Kristin Tubre and Kimberly Tubre

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Kristin Tubre (28) talks to sister Kimberly Tubre (24) about their childhoods, their parents’ divorce, and being from New Orleans.

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Kristin recalls her first memory of Kimberly. Kimberly always thought of Kristin as more like the her mother and her mother as more of a sister.
Kimberly talks about her writing career aspirations, and Kristin reveals her feelings about her job as a psychologist.
Kristin and Kimberly talk about their different perspectives on New Orleans.
Kristin remembers her experiences with Hurricane Katrina.
Kristin and Kimberly describe their immediate and extended family. After their parents divorced, Kimberly went to live with their dad. 5 years older, Kristin went to college, so the two didn’t spend Kimberly’s teenage years together.
Kristin and Kimberly describe their different relationships with their father.
Kristin and Kimberly never got in trouble together, but Kristin remembers how her baby sister Kimmy used to torment her.


  • Kristin Tubre (b. 1981)
  • Kimberly Tubre (b. 1986)

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00:04 My name is Kimberly to worry. I'm 24. It's December 4th, 2010 in Montgomery, Alabama, and I will be talking with my sister and I am Kristen too bright. I am 28 it is still December 4th, 2010. We are still there Montgomery, Alabama. And obviously this is my sister.

00:26 Go. Okay. Now I want to tell you why our name is bruschetta and Marketa cuz when we were little

00:36 My dad's name is Mark and it's my uncle's name is Bruce. And apparently I look more like Bruce and you look more like Mark and so but that sounds really bad. Cuz then it sounds like maybe Bruce could be my dad that which is not true, which would never look alike. It would never happen because he only date and he only dates white women and her mom's not white.

00:57 No.

00:59 Your turn my turn.

01:02 The can ask you about me. I know what to ask you.

01:05 What you want to ask me about Moon? Okay.

01:11 LM interviewer

01:15 I have a question for you. What is your best memory of childhood?

01:20 Is weird because I don't remember much to Childhood. I don't know why I had a good childhood, but it's hard for me to what's the first thing you remember particular things. What's the first thing you remember?

01:35 I remember this Christmas when I got it.

01:39 A car Barbie car Barbie Corvette

01:43 I remember that but I don't remember anything else about it. I like I just remember that Corvette. I remember you didn't want me to get in it right low. Oh, you know, I remember Hayden that Christopher used to always want a Barbies with me.

02:08 Are you put him on blast like that? And that is made me so mad cuz you be like he would always precise did purposely tell Kevin cuz Kevin Love gets really mad. And yet me you were such a mean child in heaven brother my brother and stepdad stepdad. And Christopher is our youngest brother. He is 16

02:45 But

02:47 Did I want to see if I know my first memory of you but doesn't even include you mom was in the hospital living on cambronne street, and it was just me and Daddy and Daddy had his bright idea to surprise Mom with the new.

03:01 Bedroom comforter set. Remember it was now it's a tackiest thing in the world but backed up there was so cool. It was a mob and pink satin reversible comforter.

03:12 Help me with the Meg then it was so cool. And so we went to Sears or JC Penney's or somewhere and we've been a guy's I don't tell your mom, you know by surprise. So we're putting it on the bed like the day before y'all came home and he wouldn't let me do something and I said to him and that I think about it. I just feel stupid. But as a kid, I thought it was the most awful thing. I could ever tell my dad and I said, that's why you not get to hold the baby.

03:40 And I remember I remember him looking at me and do the laughing at me. I'm going to be at the vet for the first time. I saw you but also a picture of that my first time I held you is a picture of it and either your baby book on mine and I'm holding you and I have on this thing purple nightgown or pink strawberry shortcake nightgown specialist thing in the world little did I know

04:27 You were going to be

04:29 Horrible, you are so cute. Then. I like Satan you are like Satan not anymore. Not anymore. I feel like you a lot different now. I just have a question off of this.

04:43 I want to know who's off the Soviet. What are your dreams for me for you to be happy be like my family. Think about me and what I'm doing.

05:00 Will my life want the truth? Yeah, I want you to be happy but all the time. I don't know what you want to be. Like I don't think you know.

05:12 What you want to be? I think you're a lot of ideas about what you want to be and they're all great ideas. It's just I don't think you settled on D1 idea that you're going to go with and pursue with 100% agree energies and I have learned over the years. Just let you be you cuz you're not like me. You cannot be like me. I mean you're you and you are very flighty and not in a bad way just free-spirited and you can do what you want do little bit of this little bit of that and that's the kind of like that about you. I don't want to be like me.

05:44 I like that about me to not to sound conceited or flipping burgers or writing the world's best novel. I just want you to be happy.

06:01 Google

06:04 What else go to say about question sister? So what do you want for me?

06:14 Under

06:16 I don't know. I said I sound like a great great questions for parents. But do you like a parent to me? It is said to you more as the mom and Mom were is her sister. Always did I thought you kind of lost all of us around I do but I was the least boss cuz I was more rebellious. You didn't listen to everybody. You didn't listen to me. I don't listen to anybody. Really I listen.

06:48 As far as here, you can just don't know what I just don't do what you ask me to do the same with Mom and Dad. I still do what I want regardless. That's why I feel funny. I think I'd rather by you before our parents did that was telling Mom at like four years back. Just if you just let her be so figure it out. You can't force him to do anything. Cuz Kim is going to do with Kimmy wants to do and I'll do what you tell me to do just because I don't want to be disappointed but it came he's going to do what you want. So just let it do it.

07:19 That is very true. Answer my question the same thing you asked me. What are your dreams for me?

07:28 Are they don't have any?

07:30 I guess I don't know what is like the little sister complex. I know is very different for me than it is for you. How do you see me as a big sister that do a good job being a good example to do a very good job. I probably brag more about you than I do about myself. I don't believe that one. Yes. I do some type of doctor for my friends the ones who don't even know you were that well, but they still ask about you.

08:07 Are you surprised me? So every time I do not forget that I'm I see you at such a free spirit that you don't care what I think and then you say stuff out of the day. You told me you didn't want to tell me that certain thing that we can talk about on tape cuz you don't disappoint me like she's still trying to make sure I think she's good like

08:31 You can be a star on the tree Tower in case if my sister.

08:35 Mind you take any grandkids or kids or parents. She's not just you know, don't worry about it.

08:48 Do you think you become a ride? I think I'm going to finish this book for sure for sure. I'll be honest. I haven't read the excerpt yet that you sent me. I mean, imma get to it is very scared so I can be kind of hard to read anyway, okay, but

09:06 I know.

09:08 Very much so that I'm going to be something bigger than you can imagine. You know what I imagined and it's like all inside of me.

09:17 All are all you know what I measure for you. So how you know the bigger than what I imagined I'm saying that I don't I don't think you understand how much confidence I have in myself about it. I hope you have a lot cuz you got to get it done. I sure as heck can write it for you. I know I barely can get the right back without telling me ideas popping up. That's why I said you're sliding you'll figure it out. I get to go to a really cool book signing release party and I get to meet famous people not that I care about my friends will probably won't be like that but good which was okay. I'll be proud of it. I'll put on the coffee table everything else you do.

10:00 Do you like what you do?

10:02 Honestly, honestly, I love my profession. I'm not very happy with the place that I work. I want you to have your own practice.

10:13 You know, that's a lot that is very badly for you because

10:17 I don't want to work for anybody and I know I'm not like you though. I like the stability of having my job. That's why I don't leave and I like working with the veterans. I like them. I just don't like the establishment the hospital. I don't like the way this one. I don't like to bet there's nobody to help me that I'm being asked to do a hundred million things by myself without any support appreciation or guidance. I don't like that. I'm forced to see people who don't need to be at my clinic.

10:47 Because of the VA and you have to do it.

10:50 Oops

10:52 Hope that'll give me a trouble.

10:57 The Godlike man psychologist most definitely I wouldn't

11:01 I wouldn't change it. The only thing that I wish I had thought about before I pick this career is that

11:10 You don't get time off.

11:13 Yeah, I didn't I didn't think about that and in the process of becoming a psychology, I kind of just thought of it. I like doing it. I really like doing it but it's not like I can just call in sick and I have to worry about the eight people who have to get rescheduled and if somebody is going to hurt themselves if somebody's going to come to the hospital acting a fool cuz I'm not there cuz I like having a regular job if you call in sick somebody cover so, you know buddy covers for me, but that part I don't I don't like and I wish I and that would be the price of anything and it any worse than Private Practice because there wouldn't be like in time to practice your spouse of everybody 24/7 like when you play when I went on vacation to Vegas my friend got a call and they can patient like and he's at the VA. They can't call me.

11:59 They have they don't they can't forget to me. Don't try to practice. You have to be responsible even when you're not there, and that sucks.

12:08 But other than that, I liked it.

12:12 I wish that you would have came to Alabama why I just heard you rather me be maybe I'll let you maybe.

12:22 At least maybe stayed in Baton Rouge why anywhere why? I don't know I just cuz you had a cooler place to come stay. Yeah, you really even when you first moved out here before I ever thought of coming out here in life. I just wouldn't want me to go to Virginia either know I love Virginia, but when I went and you didn't do the value that I went then please don't like Alabama, Alabama. I just didn't I didn't like that. You still don't like it. It's okay, but I won't stay here. I didn't think I said that I got Stanley. I'm probably going to be here.

13:04 And got to stay here matter, but you know how I am.

13:09 I'm not going to stay for a man not saying that that's different for you cuz you're getting married, but I'm saying like I'm still got to you know, I can't talk about it won't take any issues.

13:32 Adam & Friends, we don't have any issues little fake laugh. Like I can't breathe because you know, I know I know you know what I'm saying. I know this is different. This is not the same time you going somewhere and you immediately thought of your eyes are red your eyes are like red and yellow. Why are my eyes burn and what is that smell? What is my throat itching? Why is my skin itchy when I lay on this

14:26 Table that table the fill out the table and does hard as a rock that bit was so hard. Maybe you should tell them trailers.

14:37 He told her that we're not from Alabama, but I just moved to Alabama in July of 2010 and I've been here since July 2008 from New Orleans and we love that place. We just don't live there.

14:54 And I don't think I want to go back and you still haven't I told you that from the get-go. I've been trying to leave New Orleans. Yeah, but you always Chicago but as soon as you got it, you said you want to go home cuz it was an Alabama go back home.

15:13 Remember when you went to New York and you told me I like traveling but I always want to go back home and nothing like home. I mean I like

15:23 I love to travel but and I will I love New Orleans, but

15:30 I mean, what's your leaking realizes such a small place in the priority there?

15:39 Is what I want. I don't want to go back. What's the priority in your eyes party too much festivals too much partying too much drinking is not a progressive City and there's not a progressive City. I don't think it's a city where people work.

15:59 Pretty much either. What is it called on either work like service jobs in the service industry. Are they work a business job, but maybe they were in the movie industry like I was doing but

16:16 Deep down they find a way to take off to go party cuz there's a festival every month and there is a party every weekend and there's

16:26 Alcohol everyday and it just one of those places where everybody is an alcoholic and I love it and I love that about it. But I look at Twitter and Facebook and watch what people tweet from back home and watch a few post them. Like that's not really what I want to be a part of I want to go to places that are more Progressive that are moving somewhere and try to do it but it's just not the people are not marked their mindset isn't progression in mindset is what we always do your mind says tradition. I don't

17:05 And I can see what you're saying about I grew up there too. But my experience of New Orleans is drastically different than yours. But you know that cuz we live two totally different young adults in that City. So when you see everybody's being a drunk and a party person would I remember from being young person who owns is going to school and busting my ass and missing all the festivals and not Club in and not drinking and being with my family all but I think New Orleans I think of it as being a place where nobody leaves because everybody's talkin money. I mean with your families are alike and your families, will you going to the festival with your family and you drinking with your family? So it's just like I guess if I never drink I never went on when I got bigger mom's I'm taking me so I stopped going.

17:53 Will you pick it up. Put it down?

17:58 Keep clicking it, LOL. I don't remember. I don't see what I see in their part of reason why is easy for me not to go back is everything was a robin real family all the time when I think about it before I left even when I had my significant other than my friend everything we did was with my family or their family. It was always a family you never really needed to have I didn't need a lot of friends cuz I had a family and then when I moved away and I couldn't get to y'all.

18:30 I learned that we're not outside of the vessels in the drinking New Orleans and not that different anywhere else. Really everybody in the South really don't like to leave this house. That's what they put is. What are comfort zone but when I went nobody I meant was from LA and I thought that was most interesting thing in the world. Like nobody was born and raised there everybody. I met head come from somewhere else and I just guess me going home in Progressive part of why I'm not rushing to get back is because I don't see myself being successful there. I don't see it growing.

19:13 And I kind of feel it by Montgomery to I don't see it growing but my Gomery so I can afford to live after Katrina. I can't afford to live in New Orleans if it's not going to provide me with a really good job. I can't pay the rent. I can't buy a house Uptown for what I bought my house here for so I just don't have a need to go home. I figured I can visit.

19:38 Plus, I don't feel need to be up in your mouth a mole time. Either exactly know all that much about Katrina. And do you want to say how you get from being saying I'm from New Orleans to I live in if that lives in a few more trailer for a little while and had to worry about formaldehyde. Oh, okay. That's her story. Yeah, you weren't there. Well,

20:07 No, I don't want to talk about it.

20:13 Let me preface this by saying most of us who are from New Orleans and said when do they get tired of talking about it? You don't want to be labeled as that person to cancel are sick and tired of people here thinking that I'm here because if they do the same thing, I mean July immediately after I moved back to New Orleans. I was in New Orleans on the secret Trina hit the August to 8th August 2005. I probably went back to visit when there was another hurricane came and maybe 3 weeks later and it went to Texas. I think Rita Rita and is supposed to hit New Orleans and that my dad took me to New Orleans a week after Rita and they were still residing water. Did you know that you're residing water in New Orleans and me and him drove around and I took pictures of where they was water. It was pretty cool to see that. I mean, it wasn't good circumstances, but

21:13 Something you hope tall is he wants in your life? Yeah. It was just something that was interesting to see because I got to see the damage.

21:20 Firsthand, I love the fact that I got to experience.

21:26 A city

21:27 In a time when

21:30 You will feel like you want a third world country and what I'm saying by that is 5 curfews.

21:38 I was in New Orleans when you couldn't I mean, I think I'll stay there one weekend with Dad at his house and we stay there like Saturday Sunday Monday and I went back to school Tuesday and they will we have curfew so you had to be in the house by 5 and you have one fast food restaurant open and they had a list on the speaker first. They had a they didn't have a speaker, you know, you couldn't use it and they had a list that tell you what they had what they had and you can never get cheese nothing. That was Dairy so they had to have a plain burger with nothing on it. And why didn't you come with me?

22:25 Quileute. Yeah, when I took Mom and Christopher I wanted you to come I didn't come I didn't want you. I was at LSU. I know I had already enrolled and I just didn't want to be away from my friends which ended up weird cuz I was far away from all my friends and I had to make new friends.

22:46 That was a hard time in life because

22:50 It was probably one of the most stressful yet.

22:56 What animals?

22:59 I guess why I wasn't fun, but you know that about yourself. I'm sure yeah, it was pretty I had a good time during after Katrina because I was meeting a lot of people in you know, I just experienced a lot during that time, but I'm I learn more about myself traveling abroad.

23:20 Oh and I speaking to FEMA trailers. I'm getting off the subject. But after Katrina my mom fought for FEMA trailer.

23:29 And behind her back. I apply for a FEMA trailer 2.

23:37 Can I use all her information and she know and I told her I'm using your female information. I just want you to know but the reason I did that is because she took my FEMA money.

23:52 She applied and use my name and then therefore I couldn't apply and I needed that money. I am so glad now with my trailer.

24:06 Kimberly living if I didn't live in it. I stay there when I want to get away from my dad hitting his wife it was in the trailer park. So it was a lot of trails and University campus University trailers. And what was really odd about it which we found out with on the keys all by five different Keys all those really like the keys. I could use my key to open someone else's trailer. I wouldn't but I found that on the news when I found out I was like I'm not staying there anymore because anybody can go in there, but it was a good little Hideaway spot and sometimes I'm mom don't notice. Sometimes I let you slide decal stay over there, too.

24:47 Tim for what? I have no idea.

24:51 I don't want to know me either cuz you never know what I did at Lord have mercy.

24:59 Usher well are families complicated I guess but honestly, I guess in this the new America is not there, cater our mom and dad are Mark and Tracy they married and we're mad about 11 years they divorced and then they both got remarried and my dad is still married to his wife. Her name is Kim and then we have a half brother named Mark Jr. And a step sister named Ashley and then my mom remarried also, she married a man named Kevin in we had a step brother named Kevin Junior in another half brother named Christopher. Our mother is now divorced twice from my dad and from her second husband.

25:46 I'm so I guess biker American Standards. It's not weird when it all was first going down. It was weird cuz none of my friends had a family like that. But now it's very common.

25:59 So we share the same both parents or parents, but I'll let you know. We only grew up in the same house for a certain amount of time because she moved in with her dad and 8th grade latex, and I was already going to college and I'm going to tell my dad and 8th grade. So even though we have the same two parents and we are my childhood was spent with her part of her childhood The crucial years for a girl with my dad, which is why I asked someone different a lot less sheltered to I know you don't like when I call you shelter, but a lot less sheltered. I think I've experienced. I think that over I think that we are what I should have less sheltered in different areas cuz I something that you haven't done yet. I have some things that you were sheltered from doing the divorce process. I saw but then flip the script. Things are going abroad.

26:59 I am known about gods and knowing about how not to get screwed. You got that from Daddy firsthand just not being being Fearless of certain things like that. Show me the temperature every style cares about you might help child. You might help child, you know, you have Street smarts and you have this never there and people can easily I'm not naive is the word which is odd cuz most people back in the day would have thought I would be the more naive one and you would have malts Pokemon, but you still are booked and I wouldn't call myself naive and I don't have the desire to learn about Street stuff. I think it's just some things that you love you could get away with

27:47 I might like men like I always say you a lot more trusting and I'm very like I told Mom, I'm going to give you more leeway. I'm always suspicious of folks always thinking are you trying to get over on me? Are you trying to do something to me or how you going to screw me in the end? But I'm going to give you a lot of Leavin. Imma give you chances and then once you dig out your chances then I'm done with you. But Imma get that you won't get it by any chances. You kind of have to stay. I'm trying to screw me cuz I know it is that I know how to scoop you for. I mean it goes but wait, I'm calling my Dad when that's the part that you have that I think you when you say you have more of the street smarts. That's the part that you have. That's about that. They tried to make me do that. I refuse to take I don't want to screw people I have I hate that part about

28:37 Him, I don't want to screw people at all. It's not about that. It's just about him.

28:45 Everybody has to be used and it's about knowing how to use people in a sense and your advantage but not in a bad way because that's how it sounds bad. But if you look at history in general and if you look at jobs and businesses is all about using it on top because it's kind of like your

29:12 You taking them from using them for that next step and stone in line using them Plaza malicious intent and purpose and Plies is not malicious. It's just your job like make every like like to take you living with me. I wouldn't call that using me but I wouldn't use you cuz you're my sister was different cuz I wouldn't we not that type of family to each other using because my cuz you said you if your definition of it you're living with me is a is a stepping stone to get something better. And since I don't have to pay anything technically if you do about you using me, but to me if you say she's using you that makes it sound like you're doing something bad and then my mind it's not my purpose is I'm your big sister. That's my purpose is to do whatever I can to help you get to your place and you're not using me. It's just my purpose and everybody has a purpose like I'm a psycho.

30:12 My purpose is a people to come to my office dump their crap on me and I hold it for him that could be considered being used but there's not that's my purpose just like you use somebody.

30:27 You got 10 minutes.

30:29 Don't like you use somebody doesn't mean you doing it for the wrong reason. But with with Dad in the part of reason why I didn't want that skill cuz he tried to give it to me still trying to make me do stuff that I don't want to do.

30:41 I don't know why but I believe in karma we do to the man that talked about in and I believe I believe when you use people in the true sense of the word you use them without any regard for what is going to do to them.

30:54 It will come back and bite you in the ass and I have been a blessed person and I have had things happen to me that people like that's really effed up but on the end of it I come out smelling like roses and I can't remember nothing but I live a life when I'm trying very hard not to use people. I might not like you I might use you. I might use it for your purpose, but I'm not trying to get over on anybody or be mean to people when I guess I used to be real bitch and my momma said we're happened to your bitch and I was like she kind of just took a back seat.

31:25 I really need her people piss me off. I get my feelings hurt. I make a get up that for me. I don't even cry for a second then. I do something else.

31:34 I can't stay mad. I said they're alone.

31:37 None of us. No one in our family that's not true. Our parents are chronically depressed. No mean, but I'm talking about for like 4 is it with each other know you used to be very mad for long time to assert people of course, but that was that was justified anger is Justified, but you don't remember I don't and that's why that I remember my side of it as an adult.

32:04 What you mean and my fights with Dad is an adult over it over one in realizing would he did it all I think I took it a lot harder because I looked at him as a king and he was just like the end-all-be-all my daddy. Oh my gosh, my favorite everything experience things as an adult. I looked at him and I experienced it personally from people and I saw with my friends was going through and then I realize that that's what my mom was going through and that's when I

32:48 You know me and are headed out for about a year you remember that we got into a huge fight. I don't remember and he called Mom. He was ready to go. I was ready to leave him. What was this like 22 he Push Me Down.

33:05 He pushed you for real.

33:08 Did you hit him. Through Kool-Aid and he'll call me and told me you were dead. You know, give me is this way and that way and she didn't really have the effects of the divorce and it happened. You know, this is her finally, you know going through it cuz I had gone through when it was happening and I wasn't mad at you because I felt I just felt like I deserved better and I felt like he sit up here like y'all. Okay, and it's not and you still think my anger was unjustified all those years not all the way cuz that's your dad. Oh, no, that's a different story. I never not love them. I just mad at him.

33:57 I think you said I was more mad at him and Kim because they try to act like nothing happened and she was really mean to me. May I know that in the beginning? I remember that she is not an apology that and Daddy Daddy has apologized since then and honestly, it wasn't the project. I was about 22 and I just thought about this is stupid. You know, I'm getting too old to be still mad about stuff that I can't change and this is my one father and I was it ain't getting divorced or modular like her and then I realized she maybe she did I just don't think that she realize the impact of what she did. So I just kind of like I forgive a fool I don't think is right and I would never forget it but I forgive her cuz I think she was young and in love and just didn't realize what she was doing.

34:48 Exactly, and I was like nah.

34:56 And that's not it is I don't like her. She didn't do anything, I just don't like her.

35:03 The way I see it is telling my friends at work and I know time is running out but there's a particular person I wrote that they don't like because she does something.

35:12 And

35:14 Pretty much when you don't like somebody it feels more stress on you. That's why I realize their life is a lot worse than mine. So I let it go cuz it didn't the day I'm smiling. I still smell what I like and I got to do with it is different than me hating her. I don't hate the girl if she needed something if she will not her if the baby's really needed something. Imma go do it because that's family things are there still family, but I don't have to deal with her cuz I don't she gets on my nerves and if I don't have to be in her face

35:49 Nothing at the holidays Uncle when I see you for birthdays. I'm cool. Just don't I'm not going to be calling her. I'm not going to your friend. I'm not her friend. I thinking of which the baby's birthday. Is. It passed already. It's the first yeah. I know. That's my mom has babies V. Okay. Well Leah Gotti next Sunday is Netflix making noise in the mic with your behind my back.

36:22 You want me to be lived in the same household for first 11 years or so relax, maybe a little bit longer than that little bit longer. We didn't get in trouble together. Please don't hang together. She was bad, but we didn't we haven't we have a four-year gap between us but not for you all at 5 is a boy in school year and you don't think it's a lot but Lily when she was angry. I was going to college so we didn't start becoming friends until she turned 18 and got out and went off to college herself and she started seeing me as a friend and not some pussy big sister. So honored some nerd who didn't know anything. So we really didn't play with the play Barbies together as a kid because she and I'm a big sister and I keep the piece I will play with her, but she used to do things like standing in the foot with any pants.

37:17 Hit me in the head with a clock make a wooden shoe a wooden. She when she hit me in the head with it. She used to hit me with Barbie dolls. And then one time she broke her Barbie doll after she hit me and she got mad at me when she hit me with it and then she'll just like I did it, I believe you. Anyway. It's hilarious when she was about to.

37:46 When she was about to

37:48 We had we should have been my whole life. She had a crib. I had a twin bed. I would lay in my twin bed, and I will watch her about 6, and she broke the bars out of the crib.

38:04 Look, like I dare you to tell say something. I did it just to watch you bust out of prison every night so fat body through that little kids. Can you be squeezing squeezing? It had a pop through it was funny. I was never allowed to sleep with him. So I never wanted to but you broke every single rule. They had every rule that I had. You didn't remember. The one thing. I remember being told about you growing up. That is stuck with me while I'm like a mother Daddy's always say this as soon as you pop out of the stomach, this is your baby sister. There is nobody want for in her you set the example and you always take care of you always protect you and I've been doing that your whole life. Miss you have and I'm not going to stop till I stop breathing.

38:58 Monday I said you can't take care of me.

39:01 If you needed anything from me, I give it to you don't have a choice.

39:07 But yeah, you are a bad little child. Are you bust out of that? Crib? That is the best man ever when you broke my key broke. My mother's I got a brand of army man for Christmas wanted so badly so badly in the Christmas morning where you were in the picture of your butt sticking up with your hands and you rip the whole thing apart in the mom and dad doesn't laugh and I was just in tears. I want that bag all freaking year. I had it for less than 5 hours.

39:45 Yo, that was my eye. Can't have nothing. Well, I was forced. Thank you.

39:53 Without even knowing to give up all my Barbie stuff. I bought him a house that has a teenager still playing with Barbies and I went to my bed to find my Barbie stuff.

40:13 Could you do it how I came into the nursery? We didn't we didn't get in trouble together cuz we didn't we didn't play together unless we played in the house and even we will little at like when my mom was raising us when we were really little got rid of the washing us considered reason as well.

40:34 I mean you got us play with the bigger kids with Stephen Kelly and I was always inside. I was always sick. I used to go all the time. You never want to come by. So why you didn't come I was so happy for you that you have baby. I'm her favorite grandchild. She wouldn't tell you that.

41:06 Great one Saving Grace. Everybody else has thought you were so good with my mom all that. I'm always top the oldest the first grandchild. I am the grandchild. Are you not think I'm a childlike, but you have two sons right above and below me. Why can't they make babies?

41:30 Right one minute left. Well, I will thank you. You're welcome. Good thing we didn't get through this without crying or anything playing on crying. Thank you for coming with me, Kimmy.

41:48 You're welcome. Cuz I so enjoyed it was fun, but it's not nothing that we don't normally do it is I love you, too.