Winnie Woodmansee and Fran Joersz

Recorded July 22, 2005 Archived July 22, 2005 40:03 minutes
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A mother and daughter talk about family history.


  • Winnie Woodmansee
  • Fran Joersz

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00:03 My name is Fran joersz. I'm 51 years old. Today is July 22nd 2005. We are located just out of the state capitol building. I am the daughter of my partner.

00:19 I am Winnie woodmansee. I am 88 today is July 22nd 2005. We are located near the state capitol building and I am the mother of the interviewer.

00:35 What is your ethnic background? I'm German and Irish.

00:41 Where is your mom's family from my mother's mother came from Germany when she was 14 years old.

00:49 On a boat and it took two weeks and she came to Mandan North Dakota where she was employed by my grandfather whose wife had died and left him with three children. So grandmother Lang at 16.

01:06 Became his wife and took over the care of the three children and his home. Did he pay her passage to come here or did she just meet him once she got here is her stepfather made arrangements for her to go to work for him and took the money, which is why I'm guessing my grandfather asked her to marry him. So she was like an indentured servant or without getting

01:34 And so did he stay did her stepfather stay in Germany know he was in Mandan North Dakota. I'm just kind of solder sorta. Just where's your dad family from he was born in Malone, New York.

01:51 And I think his family came from Ireland, but we haven't been able to trace that and that Uncle Gail couldn't Trace that either. I'm not to my knowledge and he's the one that came with Custer. That's right.

02:07 What traditions have been passed down in your family the way we celebrate Christmas? We don't open our presents until Christmas morning which drives everybody else crazy.

02:19 I also remember grandma and grandpa mcgillick and my own father who are your favorite relatives all my mother and my dad.

02:27 And I love my grandmother Lang who live in Torah 90's and now this was the indentured servant right act she had raised not only the three children that her step-children but had five of her own and her husband died in about 1988. How old were her kids when he died. My mother had not was not married. So I'm not sure exactly her age and dad named one of their kids Custer Custer and then didn't one of them get hit fall out of a wagon and died one of her children did and the wagon ran over his neck. My mother said he didn't look that he look like he was just asleep. There was not a mark on him, but my grandmother grieve so she shut up the panel would not go to church and she used to run that church. That's right. And then when she came back she was running it again. He became a deacon. What was that child's name?

03:27 I don't remember. Is he buried in the Mandan Cemetery as he is?

03:33 Maybe we can find it. Do you remember any of the stories? They used to tell you what my grandmother Lang told me all the stories about having to leave Mandan one because the Indians were coming and they had to get on the train and be taken to Bismarck and I tried to Bluff my way through a book report by just telling that tells my grandmother had told me didn't work. You got nailed by the teacher's name in the whole. I'm surprised you don't remember those teachers are good people. What are some of the Classic Family stories? Tell the story about Grandpa wallpapering your father that was in the days when he was trying to put the paste on downstairs and then run upstairs with the wet wallpaper and slamming on them, and he was dressed in in his underwear which was known as bvds and those days not very pretty.

04:31 And then the last one I do believe that he put on upside down was still there all those years later when I was born and tell what he said to your mom. But if you'd want to marry a carpenter, you should have married one or a paper hanging out her Hammers and her tools was because we lived in town because of the the dam had not been built. So our firm was flooded every year and consequently dad would take her.

05:07 Tools down to the farm. So she painted Everything Green a green and a hammer had a green handle on it everything else did so she could go to the farm and pick out her own tools and take them back home again, cuz she didn't appreciate your time off. Did she also did she loved to Garden? I'll say she had the biggest garden I've ever seen and we had to help Plant weed.

05:34 Pick and then can and no air conditioning and to this day. How do you feel about gardening? I hate it.

05:44 And you grew up in Mandan and your parents names were Blossom Lang mcgillick and Frank W mcgillick. What is the w stand for William? What were your parents? Like they were fun? My dad wouldn't in the winter time would hitch up a team to a bobsled bobsled when we had a storm and come to school and take everybody in my grade home. How many ran your grade probably 20 I suppose and you had two sisters and what did your father used to say? Why they have three girls. I can't remember and perhaps you do. You can tell you just don't want to say it that the Ford knock the testicles off the boys.

06:34 Did you ever get in trouble when you were a child? Of course all kids do I was the worst thing you ever did skip school or now we find out you have two sisters. Tell us a little bit about them. All one sister was very close to me because we were just 18 months apart and she married and lived in Iowa on a farm. Did it be like to did she like to Garden? Yes, she did and she had this big a garden is my mother did and my other sister lives in Minneapolis, and she was a kindergarten teacher how much younger was she then you and Honey about six years and her name is Pat. What did you look like as a child?

07:18 I'd have brown hair and I was medium size.

07:24 Medium or short would you say I'm sure than all of my family vertically challenged. How would you describe yourself as a child where you happy very much so

07:35 I had a good good family and I had fun friends. What is your best memory of childhood going to all the basketball games? And as a matter of fact, I was dating my husband who was on the Bismarck basketball team when I was going to Mandan high school and on that particular in 1933 Bismarck defeated Mandan 17 to 15 for the State basketball championship. So whose team are you cheering for? I cried through the whole game and got a gold basketball for the husband. You didn't answer the question. I was cheering from and shame. What's your worst childhood memory?

08:19 Falling down and knocking my front teeth on playing statue.

08:24 I didn't know you did that. What about tell about when it used to flood the grocery store? It was terrible and it even flooded came up tomorrow in Mandan and our basement was flooded. And what was your address growing up? 407 2nd Avenue Northwest Mandan, North Dakota.

08:45 And then didn't you used to go visit and there's something about the barrels and the pickles in the that was in my grandfather's grocery store, but did not used to flood to and you'd have to go move things. I guess we did.

08:59 Did you have a nickname Winnie which is what I go by at most of the time and what's the history of your name?

09:07 I was named after my father's.

09:11 Aunt who was Winifred Shay Shay. Did you ever meet her? No, I did not.

09:20 And how did honey get her nickname? She was very fragile at Birth and the nurse has started calling her honey, and she's been honey. All it ever since and I was named after her yes or no her given name was Mary Lorraine who are your best friends? I had there were five of us powder around together. We didn't have potlucks per se but we there was Mary Russell and Katherine Gallagher and Jane Broderick and Phyllis Carol, and we just did many things together. Like what would you do or we went to we went ice-skating we went on the river. We went swimming in the river at the in the heart River and I have to say swimming which is not really true for me. I just got in the water cuz I didn't learn to swim until my oldest daughter was in Girl Scouts and I passed my third test at the Elks swimming pool in Bismarck North Dakota with the Girl Scouts cheering for me and you

10:19 Caring for you and your daughters all went on three daughters all of us for daughters all of us for lifeguards. And then your granddaughter went on to manage the dang Place generals of course weren't allowed to then.

10:35 How would you describe a perfect day when you were young?

10:39 A day that was not too hot and I don't remember it being hot when I was growing up. Like I the heat bothers me now.

10:48 We went swimming. I mean we went to the heart River we take a lunch. Could you do that when you were young? They let you go alone. They weren't worried about how drowning or anything to have so glad to get you out of the house. I absolutely we take up a lunch and of course nobody had cars and those days so we hiked to the river and then played out there all day and came home. Did do you remember grandma mcgillick having bad? Hay fever and going to bed with it. She didn't go to bed. She slept in the chair all night long cuz she couldn't lay down to sleep and breathe and my dad took her to South Dakota because she could get away whatever was bothering her and she came home on time. And I said Mom, how come and she said, I'd rather be at home then died on their Arab lonesomeness tell a little bit about your mom. You've talked about your dad.

11:42 My mother could do anything and would try to do anything everything and she was always there for me and my family are kids could hardly wait till she came over cuz she would bring donuts. I am bring pies and then I love she has to make those little tarts with us. What I left over do I have to stay overnight with her and she'd sneak out so she could get five minutes of quiet. I'm sure cuz we fight about whose turn it was to go stay with her and what she used to describe what she do sitting at the card table. She played Solitaire and she also listened every baseball game and kept score because she didn't believe the announcers she was sure they were always wrong. She loved the twins did never miss a game and she live to be

12:30 100 and 3 and 1/2 it right?

12:34 And she broke her hip butt and then she said that she was really tough then to crawled to the house phone when she broke her hip. We got a call from the police saying my mother was on the line saying that she had fallen and she thought she broken her hip and I called him back and said you'll have to go over and take some tools so you can take the door off because there was a hook on it, but my mother had pulled herself to the front door and used a broom handle to unlock the get to hook off so that they can get in and then she needed to go to Missouri slope after that and my sister Pat still laughs at the story cuz she used to ask us to move her out and when John slip she slipped and she slipped under the yellow truck and John scooch to ride back out and asked if she checked the oil and Pat that way should be arrested for Grandma abuse.

13:32 What did you think your life would be like when you were older I didn't have any idea. I would have like to travel a lot which I didn't get to do your mother did I know my mother went to Europe plan with one suitcase as a matter of fact, I think 3 weeks and she also went to Yellowstone. Well that was in her Youth and that was before they had any they had horses that took them through the Yellowstone Park at that time, but she took the train didn't say whatever ends and fell out of the birth or what

14:09 What was the happiest moment of your life? I think one of the most happiest was when I was selected as North Dakota mother of the year in 1979. There were about 20 people that had applied for it. And I really didn't do much of the work. My daughter did the one who's interviewing me.

14:32 I told Dad we were going to get a trip to New York. It worked out for all of us, and we did we got to go and stay at the Waldorf Astoria and Chase Johnny Carson around and Barbara Walters and Chevy Chase and we went to 3, please.

14:48 What was the saddest moment of your life?

14:52 I don't really know.

14:56 I I try not to be sad as you well know. I know I have nobody else has it worse to take care of somebody else and you feel better, which is true. I'll admit it. It's true. How about when you had ectopic or had two miscarriages R O, I have an ectopic pregnancy between the two oldest children between Tony and Tom and then I had Encephalitis when Butch was a baby and I that was really bad because it affects your memory for some reason. So that's going to be your excuse tell about how delighted you were after you had that topic because you are mother-in-law. We should probably talk a little bit about them. Your mother-in-law said that one to mix girls in 122 makes boys. So you were delighted why because I was a girl boy girl boy the rest of the time and she was wrong.

15:52 Did you go tell a little bit about Grandpa? Hairy? Grandpa? Harry was a businessman and he was all business and I know what business did he start he started with Mitzi stationary, which is an office supply company and at that when he started it,

16:12 The stores were open every day and I even on Sunday because Woodman's he said that time was the only store that carry newspapers and magazines nuts cigarettes Etc engineer Works Christmas cards in it and a lot of wrapping paper and books that damn books at that point by specially who did he start the business with with? Mr. Harris who is also a businessman in Bismarck, North Dakota. Do you remember what year that was in 1915? I thought I was fourteen could have been and how did his family get here? They came from England and his father ran a livery stable. I remember something about a million dollars in horse racing. Well, that's what he was involved in but I don't see any sign of the million dollars or horse racing here. I'm sure he must if he was involved he lost and how about his wife tassy? Where did she

17:12 She was Irish through and through and what was her name Teresa and I'm Galvan. I tried to remember what her last name was.

17:22 And where did she come from I think Paige, North Dakota.

17:28 That's where he met her. Grandpa was on mail man on the train and that's how I met her. She was teaching school someplace up in that part of the country really wasn't he engaged to someone else? Yes, and she sued them for whatever you create your contract you do something like that and it wasn't because he met Grandma Tess and fell in love with her. Yes, and they they they were married in St. Paul and she was a firecracker wasn't she wouldn't be described as an easy woman. Although dad said worse things about her mother. Grandma. Sally did was not a nice lady. Okay tell about when you

18:11 On your honeymoon what Grandpa Harry did business was business and we had to get back to fix on a telephone in Fargo North Dakota and we got that far and then there was the storm so we couldn't get all the way back to Bismarck deneve also did what was didn't he pick something out for you that you weren't that excited about all all our furniture was chosen by grandpa and grandma because they were big people and they needed substantial furniture and you don't know where to go since you're vertically challenged and it didn't really work out for you.

18:47 What is your earliest memory?

18:53 I don't really know except that time that I told you about that I fell in and broke my front teeth on how old were you when that happened? I had to be about 6 because I had just got my permanent teeth and I wasn't aware that they were gone. But when I came home my mother cried because she knew what I was going to go through who would you say was the most important person in your life my mother

19:21 Can you tell me a little bit about why she was always there for me? No matter what was she a pretty positive person as well. Yes. She was cuz she feel about the pity pot. I don't think she approved of anyone being on the pity pot. Are there any words of wisdom you'd like to share with all your relatives you bet. I had a neighbor that lives next door to us when my children were growing up. She had 11 children and she had eight boys and service at one time and she always said if you worry why pray and if you pray why worry and that's been sort of a guideline for manttra your manttra

20:02 What are you proudest of in your life raising seven children, and they all went to college which is another Plus.

20:11 All of us graduated, that's right. That's pretty awesome. And when are you going to start importing in the last time cuz you grew up during the Depression and you couldn't go but you haven't had any excuse now for about the past decade-and-a-half how has your life been different than what you'd imagined? Well, my husband was an alcoholic which is a disease that's not easy to handle and during those times. I went to Al-Anon where I received a great deal of support and also learned about the Serenity Prayer, which is another manttra. Correct. Go ahead and he whip it out. He did recover all the you want me to God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference and that's the most important line in that prayer. Do you have any regrets? No?

21:08 My husband recovered and we had 20 years of retirement that were a lot of it spent in Palm Springs, California that were glorious. Yes, they were and we had got they have our grandchildren come one at a time so that we spent time with them not all of them. I have one that's still whining about it. What does your future hold? I hope to live each day and I'm grateful every day that I can put both feet on the floor. That's good. And did you enjoy school when you were? Yes, I do.

21:45 What kind of student were you I was good and I especially like math I went on and took some extra coarse and what did you graduate number? Were you in your class? My son says 13, but he's fibbing. I don't think anybody knows what number I was. I thought you were 13th in the class and your son Butch always said there was only 13 and the class. Okay, you already told us what you did for fun?

22:13 When did you first fall in love?

22:18 It's hard to know because of the nobody had cars in those days. So the Bismarck boys came and a group and how did they get across that River. Usually there was one kid that had a car but I thought that was before the bridge. I thought they scooted across the railroad bridge in the whole they walked across it just for fun. The the the car Bridge was built in about 1925 or 26. Oh, okay.

22:45 And can you so you don't remember how you met dad just as they all came to as a group and then we eventually just paired off of guess. Did you have anyone else serious before. Oh, I dated a couple boys and because of difference in time. I could date a boy in Mandan. No Invisalign Bismarck, and he had to go home and I could still have a date with a boy in Mandan while it's explaining. Why are some of the members of our family came from so you don't remember exactly how you met him know? How did you know he was the one I think everybody just knows and that I don't know that they know why What attracted you to him. He was fun. He always made you laugh and always anyway, he also was pretty good looking too and there's a picture of them that proves that that's up in Wood Nancy's today and we figure he was probably what

23:37 Probably 25 I would say we were guessing 27. He looks like he's about Brett age. We did spend some time during the war in Akron Ohio, which was not fun during wartime. If you have a child. Nobody wanted anything to do with you. They didn't want to rent to you and the place that we were living in had rats and I spent most of my time trying to find out how to get rid of them. And they said unless it was a public eating place. They couldn't help.

24:10 And who are your neighbors?

24:13 Wente some ladies of the night they were prostitutes.

24:17 And people would come to pick me up that we're friends of mine and they were quite stately people and they'd walk right by him as if they didn't even know they were there but went they really nice to you yesterday The Prostitute not the other snotty rich people. So that was some of the most difficult times and Dad worked at the airplane Goodyear aircraft and build build plans. Did you ever think of getting divorced many times? Did you ever think of murder? No because I didn't wind up in the pendant want to wind up in the penitentiary but you did is go take some stuff to that lady who did wind up in the hen who felt sorry for what advice do you have for young couples? I believe that they need commitment and which I don't see much of these days like when the going when it gets difficult, they need to work it out. Absolutely. Should they ever go running home to Mama? No way.

25:15 When did you first find out that you'd be a parent or I was delighted just absolutely delighted. And when Tony was born where you living here, then yes, we had the war was over and we were no that was before the war. We went cuz I had Tony one. We went to Akron but

25:36 When she was born, she weighed 9 lb and her father said she looks like Tony galento because she was all red and stretchy and that's where her name came from and Tony galento was a boxer and he was really ugly wasn't he was I'm still upset about that because my name was mugs after another ugly boxer and my other two sisters Pat and Kim do not have ugly boxer names nor do any of my brothers. So Tony and I must have been the ugliest of the glitter of 7.

26:10 Can you describe the moment when you first. Tony? Oh, it was wonderful. They brought her into me and I thought she was the most beautiful baby I've ever seen in my life. And what mistake did you make with Tony when she was asleep?

26:27 I don't remember didn't you used to wake her up or Heavens? I thought she had to be fed at a certain time that was in the days when you fed them hour-by-hour and I would hold ice cubes on her feet to keep her awake so I could see her.

26:44 And she did survive and you did learn down the road if the baby was asleep. Leave a baby alone Lee Wright.

26:53 How has being a parent changed you?

26:57 I think you find out that you don't say on any given day. My child would not do this, but never lie cuz you never know. What a child is going to do. That is true. Every single one of my children have been to the police department. Not really bad things. But Tony was managing the pool and that have been robbed so they had to become had to become come down and be interviewed with Tom. I'm trying to remember what do you want lots of times through stuff and whatever you also went to the principal several times and Thomas I did.

27:38 Impact why did Pat go to the police station she was with another girl and she was driving the other girls car. I forgot she did that and they came in and told me they had to tell me something intercourse my heart dropped to my stomach and I thought oh what terrible thing is going to be told well when they rear-ended this man's car the girl that who owned the car car insurance will not pay for this unless I'm driving so they change drivers and they had to go to court as a result of that for lying and not quite telling the truth or red and the judge was so nice to them and when Tom went to court he and his buddies have been throwing apples. The judge was so cross to those boys. He was just terrible just probably with Milestone Ender. Why did Butch have to go to the police station? He was with Billy Oliver and they were looking in Windows trying to see what what party Pat was at.

28:39 And then what about me you thought I was too when I ripped up those things but I didn't have to go to the police station know what's up. When the when the police matron came Tom thought she was coming to get him and instead they asked you what you've done. And you said I throw them away. I whipped him up first. What did Joey have to go for went down the street to meet his dad how when he got lost I'm still mad about that and he went the wrong way and in the police picked him up and they gave him ice cream cones and he had those dumb stupid boots on and it's not a noise and I thought boy he's going to get it. We're all looking for him. And then instead you were so delighted that they found them never could wear to get that out. And what about Kim?

29:27 Kim and another friend went for they were supposed to just go to a park and they were went to a park that was down south of Bismarck. So where everybody was looking for and we even had the police looking for rent at the river and I think someone drowned that day but not either one of them.

29:49 What are your dreams for your children? I hope they all will be happy. That's the most important thing and I don't care whether they have $1000000. I just hope that they're always well taken care of. But with the happy comes, I mean no one's happy all the time. You hope that they handle their which I suppose we've all learned from your model that somebody else has it. Where is everybody else is Richard. Somebody else's skinnier. Just suck it up. What did you think you were going to be when you grow up? I wanted to be a nurse but because I graduated from high school and I was 16 my parents would not lie. And you had to be eighteen to be going to nursing. I don't think I would have made it because as my children would get sick with flu or whatever. I would hold a basin for them and I had a basin for myself. So I never would have made it as a nurse. Will you are pretty tough. When do it cuz Joey kept when he stuck his finger in the bike.

30:49 Or when you used to take him for the vaccinations tell about that old. He was the biggest one of the boys and he could not take the shot for polio and he couldn't even swallow the sugar sugar cube.

31:07 So you would walk him in?

31:09 The door of the gym at wellmore and he walk out the back door and throw up and then you take them around to do it again. Well in the time he had the toothpick stuck in his foot and he pulled it out but it didn't come all the way out. So whenever I come home and find roaster out he was soaking as foot in it and I was at that time. I was working for an orthopedic surgeon and he said will bring them in I'll get that out. And so he put Diane and the dye made to put toothpick turn purple. And so that's in his scrapbook sign. See I told you so I told his foot hurt.

31:51 If you could do anything now, what would you do travel a lot where I would give that chance to go to England several years ago and I loved every minute of that. I learned to go down into the subway. I learned to go to the theater which so you don't say plays over there you say theater and what do you call when a player breaks mother?

32:15 I don't understand what you mean like in between the acts. What do you call that mother?

32:23 You want me to save that? It's halftime. No, it's called intermission. But you can tell that you spent more of your time at games basketball baseball football coach. I love obviously, but when I try to get you to come to that one place, you said you talk to somebody at halftime.

32:42 So what other travels have you really enjoyed the time that we spent in California is I told you we were out there 20 years that we went every winter time. And what was your favorite part about that just being out where it's nice and warm and you had we had lots of friends when you had a lot of did a lot of entertaining. Yes, we did.

33:11 Now let's talk about what about Alaska? Did you enjoy Alaska? Yes, ma'am. I did we went on a cruise last year.

33:23 And courtesy of your husband's mother who it was her desire to go and I got to go along and room with my granddaughter Courtney charts and I went to sleep instead of doing the right thing when the whales were there, but I needed a nap desperately while you've been up since 4 waiting to see the glaciers was hilarious. Okay. Do you have any regrets know? How about having 7 kids know? I love kids. I would have loved to have had more. What did your sister say? They thought I was crazy. Okay, cuz they each had two and then Dad was not that easy to live with and you kept having more of us. I'm really glad you did of course cuz I'm number five.

34:18 Do you think about dying? I'm not afraid of it. I think that you just have to be ready to go. How about the nursing home? I do not want to go to the nursing home. Why would why would that be would you say I guess because my mother was there for 15 years 17 and it was not easy and your rent every day and I never knew what I was going to find her there or not because she had money in her purse and she would not allow us to sell her home in Mandan so she could have taken a cab and gone home.

34:54 What have you learned from life?

34:57 That it's not always a

35:01 Bouquet of roses. It's got some stickers in it.

35:05 And you just have to go ahead what is helped you cope.

35:10 My faith

35:13 I've been very fortunate to have faith in God and Al-Anon as he mentioned in what else has been a huge thing for you. I had colon cancer and I went to a support group during that time and I'm now free whenever you're Denver free of it, but you at your I guess you would call it Tom Survivor. Absolutely and you also are diagnosed with diabetes. Do they have a diabetes support group? Yes, I do. Have you been going to Nassau? I have seriously, but what else I think you're forgetting another huge thing that help to keep your sanity. They met on Monday mornings.

35:56 Breakfast Club talk a little bit about them a group of eight ladies and I never really did invite me, but they've been they live in the neighborhood and they started going out for cooking their breakfast out in the park and taking their children and I was invited to come when somebody was gone and then someone else invited me to come the next time. So I finally figured out it was my turn to get the group together and they would do anything for you and they did and they helped with all of our wedding. Absolutely and when I went back to work when my husband was having a lot of difficulty with alcohol that's tactful they had a

36:42 Brunch for me and gave me a bunch of Frozen Foods so that I had enough to feed my family for a month while I also I think you were just there for each other always aren't you because as soon as you said they had their own roses in their own Thorns, but you helped each other get through absolutely. So it's been tough cuz you've lost all of them except Allen and we still that's who I'm having lunch with today. And the saddest thing is that the youngest of your group was the first one you lost Jess and she had diabetus and it was severe brittle that just went through her whole body, but she was supposed to take care of all of you and Beth was also a very special friend of yours. Yes Beth and Clarion Inn Clarion was practically mr. Music of Bismarck. He came here from Luther College when he graduated from high school from college, and he said he never

37:42 Thought about leaving because it was he was so lucky to have a job and the music department at Bismarck High School true. And another thing I forgot think we forgot to mention you talk to the TV guy the other day, but I think you didn't mention it that your grandfather had the first grocery store and the first frame building in Mandan, North Dakota. Do you have a guesstimate on the year for that? No, it was right after.

38:09 The battle because my grandfather was in the infirmary and could not go with the troops. I thought he was honorably discharged at that point. Well, there's a discrepancy there. We thought it was that he was his time was up. But another story at the Historical Society what side he said that he was in the infirmary, which is why he did not go. What is Uncle Gil determined or did he not research that? You know, we did he went with the fact that he was discharged that his time was up.

38:44 So have you felt fortunate living a lot of your life in this region and raising all you'd have been here solutely why it's such a good place to bring up a family. It's getting a little bit more difficult. Now as I see my grandchildren, but when my children why what it what's different do you think well when my children were growing up I knew the parents of all of them and so I could call and say how come we're like one time. I was in high school you taste them in your nightgown and that was funny was in grade school. If you didn't make his bed he had to come home or did he make his bed after that young? I didn't have to go all the way when you saw it may come it if he came home you maybe should have picked out a different bathrobe, but what I probably was in the night, but that's worked at the high school and I called her one day and she said how come you're sending time to the dentist? And I said, I did not send time to the dentist.

39:44 That's what they finally no one in our family as a little birdie told me it was correct. Thank you very much. I learned a couple new things today. Like I did never know that you were going to be a nurse. Thank you. I've thoroughly enjoyed this interview. Thank you for being my daughter. You're welcome.