Lourdes de los Angeles Naranjo and Carmella de los Angeles Guiol

Recorded January 22, 2010 Archived January 22, 2010 37:37 minutes
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Lourdes de los Angeles Naranjo (57) talks with daughter Carmella de los Angeles Guiol (23) about her family’s path from Cuba to the U.S., and her mother’s sacrifices so she could have a better life.

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Lourdes and her brother left Cuba in 1960. Lourdes remembers the day she left on a plane, leaving their mother behind.
They stayed with their aunt for a while, but she had little space, so they both then went to boarding schools. Her brother ran away a lot, and tried to convincer her to run away with him to Miami, where there were other Cubans. She was nine and refused.
Her mom came later to New Orleans. Lourdes remembers her working very hard and long hours, but always being depressed and crying.
Lourdes’s family lived in the projects. Her friends were getting pregnant at 13, 14, and Lourdes knew she had to study hard as her way out. She got a scholarship to a great high school, and eventually became an attorney.
Lourdes’s mother got cancer and died when she was 57 years old. Lourdes laments that she never lived to see the good times. She only got the hard times. She would have been so proud to have met her granddaughter Carmella.


  • Lourdes de los Angeles Naranjo
  • Carmella de los Angeles Guiol