined the navy to get out of his small town in Pennsylvania which is how he met his would-be wife and ended up in Norfolk.
Zand heard many of these stories from Frank on their walks together through the park.
Frank’s dog, Tootsie who Frank was told he had to kill but ended up giving away to a sheep farmer.
Christmas tree that caught on fire and had to be thrown out the window.
Frank’s work with asbestos that eventually led to terminal cancer.
In memory of Frank, the family drinks a glass of wine over his grave. They think of him any time something is broken since he could fix anything and make it last.


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  • Rosemary Bakhtiari

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00:03 I'm Rosemary fart bakhtiari. I'm 50 years old days, October 25th, 2009 and wear it Norfolk, Virginia and I'm here with my sons and then maybe bakhtiari. I'm 18. Today's date is October 25th 2009 where Norfolk Virginia and I'm here with my mom.

00:26 Well, then it's been three years since my father your grandfather died. And what do you remember about him the most stories? Which which one is your favorite story? My favorite story is the one where was Anubis High School East Frank Joseph born in East Vandergrift, Pennsylvania on December 3rd, 1919. And so most of his external depression and he was a wonderful Storyteller and their stories that he told over and over at Sunday dinner and we want to make sure we remember his stories. So you said your favorite one was about him and high school and its high school was East Vandergrift there and he said that

01:26 The guys and girls from naked or not that the guys and girls swim and if you are poor you didn't bring a bathing suit to just swim naked and when the guys found out they snuck up in the rafters and watch the girls swim naked in Dunellen swim for PE anymore for that. They got caught.

01:43 Yeah, maybe not necessary him, but some boys got caught naked girl 1934-35

01:53 Was that the that was your most significant story remember?

02:00 Winsome he never smoked cigarettes what he said that.

02:04 My teacher locked in the bathroom because he's not cigarettes. The girls are just hide it in their own please cuz they couldn't search their back then. I just give it to the girl. My favorite story takes place during depression. It has to do with a cow is Father brought home. His father wasn't on Poulan and during the Depression. His father comes home with this kaldas Guernsey cow that has papers and he only paid $15 for it and

02:38 All his brothers and sisters looked at but they they just called Pat Bissell Pet. There's no way you got a Guernsey cow for $15 even during the Depression $15 a cheap on price for this cow. Something's wrong with this cow pop. You know, this something's got to be wrong. And my father was in charge of taking care of this cow bring it out the pasture every morning before he went to school and every afternoon when he came home from school and it end up being this wonderful cow that gave tons gallons and gallons of milk a day, but that spring my father take some on the hillside is near the cemetery and he this calorie takes out the pasture and in Vandergrift, Pennsylvania in the spring. They have a lot of spring.

03:25 Afternoon storms and it started to rain and the cow went nuts. He start running through the cemetery beating her tits all up and you know, grandpa said, you know, I normally get hell when I get home because you know, I descale got away from me in and bruised yourself up. So that evening at dinner is a pops. I think I figured out what's wrong with her how it started to sprinkle this afternoon and couple cracks a thunder. I think she's afraid of thunder and lightning. What am I going to do? Because in Pennsylvania in the spring they very frequently have little afternoon showers in the valley and in the summer he thought oh my God, you know, what's going to happen? You know everytime it rains is cows and go nuts on me next couple afternoons rule springshire came up with a cow that go nuts the first day it rained then

04:25 In a couple weeks went by and he went took the cat pasture again and it started to rain again, but at the same time one of the neighbors was crossing to the cemetery and as soon as she open the umbrella the cow went crazy again. So Grandpa figured out that this cow was afraid of umbrellas so that even we go to let me tell this father, you know, I figured it out. It's not the rain and it's not the sundered. It's freaking this cow out its umbrellas. And then of course my grandfather is that all you're full of it? No, Cal can be afraid of an umbrella. You're crazy. So grandpa said I'm going to take note of it every time I take this cow on the hillside. I'm going to figure out whether or not it's the rain the Thunder or the umbrella. So the next day start the rain and down in the valley far away, one of the neighbors going along the path fine opens up an umbrella and somehow this calsense. Is that down near the neighborhood?

05:25 Someone holding an umbrella and once again, she tears off and cuts through the neighborhood in the cemetery beat yourself up. So finally gets home is his dad. It's the umbrella. So he had a younger brother named Ann and Andy thought he was it a listen to a conversation to the next day when your grandfather comes home from school to take the cow out. There's all this commotion in the barn. He goes out there and his brother and he's out there opening and closing an umbrella in front of the cow and the cow is Tethered but is very agitated and very excited and my father goes in and said they need you crazy put the umbrella down the cows afraid umbrellas we trying to do, you know kill this cow have a heart attack and of course my uncle and his brother and he's it all be quiet. I'm going to break this cow of this bad umbrella habit 3 keeps opening and closing this on bro from the cow. The cow gets extremely excited breaks away from the tethering starts tearing The Barn at running around is tearing The Barn at that moment.

06:25 His father walks in and and ask what's going on. Why is a cow going crazy in the barn? And of course my Uncle Andy said, well, I'm trying to break this cow of this awful umbrella habit the sphere of umbrella man break his fear and it looking through the barn. It's all torn up. So my grandfather says hand me the umbrella takes the umbrella way from here at my Uncle Andy a precedes to Whack Him and my father over the back with his umbrella because of course the Lord is torn up and you know, your grandfather was looking at his father's day. Why am I getting a beating? He's with the cows your responsibilities you both get the beating with the umbrella the from that day on my father never carried umbrella what he took the cow out to the pasture, but that cow gave up so much milk during the Depression that after his mother got enough milk for their eight kids in the family needs for the butter the sour cream whatever the family needed. They would take the extra milk and put a

07:25 These canisters and he would send your grandfather out with a wagon and she would give me a list of names of the mothers in town who are expecting babies or other families are young children? Cuz your depression they lived on a farm and they had dinner. They raise your own animals and had access to food and milk and some of the people in town didn't know he would go through town and stop these houses and deliver the milk the extra milk. They had to finally work got out in town how this one cow gave all this milk to the children and pregnant women. They also got rumor about how this cows afraid of umbrellas. So the town decide at that when your grandfather went on the hillside if it start the rain, they would look up on the hillside to make sure Frank wasn't out with his cow before and if they saw him up on the hillside with that cow, and it start to rain they wouldn't open an umbrella cuz I didn't they knew that was a cow who had furnished all this milk to them when they needed it during the Depression.

08:22 That's my favorite story of your grandfather's even though you had tons of stories. That was my favorite on the cow who was afraid of umbrellas.

08:31 Finance you want to tell me about your grandfather that you miss the most other than his storytelling.

08:39 Billy to fix things his ability to fix things. When did you realize after he passed that his ability to fixing you miss it. What are you doing now that try to fix the bike and I don't know how to put the stuff back together, but he did so what do you think? What would be a Word of Wisdom he would have for you about when you're working on it right time to take your time.

09:02 He had a

09:06 How do you think he got to this area? Cuz we went to the Navy that's how I got to go there. And do you know his story why he joined the Navy cuz he Read Moby Dick and he wanted to be on the Seas Savannah. Do you know what else happened? You got fired from his he worked at the still don't know and the guy only Sumo son work there too. And my great grandpa was the head guy underneath the guy who owned it, like people that he'd hire weather and after high school cuz I'm

09:48 His mom should cancer cancer and she passed away when he was how old was he when he said that the one thing his mom wanted to do was finish high school. So we finish high school after that. He went to work in the steel mill.

10:10 Can you hated it? He said that?

10:14 Yeah, he worked with the the owner's son in the owner's son was at the bank it just some guy who is thought he was better than everybody. So one day my grandpa had enough. I don't know exactly what happened. But he got it like an hour ironic beat up the owners. Mm.

10:31 Our son and later that night.

10:35 Or after that his dad was like well, you know some I can't I got a man at the fire, you know, you can't just beat up the hunter son and my grandpa was I alright I don't like this job anyway.

10:47 So anyway

10:49 Later that night at the bar or Gramercy getting drunk off a $5. How much was it a dollar back? Then you get two beers and a shot like a dollar. So he was at the bar and the owner came in was like so talking to him cuz I owe your Frank fireworks. Are you you're fired boy that yeah. Oh thanks for being my son out. I want it was even given him a good weapon for a long time now, so the owner didn't mind cuz he knew how much of a

11:22 Tonight was one of the story he told us that after high school. He went to work in the steel mill that has never he was in the he was on the high school football team got to put that in there school football team. He was dying of cancer in my life that I'm working in the shipyards and in the Navy working with asbestos that I get I had spent quite a few things and I remember coming out with end-of-life questions with Dad. Is there anything you regret? And he said no and then I said, I always had a question for your dad. I said, why is it that you love college sports college football college basketball, but you're not into you know that name brand type of sports and he taught in any talked about all the stories about playing High School football, but all my life growing

12:22 He told me he went from high-school to the steel mill. It was until he was dying that he told me that he got a scholarship to go to Notre Dame and this is a 1936. I got a scholarship for tuition and books and he knew his mother just passed. His father was no way with eight kids could help pay for his living expenses. What what he did was the coach told me to go visit Notre Dame. He took he hopped a train and went all the way out from Pennsylvania to Notre Dame on a train when he got there. She can I sing pretty far. God forgive me for Notre Dame if I don't know the state of all I know is Notre Dame and he took his train he hopped a train to go out there and the coach out there really want him his son. We can give you your tuition and your books, but you're living expense you have to come up with and

13:17 My father just knew he couldn't Mary went back to his father. He did ask in your son. I just can't afford to send you out to Notre Dame and I never knew that story all my life. I would have never known my father could have gone to a college and got a college degree. He never showed any resentment. He never lot of people with opportunity loss like that. It messes him up for Life orgasm different mindset and I did not know until he was dying that he's he missed out on actually getting a college degree from Notre Dame because of his football ability may be in a famous football for Saturday and I may not be here. Maybe we'll never met him my mother. So he when he went back home and start working in the steel mill friend in the neighborhood came home. That was in the Navy and your grandfather said to me he's all my high school friends were marrying their High School sweethearts in their living with their parents go to the end of depression. They were all getting pregnant and he was like, I don't know I got to get out of this.

14:17 I'm not going to end up like my friends in this guy came back and said, you know Frank if you really want to get out of this small town. You need to join the Navy and that's all your fault your grandfather joined the Navy took a test and he want to be electrician, but they said it wasn't good enough to be an electrical. He had to become a machine is so he went the Machine Shop school right over here. Norfolk was over. Here we go to Norfolk.

14:40 That's how we got here. Tell him remember he pick Norfolk remember when you was trying to figure out which was this was after he married grandma and he remembered that the reason why he wanted to see what happened was he did the transport that it is right for War II and they would escort the ships the British ships back and forth because the Germans are starting to sink British ships. It was only six months before we actually got into the war and he was really surprised that they allowed him to get out in a couple of times when he was down here for his machine shop school. He asked the guys down here you said when we know during the Depression how many days a week. How much work did you get at least three or four days a week work in the shipyard and back up in where they were at?

15:34 They might know that one day. So he said well any place that has can get work for 3 or 4 days during the Depression that's rhyme and go move and get my job because we have another depression at least I'm guaranteed three days of work. The reason why your great-grandfather my grandfather was a supervisor at that still mail. He came over from Poland. He was actually a drafter stories to stores that have just came over here, but it actually was a draft Dodger. It's not a story the Russian in the Russians came into his town and wanted to send him to the Russian front. That's when they are and your your great-grandfather say there's no way I'm going to die for the Russians. So he borrowed money from the one little Banker they had their small village and his mother sent him.

16:20 Over to United States, but they were they were sharecroppers the guy who owned the farm send my great grandpa to school with his kids. So my great grandpa smoke like five languages English Polish with Czech and Russian song when he came over to this country and he got a job in the steel mill near Pittsburgh all at once a supervisor's there figured out how this guy not only can read and write English, but he knows all these other languages of the others the war of the workers that are here. So he quickly became a supervisor and he work 3 or 4 days of the week during the Depression.

17:10 So

17:12 And what was he stationed in New York or something? And that's how I met my grandma who is dating my my grandma sister and he always borrow my grandpa socks and he never wash them and it always be smelling and so

17:40 He was like Frank. I bought some new socks and he's like no you never clean when your back is all done where I was at. I'm so once again, you didn't claim and stuff.

17:49 So the next time so he was out and about doing something while my grandpa's work in the machine shop and machine shop and my grandma.

18:00 Made this pie a cherry pie and she made it for his friend.

18:08 Anybody this year? What day was it? Was it for like Valentine's Day and gave it to Charles all my buttons in my socks. I'll teach him so we did is got this pie cut up in pieces gave one to each person and he had slaves from cell phone. He said I'm going to marry the woman who made this pie and I turned out to be my grandma and then he asked Charles. Next time you go visit your girlfriend take me along. I want to meet this girl who made this pie and a saw the relationship of your grandmother and grandfather started, but he was also in the

18:48 In Life Magazine

18:50 What Time Magazine was Life Magazine when he was in the made him a local hero he use in Copenhagen Denmark. There's a statue of a mermaid and he was in a Cell uniformity sat on this mermaids left. Someone snap a picture of it somehow gotten Life magazine and they gave him like six two payments of 6 bucks for that everyone in his hometown. He's a local hero when he came back because he got in the Time Magazine.

19:21 And he never got drafted back into the army during the war because when he came to this area, he got a job at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth. And since he was considered wartime effort. He stayed out of the war when you first buy my grandma down here where they live in Portsmouth close of that complex. It's I get Ono Ono first, they lived above a little Pharmacy that was next to the the original Wilson High School on High Street. And then where they then they went to Dale Holmes, which was supposed to be temporary World War II housing in Portsmouth. And now it's Dale home. Turn down any went to Swanson home and Swanson home now is for lack of a better word became a lower-income project and my grandma she's from New York in Italian.

20:11 I'm tired from like Italian neighborhood New York. And when she first came here she woke up in the morning look down the street and you saw girls drinking soda for breakfast and she started to cry. She went to your grandfather. Where where have you brought me? What is this place called the South she was called names because she was Italian or those of a New York should because she was at they were they were ethnic they were catholic they came down from the north. That was I think the biggest issue is not so much their ethnic and Catholic. It's just the southerners weren't crazy about having the Northerners come down during the war and she was called all kinds of names and she couldn't find spaghetti noodles this basic stuff. She was used to to cook as an Italian and she would beg and cry for the first 6 months to have your grandfather. Please take me back to New York. I I'm I don't know which brought me to this another country to her. So whenever we go visit my

21:11 My mother when they would come home live stock the cart full of supplies of food supplies and then like until you a trip to New York or Pennsylvania during the gas ration during the war had the gas rationing and somehow he knew I guess you always unsavory people to get what you need and he had to get you want to take you out cuz your grandmother was home sick. So he wanted to take her back up to New York and to go visit her mom. And so he had a friend who somehow was able to get extra rations of gas and he took the gasoline and fill them up nose look, like there's things Jeeps would carry gas in and he put it on the inside the trunk of his car and didn't let your grandmother know and he thought, you know all this time driving up to New York with extra cans of gas in the trunk of the car. Someone had hit us. We would have could have blown out they were time.

22:11 Did you get to New York. I never said a word about how he was able to drive all the way up to New York and back with just the little bit of gas ration cards that they would get.

22:24 So anything other stories you remember about what you heard was I heard most of these stories. Only around the dinner table, but I'm when I used to go walks with in Portsmouth City Park every Friday we go to his house and hang out after school and my parents were at work and we walk through Portsmouth City Park the back way. I was little Bridge through the cemetery, but always visit one of his friends was Africa was Boy Scouts my grandpa he was

22:52 It was never a Boy Scout what he was like one of the supervisors adult who played her troop leader and you got the silver Beaver award. I don't know. What year what you got that. And so we always go visit that one guy and one day we actually cleaned it. I'm over there these mounds of dirt for what I felt a grave and he used to

23:17 Sit on the greys and watch me run around amounts of dirt and just playing mounds of dirt and

23:25 Hit it. One time I'ma cop came by and she was like

23:31 She told you like is that your kid or grandson and he was like, yeah, that's my grandson. And then she was like, well, he's not supposed to be playing there's all right. So she drove off in my grandpa. I want to know what's wrong with you that what she used to she said you can't pay we'll go ahead it don't matter.

23:50 I was fine.

23:51 How about some of the stories he told about during a depression? I'm Sears would pay you a dollar for a beaver pelt for War and what time I need to Beaver extract beavers to write Monday.

24:10 Up in Pennsylvania. Can you the the woods like the back of his hand and he said if his parents find out how much they knew the wood that they probably get a beating with all the stuff they did going out in the middle of the night, but they know it all so he went one day it was it was Winter and he went late in the day to go check his traps for Sears Roebuck to get his no skins or whatever. So it got late on the way coming back and it started to snow and he was he couldn't walk home in the snow. So what he did was he got in between a log and like built up a little wall of snow and he said that's the woman and he had to spend the night out in the wilderness and he said that was pretty warm though. He didn't realize how much time did he get in trouble if mother died. So his dad was

25:01 Busy with that and then I think his oldest sister was one that was upset about him not coming home. What about his dog Tootsie? What about the story to tell by his dogs, but we had this dog that he got named Tootsie. I forgot how he came about with this dog, and it was just a wonderful dog and his dog who couldn't resist a that story but

25:31 All at once after a couple years to see got some age on her he would notice she would she would disappear every evening but she wasn't eating so your grandfather. It really were like, oh my gosh got worms. Then you didn't go to the vet or vet bills for your farm animals cuz they sustained you and he was like, oh God, it's my dog is sick to pay to get these worm pills or whatever and the dog would not eat and but it wasn't losing weight. And so your your grandfather was like really

26:05 Stop by it. So one day he says I'm his mother and his mother still want to follow him, you know, see where he's going every evening. So he kind of trails behind the dog and he stops because he sees one of the neighbors because coordinate is miles between neighbors cuz he lived on the outskirts of the town and he got Sinking Feeling his heart when he approached the house. He saw where the neighbor had dress the turkey. I'm not turkey meat deer meat so I have killed a deer and how you address that you hang it out somewhere, I guess the Cure and he saw this deer meat hanging up and he knew automatically when he saw that dog approach that back porch two-headed deer me. He says, oh God, she's stealing other people's food and sure enough the dog went up and grabbed my trunk of this turkey. I mean deer meat and drag it away. My great grandpa.

27:05 So my great grandpa was like son you're going to have to get rid of that dog in back then, you know, you can handle the McDonald's that you can have to kill your dog and your people's food and meet you know, you just that was a big deal. You don't if an animal eating meat this intended for human consumption that was that was a crime to what what how did your grandfather get rid of the dog sad part was it was almost like a scene out of Old Yeller heat. His father handed him the gun and say you need to go out there and kill that dog. So he ties his dog up to a tree and he pulls the gun up crying device trying to get this dog into the side of his gun. And he said every time the dog would just give this look like what are you doing to me Frank? And he said he put the gun down. He said, oh my God, he's going to keep coming on dog, and he just kept he put it he put the the gun up two or three times cockpit and the dogwood.

28:05 Skin this look and he just couldn't go through with it. So it was back in the house. Andy Biggs my grandfather. Give me a week. I'll find a home for this dog. So he would so the next Sunday he went out way out in the country for a walk with his dog and it came across as a farm that has sheep on it. And he went to the young farmer and said my dog is really good about keeping foxes away from the chicken coop. And he is good with animals cuz he came with me all the time with the cow until the pharmacy will let me see any puts the dog out in the pasture the sheep and notice that this dog had a natural ability to keep the Sheep. What are we supposed to do a sheep to round them up? So this farmer took the dog and and your grandfather was extremely happy because this dog not only

28:54 8

28:56 Neighbors meet but in the time. That he had her when she would have a litter of pups. She didn't have six or seven should have like 14 puppies and you know at that time you just couldn't give food to feed dog. So he would always have a hard time giving away all the dogs and his grandfather. Can we have to go drown the other dogs and you didn't know that he and he would go around and just big for anyone to take these puppies and he would like work extra hard to make sure and he knew he said the puppies to I knew they might not be the best owner. But if they died under their care, at least it wasn't I who had to kill him. So, you know, that was Tootsie is famous my dog Tootsie.

29:43 So what do you miss about him other than the story telling what else other than him being able to fix things?

29:50 Good advice, I guess what was the funny thing is the best piece of advice your grandfather gave you.

29:57 I put me on the spot.

30:00 Say something else I think of it. Okay. Tell her I'll tell about the story. He always go hop the train into the next time. What's the next time I ever called Apollo Apollo you go to the Soda Jerks and you get the Crush Soda and back then he's an orange crossed a little flakes of ours of the bottom. Remember him saying that but

30:22 So, how about when you went to go get your driver's license, did he tell you that story and he said that there's a lot of like there's prostitutes in.

30:33 Harlots and the other town and

30:38 So they always knew when someone was hopping the train to go in next town when I got something they owe you been going out of town and sleeping with the The Prostitute that cuz you know, that's how they catch something that always know if someone got something that they've been other than that, he just went there for the soda.

31:05 What about the Christmas tree story, of course back in the thirties? It's the Christmas trees. Then didn't have electric light bulbs. They would have little candles on it and the tradition they brought over from Eastern Europe was that Santa Claus brings the tree and the tree is decorated by your by Santa Claus at night. So we woke up on Christmas morning the tree would be there along with with the gifts. And actually the tree was more important than probably the one or two gifts. They would fine cuz of course this has eight children in the early thirties during the Depression in the twenties. It wasn't much money left over to have gifts and they would have little candles on the tree. That's what they had from Eastern Europe. But your Grant my grandfather said well, we're not going to light the candles on the tree every kid was a responsible to keep their eye on one candle. It was like a very special treat that after they eat Christmas meal then go light the candles on the tree and everyone was responsible for watching.

32:05 I want flame to make sure didn't catch the tree on fire and my father my Uncle Andy who is the family clown he kept goofing around and dancing around the tree and not keeping an eye on his candle and all I want bush tree catches on fire and my grandfather runs in and grabs the tree and throws it out the back door in in Pennsylvania. Tell me always has snow and my father said all these little kids faces looked out the back window as his tree that was on fire goes rolling down the backside of their the hill behind their house and everybody's crying because his Uncle Andy ruins, they burned up the Christmas tree Christmas because they all got a whipping in Fort

32:58 What was the other story where we talked about Tootsie? There's a few other ones that have a driver's license back in those days to get a driver's license and the old cars the old cars that had the choke and your grandfather when he went to the DMV that time he gets in the car and he pulled the choke out in the car stalls and the

33:23 Tester guy just gets out of a car and says you fail and back in those days. If you could get the car started you failed your driving test and was like a old model T or something and it took him like four or five times to get the fortune get it get used to choke on the Model T. So it wouldn't choke out on them and the guy wouldn't kick him out of the car and say try again next time.

33:49 12th man at all the stories we covered all his stories and Miss Funny most of the stories. We enjoy the most of the ones from his childhood and I think most of the stories I think this taught us about no matter what your situation is, you can get through it. And the one that I guess I enjoy the cow Story the most of the little girl that when I always enjoy but at the one that he told me about his missing out on the football scholarship is the one that hit me the most because you know, I hear stories of people that have missed opportunities and it just screws her head up for the rest of your life. And I thought wow, you know, my father had this wonderful opportunity he missed out on it, but he wasn't he didn't reset it for the rest of his life. And when he was 9 from mesothelioma, I asked him I said, he's he described him when he was on the ship. He would literally put his hands in the Asbestos. And when he would take knock the s

34:49 Justice off the flanges clean them out and then we had to stick the Flames back in he would literally put his hand back in this as fast as in redo the pipe and I asked him I said, you know Dad if if you had known back in the thirties that the stuff you were working with his ass pestis, you know, 60 years down the road when your 88 would have caused this horrible lung cancer. Would you have lived your life different? Would you have not gone into the Navy with your with your chose another career? So you wouldn't be exposed Asbestos and he and I are true to Grandpa's for me said he'll know and always remember your grandfather is one of those.

35:32 From that generation of it was like God country and family in that order, you know, if if you're right with whoever you believe in it is God and you do right by your country and do right by your family. You are you've succeeded in life. That's how you measure your success in life is how well you provide it for your family and for your country and he said he would have never done anything different and he had no regrets and even if he had known that the asbestos it worked with would have caused such a horrible.

36:07 And

36:10 I was just worried if at the end here you guys could describe Frank for somebody who hasn't met him or just hasn't seen him what it would feel like I could go to the 1945 Life magazine and December issue has a big what's it called know? It's in the front of the magazine. It has a well that's what he look like when I was growing up. My friends used to joke and call him since his name was Frank. They called Frankenstein because he was very tall thin North Eastern European hit he fit the typical Easter European cuz he always used to joke with my mother that he married she married him because he was the first he was the first black launch ever saw in Brooklyn New York is everybody around her was dark and Italian and he had more of a blonde complexion who's extremely tall and

37:08 Nevermind bald nevermind ball never went gray, and he was very

37:16 Other than is storytelling he had this his he had a robust love of life and fairness.

37:27 Summary of The Summer one word, but he was your relationship with him was much different. There's things he let you get by with that. I probably would have gotten I need getting well, you know, I never got them mad like as a kid growing up.

37:49 But that's why I think you might have friends or call him Frankenstein. He was at the tall silent, but when he would burst from being angry play watch out just like the old Frankenstein movie. He would come he's do you

38:04 But we miss him so every Christmas we go to his Cemetery in a drink a glass of wine over top of his his grave.

38:13 Not me though, cuz I'm not your

38:24 Skin cancer is treated traditions for your family. Any time something is broken and we can't fix it. We would look at each other and exasperations if Grandpa was here he could fix it because his his occupation was machinist and he could jury-rig anything. He can make a car last 20 years a furnace last 20 years and that was part of his depression. And I think mentality was making everything lasts forever, but he just could fix anything and just come up with all kinds of weird Contraptions. And yeah, there was just that's why you enjoy going to his garage on Fridays and he had me later in life. He was in his forties when he had me so I think my grant was I wish my father had me earlier so that you could have enjoyed him for a longer period of your life going to live long enough to see you graduate college in may be in there and get me a high school to be a big deal for him cuz he was a

39:20 Graduate high school and his family

39:27 So what would you like to save Grandpa was you what would you say to him? I would say see Grandpa same as small Ficus change move towards his later years before he even got sick and we would drive to hear he was my my buddies were who were here with me in the Navy but they would never recognize this place. He was always proud of the fact. He was very proud of Norfolk.

39:56 And I think you would appreciate us recording his stories. He was wanting to make a children's book about that umbrella. We can embellish it a little bit though when I get

40:10 Kids

40:14 Thanks taking your mom. You're welcome and saying thanks for coming and taking time away from your college studies.