Pedro de Pool and Ivette De Pool

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Ivette de Pool (37) interviews father Pedro de Pool (64) about family heritage and about his experience as an actor and announcer in Cuba and in the U.S.

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Pedro is from the Havana ghetto. His parents were older parents. He is an actor and announcer, well known in Cuba and the U.S.
Pedro is very proud of Ivette. He sees a lot of himself in her.
Pedro was in the military. He didn’t have to fight because of the only son rule, but he wanted to join the military to fight against communism in Cuba. He refused to fight communism in Vietnam. He joined the National Guard instead.
Pedro piensa que la religión es importante. Cree en diós, en la vida después de la muerte, y también en el amor a primera vista.
Pedra ha encontrado muchos milagros durante su vida. Cuenta la historia de cómo se volvió a ser annunciador, por causa de su nombre y alguien que conocía a su padre.


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00:02 My name is Yvette to pool. I am 37 years old and today is January 25th, 2010. We are located here in Miami Florida and I will be introducing my father better than Paul who will be the Storyteller.

00:18 Hello, my name is Pedro de pollo but keeping answered with a like floor door. We are here in Miami Florida on my relationship to the interviewer. Where is ge's my daughter. I am 64 years old. And today is the January 25th, 2010 and we are in Miami during this downtown, Miami.

00:45 Okay, Daddy, so I'm going to ask you a couple of questions. And the first one I wanted to ask is.

00:51 Questions about yourself. And what is the earliest memory you have as a child and crowded Blazer? Something that you could go the ghetto, you know, it's lumps and we were very for but, you know, I was I was born from two people that were over, at least they were trying to get the Kid.

01:30 I was born in Havana and all the capitals in the slums. Like I told you any of the year the fort and I used to love it cuz that's what you remember living things because remember I never came to the United States seals out till I was fourteen years old. So I spend some time and in Cuba and school and doing my things and I'm really used to love you. Never wanted to come here, but we have to because of the Communist Regime. What do you have in your life that you remember our usual bro myself for being an announcer in, the nectar being in Hollywood and being well-known in Old Latin America and United States in the Spanish Community, end of the English committed. But I seen the promise things that I have a 7 you and your your your

02:23 Your brother. I think that's the most exciting thing for the flight, but part of my life, my brother, you want and you want to mention his name just so you can have it on the food because they are old tradition from this little people from Curacao. That first came from

02:44 Amsterdam and they went to corisande from Curacao. We have to know, we have about a hundred or two hundred, people living all over the United States and Orlando, you know, and saw one Venezuela equal or Salvador, Santo Domingo, and how many people living in there? So a book by one of my great-uncles and Korra Sokka, say his name was John the Paul Lynde says a lot about our front of me. Okay. So if you had any other words of wisdom and you like to pass along to me, what would they be not only to me but to even hurts because everything is something to learn by. There's nothing. Oh my god. Look what God has put me into it. You have to go through it, you know, so are anything that comes to your life? Love it?

03:44 Because sooner or later, you'll notice for you. Again. We will go back and we can, I've been trying to put that in my mind and the happiest time in my life was when, when you people were born. I remember that. I like girls better than than boys.

04:14 Call Aegis. Okay, so now and I want to ask you stuff about o, l o, l o l on your side. Your parents. Where did you grow up? Try to try to go in, like, like the voice in the port Havana Port, it was very difficult because, although they were many good people there and people that work for their living. It was kind of a, you know, that's difficult, San Francisco, but really people calling by bailing, and if you were saying you have to be you, no kind of aggressive funeral and a macho man and it was, it was hard. But it was. Lovely was nice. I started my father-in-law made me started with my mother didn't know how to read or write.

05:03 Their parents were from the north of Spain and they didn't Auto read a ride or do they work, white and blue and green eyes, but they didn't know how to read and write in my mother promised to ourselves that even though she didn't know how to read a ride. She will make me read and write and make me for do something out for myself. And what was your childhood like over there are very hard, very hard. Now that I am not, I am a man that I have 64 years old and I have to go into the life. Life was so hard. So, so hard was very hard, but lovely.

05:43 Lovingly, I wouldn't change it for the world. We had a whatever we can eat, you know, sometimes a little bit more sometimes a little too list, but we love that type of life.

05:55 Do you do you remember any of the stories at that your parents used to tell you from their history, from their background? Because my father, when when he was born, her mother died, and he was raised by her uncle and aunt and her grandmother was queuing. And what was your your father's mother's name was dark and a Frederick schemmel of physicists from Maracaibo. Venezuela went to Cuba to stole the the seeds from the tobacco. Would they still have now in Venezuela? A fabric of that the door Staubach was bold, you a negative black horse.

06:53 And he was in love, you know, he was a blue-eyed blond guy from Germany, and he was very young in the thirties and the girl was like 16, 16, Rosa. And she took it to, to Maracaibo, and she died there. And my father, my, my father's father was your great-grandfather was a doctor in Eaton, in agriculture, Agricultural. And when the Americans water going to be in June in in war with Cuba, they ask for somebody who has many languages. Do you know people in khorasan of 56 languages regular Penny. Anybody? They want to try and send those three, don't have to talk in papiamento in Spanish, in English in Dutch.

07:43 And they ask my my grandfather to go to Cuba to be the sub. Secretary means, Vice Minister Lisa, ministro de agricultura since 19, 1898 to 1933, when he was bad and he came back to Coruscant to die. He, he did a lot for for the key when I get a cold sore, the other day I was looking at some things for me and, you know, 1920, I gave you a nice brother. He came, my father came in the gate and then 19/13 or 14 from Venezuela to Cuba and they stay there and ever never get out of there, any more killed 1959. When the revolution came in the my father was a civil servant and they wanted to

08:35 2018. Just because when they came to their Ministry, they have the money to pay everybody and they didn't steal the money. Wait, a little bit longer would have been Cuban. Probably has, what were your parents like with you? And you are now that, you know, you were studying psychology and I did almost half of what I've done since I was 15 was an announcer and an actor in English. From Spanish, make me the Spanish. They were very rigid. They they didn't want me to be from that town, though. We were leaving there. They didn't want me to beat you, They didn't want it to me ghetto to ghetto, man, you know.

09:31 And they tried very hard and they were very, very immature. People. They would, they had a lot of people, a lot of backlash from the way they treated, you know, any better, so they're $3 an hour, but they love me.

09:49 Okay, how would you like to be remembered?

09:53 Oh, well, I know how I'm going to be. Remember a full with girls and a good father and a very, very good son when they were getting older and, and they live with you. You made them a little apartment in the back of they died in your house. 24/7. With their that's right. And so this, this is going to be pretty easy for you to answer or maybe not. But are you proud of me as we both know? I'm very proud of all the other two.

10:27 I am proud of you because you are more like me. And if we were born in the same date, January, or February 14th, I was born in 1945 and you were born in 1972. But every time every day that goes by, I see a piece of me and you very, very, very soon. I cannot see in the others. They've been probably have. Would you are a little nipple with a pair of scissors.

11:00 Do every every day that I see you, but excuse me, every time I see you. I see more of me and you letting everybody else know something.

11:18 All she has all my stamina.

11:22 My Rebel D, my readily, she saw she's a woman, a complete woman. She has raised by herself. Her son was already going to be 6 to 7:17 and I'm very proud of her. She's still story and she has a job as a part-time. And I mean, I remember when she was little, I had to have, I was working in a disco, DJ DJ's. And I was working doing Spanish news, and I was working doing Spanish news at 9 in English station. And, you know, I almost never see you so bad. You aren't that like me, you aren't having yours. Just don't sit down and wait for the human are to come to you, go to in, absolutely.

12:12 Very proud of you. So Daddy, Walmart one more thing and end. This is regarding my brother since he was born before me, a September 1st. 1971. Can you describe the moment when you first saw him that day, when he was going through a difficult because I was very young. I was somebody, I think twenty-five or something like that. And then I was in the Arts, you know, I was an actor and I will sup, an announcer was a DJ. I was in the Limelight and I do have the responsibility of that little thing takes so long to adjust his work for you.

12:53 You have to be a good time because you were a good son. So, but it takes it takes a while to to adjust your whole life. I have to stop and Raines.

13:19 And he told me why don't we goes with us to New York and you know, where they are? We pretend you to the list cuz if we work together in this mall is very, very small. In very small parts and emailing the two hours of Miami Vice, the only through our Miami Vice trouble and he was very own that was already on. How do you can make it? I remember, let's go. Let's go to New York. And then from there we go. To we need, we need we week, we can live together. You know, what Apartment 203, guys, you know.

13:54 But I had your son, I mean your brother and I had you and the responsibility was very very big in it. Although I regret it till this day. I think I made the right choice. Okay, Daddy, so I'm going to go in and start talking Spanish now, so please forgive me. If my Spanish doesn't come out exactly how you would speak but I'm going to try my best. This is going to be regarding your job. Just like a regular or Cassidy. What else are you doing?

14:46 Sing boccatos Screen, Actors, Guild, they don't have any got no e American radio and television actress. And if I have an English voice in Social Security, check for you, do the money will come and do what you love. Even if the money doesn't drunk, you will not say. Oh my God, this is 925, you know, you, I remember once during the commercial, for Ford Motor Company in the whole United States in Spanish. We were working from 9 in the morning, till 9, and 9, just stopping for lunch half an hour.

15:45 And that night, or that day, I remember making about $14,000. Young was about two to three years ago and I felt so good when I got home and I had that money to to share with my wife. Okay? Symbol, that has a quick Crossing at the moment. Okay area, he poke.

16:15 I think I'll do the same thing. Nothing, like anybody being a very light pink sheep yourself in your photo editing h. E r.

16:41 Okay, Daddy background Unison. Call me Papa evil. They won't cross Avenue, They won't let it bother me. Papa has to do in Curacao.

17:14 Why do Venezuela news?

17:28 Grass Valley News.

17:30 Why do they want to buy the tickets with my Galifianakis Gail's like the pipes and Galicia in Spanish is Supply is a place that goes all the north of Spain, from Portugal to, to the middle of all of Spain in the

18:09 Embassies are beautiful. So that's why she was, that's what her parents were from. Do you remember their names?

18:22 I don't remember my father's, my grandfather name was.

18:26 It's the name. They work their work on since they were in love in the in the in the mountains. And from one place to another and food was like a day. They will, you know, my grandfather was here. That's all.

18:47 The Army for the Spaniards and he had a arm smaller than the other one because you and the revolution from the mummies at Kiwanis against the Spanish, in the arm.

19:04 So what traditions have you passed down to your family that you think are you Spanish? I was doing this in order for you when you were born and where you were raised and when you are now 30, something you are very Proficiency in Spanish, writing reading and talking waiting for you. If you wanted it to take the sir language like Asian, you don't know Haitian that Fringe. You could have been a little person. Yeah. I know, I could have said it would like to view the more time that I know you if you were born to be

20:04 Actress and singer and Entertainer. And I never did it. Even though I love you. You're my heart. Beating. Everybody wants to see you again course in Cuba. When I was 8 years old. I was a very, very thin. Yeah, they Justin Timberlake. Remember what the director told me, you have to see this doctor to give you this type of pills and you have to see this masters of Soul fail.

21:04 I didn't want to begin to smoke and drink and remember the first day in class or woman came and says, okay bet it'll

21:16 I went home. So I know that you weren't part of the military for a little while. There was a law that ain't anybody from anywhere have to serve in the military. At least you have to sign in to select the research. I mean, I signed when I was the 14 or 15 and they took me when I was 17, 1965.

21:59 An old old, I didn't have to go because I was the only, the only son of two. I wanted to go to to get ready to to go and find Q against the Communists. And the only way to write 17. That's what you were. Not because I punched a, what do they call you speak? And I say yeah, what's up? Got a good Corporal. They made me a horrible because I came from a from a military, you know.

22:48 And I was made a Corporal and entering Corporal and

22:55 Listening. I came out. I went to a year National Guard so I can skip Vietnam. I didn't want to go to Google and get them because they were fighting communism in your name and I say what I want to go. Let me go in 15 days. I'll remember that when I was going to have to go to the woods and we came from a regular unit to a selective Reserve forth to a 2-2 time. We were at the hour almost there. Go.

23:44 The year was 1970, 69 then they warned me. That was maybe they didn't too, cuz they took the 35th or 75th Medical from North Miami, 75% of them are Cuban and then two days they were you want to to 54 for the for the Golden City in Vietnam. And daddy. Where did you train for? Did you train with you in the morning? Or I was not for you to go to too many places. I train my basic in Fort Benning Georgia and a place called Harmony Church and my my Advanced Training, which was nothing.

24:32 I got don't have a real training, Sporty's was in main campus. Also, in Fort Benning, Georgia.

24:55 Me me. Mama probably went to Factoria.

25:06 Are you going to San Quentin Home DeSoto?

25:09 Semi automatic clutch at a factory.

25:46 You just made my day. Tell me. I'm on my way to go home. We will head to Walmart in the morning.

26:24 YouTube. No, OK. Google. Thank you so much, yelling for you. Going to give me beat up with a Rainbow Soccer.

27:17 Let me know. They will show me.

27:30 Can I hang in Amor a Primera Vista?

27:35 Conservative news.

27:41 El Amor. No. Es Amor. Are you okay. Now you cannot go to bed with them. It's not supposed to. You don't want to know, it's still you will give your life for them. That's a lot of okay. I'm in love with my son Joseph.

28:19 Mega million things are okay. It won't sell 1061c, know what can you buy a lot? More Anthony Devil's. USA, La, pelusa. Guess, I'm lucky that. My Florida, Georgia look is very common in today.

29:05 Quinceanera De La Cumbre, la tradicion.

29:19 Lamb attorney.

29:39 One of those wide receiver mucha. Bella Italia compartment.

30:06 The boys will be the doors getting Los Angeles daylight.

30:11 Went to.

30:22 I need to know, Tina won't leave till they get up to.

30:31 Guerra's in a room. I wore the brother of the man. Who are you to see why you might not want to see you in the morning.

30:48 You want me to look down on donated Place, unit, 21, headed to show me, infield or vice a versa. Do not reply.

31:09 Want to go to Paris.

31:23 82 Grand Avenue.

31:29 People that were the three all-time top fuel. Sophia, condos Ocean Thai Cinco on your way home bring CBC. They can see existed. Mucho Mas poderoso, Mas Alto, que nosotros somos. Cassie told me your address and your compliment a photon doing a series about a polar bear, polar bear.

32:22 It won't say too much for my poor little, 70 soldiers. He could ever going to talk to at the moment. You are you buying and said, they didn't want to leave the toys for cheap Rita's. Thank you, ma'am. I wish you were going to say that.

33:11 Confirm DeMent.

33:16 WinCo didn't get them yet, and they don't make it a bargain with, you know, the consequences until no polo polo. And you got, you know, who you really are. You at me, will you be cool article.

34:16 I got another notification for, don't look with your butt, kissing your body, and how it going in cool.

35:03 You just have to be back in 10. What did you say that to me? What are you giving him? You didn't give me your telephone number. Was it? What is it? I don't know. Never forgot. It was 1961. 1962. Franklin, 37141. Okay, and your name weather report for your ride that with a double? Oh, yeah, what do you have to do with? Renee leporte is my father. This work a.m. Tomorrow that I'm going to show it to let her know. I got home. I said that this happened to that guy was the

36:03 True story of Miracle was the son of a local who was the president and I was the Secretary of the president of the whole time. So if I was named Gonzales, I would have been driving. A big tomatoes. Are driving from Jacksonville to Miami. I don't know. I don't know. You think my life changed because of my name, so I was cool. All the name. I would not taking the classes of Court, got at predicted me to do that. And I think I've been

36:40 If not, the greatest thing that ever happened in my country, at least one of them. You think that luck is what I say. All the time. Love doesn't exist. It's preparation and opportunity. Please just did the way you take it repaired.

36:58 Alright daddy. Will thank you so much. I love you. And I thank you for doing this and remembering any comes to that. I've been and I've been in many countries are on the world that they are doing this for the Spanish people for the blacks, for the andorians, from the year, for the peruvians fruit and you see the amalgamation of our faults, but that the most beautiful thing, no matter how much we are tight. In our dependence on Old Country. We are old really, really after you've been here, you are an American and, you know, and you seen your, it isn't him. I know you do. And then I love you and you know, recovery, holy and cafecito.

37:54 Time in America. Well, thank you, Daddy. Rude, or I would being an American and for you to be born here and your brother, and I know his sister that abscess. Okay, Daddy. Thank you.