Placida Farinas Morales and Orlando Morales

Recorded September 23, 2005 Archived September 23, 2005 00:00 minutes
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Grandson interviews Grandmother about life in Philippines, emigrating to US, Japanese occupation of Phillipines during WWII

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  • Placida Farinas Morales
  • Orlando Morales

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00:04 Hi, my name is Orlando Morales. I'm 21 years old today is September 23rd 2005 and we are in Seattle Washington at Seattle Center. And I'm with my grandmother and my auntie LG. My name is LG camelon and 45 years old. Today is September 23rd 2004 and where in Seattle and I'm here with my mother and my nephew.

00:34 My name is Plaza de Morales age eight eight eight date of birth is October 9th, 1917 location in Seattle relationship with the mother grandmother and mother and Nico's over there in the corner.

00:53 Okay, Grandma so I can you tell me where you were born into night.

01:00 In tonight. Where is that stupid Ilocos Sur Philippines K. What? What's is it like?

01:15 What's the weather going to be in control of all the things you weren't born inside the city? It was in the house. Not in the hospital. What was your house? Like? Oh my how it is made of wood and everything that's going crazy or whatever Filipino home. So how did you guys live out out there? Like you have everything with chickens and we didn't buy anything we had enough for of life.

02:02 And and

02:11 This is weird Okay. So what is one of your earliest memories than sulfide? Oh my God, the mother always call me tell stories and about the future of the world. Is it dance and my sister? Is it come here and leave my listen and listen to me play the song girls have a car rides that are pulled by a car and you'll have it closed out of the sky and I didn't believe that so I said, what is that Grandpa going to see I was thinking that my grandpa and I was told I was surprised the way it does the stories. So now we have all those things.

03:05 Cars and airplanes. Is it not right? How do you think he knew?

03:17 I just so

03:19 Maybe look at I don't see any paperwork because I was a kid.

03:23 But when my dog was there looking for a job?

03:28 She was telling me and giving me food or before he left the house. He asked my mom. What kind of food do you have a child? So, okay, I will get something soon brought home some big shrimps fish and some other kind of it, but we don't buy any chicken or whatever. We do have our own eggs with chickens. My mom used to raise a big and when the biggest about this leather seat cover sets as loud as you cook all of it and then put it in a jar the whole time that you have fridge.

04:20 So so Grandpa, can you tell me a little bit more about your dad? Can you tell me a little bit more about your parents your mom and dad? Yeah, what do you mean by that, But what's your name and Grandpa left side? Let us store Grandpa when he came abroad if you came here to why did he leave a leave-in? Why did he leave?

05:02 Because what a McGriddle to look for a better future of his life in Isleton, California, and then just for me he did was planting and every kind of farmers. So that's how it is. I was there.

05:51 We did not know him anymore. I didn't know so I did not see him since 1923 until 61 years old. So there was nothing in there. He came home. My brother called me. You told me my dad is coming on the airport after December 24th. He went there and La I'm in California. Just watching TV. It came home on the 25th, and he had no nuggets anymore.

06:39 Tell me my son-in-law went to buy clothes for him because he has nothing to wear again. I didn't know who it was. I don't know how could how it looks like and then I have seen a man in wheelchair who my dad what happened to my dad is here and then we know why did you get the picture to you? So you would know you would know how he looks. I did not think of that when he came out from the airport. Where is farina's put placards in the world looking for a parent has I am here so

07:39 Is 1961 that's it without your dad my arms that have do ants put their names your grandfather in there. So I was so taken care of from the lovely Grandpa grandfather and my aunts. My mom did not have a hard time to take care of me because he did everything. My mom is just this does the sewing clothes for everybody likes and fans and my dad was

08:39 Just before he came here.

08:42 Illness, he was just buying Silver Nugget fibers and tobacco. They look bloody men to when I was in school. He always gave us $15 a month. That's a good life for us and other for a $15 for me another picture to my brother and another money for my mom. They didn't have any problem in our life in the Philippines River, okay.

09:29 When my children

09:32 Threatened because we sent them to school. They have desks to nurses that the file petition for your grandpa.

09:45 I'm so if you came here to file petition for my children to my left are like the

09:53 Mystery when was the scissors in the 1960s?

09:59 What is a 70s 1970s 1970s and when he came he didn't even know his grandchildren until they were introduced to him. They were crying and my uncle said my God gets all of this lady is looks like my sister so he could I do if your ankle in Wapato and we talked about your your childhood someone. Can I ask you about like your school? Did you like when you were a kid before you for your first 5 years old?

10:59 School near our house and because I could not walk then my father cash me to school when I was 7 years old. I went to another school info goes we went for I was there till 8 and then after that fourth grade, I went to see night to take my intermediate classes. So I graduated 1933 finish my studies here, but I was stuck because I had the wrong boyfriend.

11:42 My boyfriend Irene or around and hiding things like hide and seek and then but they called me and then brought me to their house when I wasn't their house. I was crying and the mother came from the Barrio and saw me crying. What did you do? Because he's going to the United States. I don't want him to be there. Yeah. I told him I will guess always right you and I will be there no way and then luckily we had a gas go-kart we have now we have been to that we have for dinner says one of them at 3 when a boy named Chloe and on the other side the information to leave. So now it's funny that the children to I have grandchildren are now

12:42 Cooking us over to support everyone is so thing as they're so nice. So I was so glad that I was here. But now I'm 88. I wish I could go home again. But this tree this Ronnie and Emerson says don't go home. Okay for you to get married. I will go home. Okay, how old were they when they get married? I told this to Emerson to get mad at 2. Then I have no time. It matter who I have to go home no Grandma we get married by the way, we don't want you to go home. So it's okay.

13:39 If you don't want me to go home, I'll wait for this other kids will get mad and we will get married this Ruby and Merlin and Amy will be next. Don't worry about Lando. And I know that my mom first who is who in this Bieber laying in my bed, then I told Amy get married Amy is your turn to wait till all of us get mad my bi waste.

14:39 How long did he live Grandpa coffee?

14:50 Yeah, he he is he was a little too and then your kids are so good to them when he was in the nursing home. You always do and visit him and he's done that gel photo Remo drum, but has a girlfriend.

15:09 Got them some ice on your face. This is my bed asleep here in the bed. But your dad was so mad. When I say this every time we went to the subway in places like we went to Germany. We went to Switzerland to New Orleans. So many things they're good.

16:08 So I'm lucky and I wish your kids will have to go there too. And that's why I beg an OtterBox from every place and wrote in my letter. I wish this box will not be scattered olelo. So you really know and you will remember where your Grandma will be will have been through and I wish I was doing that is about nickel some stories that you used to tell about us going to tell us growing up. I was wondering if you could tell about the church the black the Apple. Sent was taken from the sea because the fishermen from the dollar Keaton and his little buddy.

17:08 What did they take from the sea the Box big box and they didn't know about the back so they got it out the door and open the box and then they so Milagros Miracle miraculous Christ and blessed mother. You okay Blessed Mother and two angels and other Garrison big deal. I try to get this blessed Mary they couldn't get it because it's heavy then this from the next hour north of our town to try to get this other miroculus so they could not get it. They have to carry it somewhere.

18:08 So this tonight people tried to get this miraculous surprised. It wasn't like in the middle on but the Blessed Mother and the little Jesus with the girls until now. Miraculous Medal one time when I was going to say isn't inside the tears and somebody says my mom says they saw him with they made him working on them. And then everybody believe that because she wasn't

19:07 Everybody and believe that the religious miraculous sent there are so many coming for devotions and they always say that what they are. And as for me when I was in school before I was I have my tests are used to go to the same. Prey telling me all the questions to answer. I think God story of it is from Japan.

19:48 Japan yeah, and then because there was a brother. 3 that this Japanese people so and they cannot read the crucifix from the tree that is where they have the same thing. But I think this Japanese and until they went there and get their Nets to get his big is Wesley Lee and miraculous sale.

20:40 And there are so many many people from Manila from Cagayan and from other parts of the Philippines visayas to believe that so that's it. Have you ever experienced any miracles?

20:59 Have you ever experienced any Miracles yourself? And I hope it's like a every scrap of paper. But this is when in 94 when you had this is when you were diagnosed with cancer, so I didn't know I did not believe those I throw the stairs last 1999.

21:43 29 * 29

21:48 Thursday night. I mean a question 95 94-95 said it wasn't as a cyst it is it take off, but when I went to another secondary I II

22:09 Second time for the doctor they found out that I have I have

22:16 CSR mean Cancer with lymphoma. And then that was our 61st Anniversary Inn memories. Are you going to ask the doctor? How many more months do I live? And then the doctor last Sunday Lowe's we just died because it was Rumi and then you can tell just husband again the next three months only three years three years was 1990. And yeah, I think so.

23:13 I found that the know how many more months why do you ask that? Because those are my experience I miscarry I'm not too scared to die though. But by then that's how we had this I had that I had three times to leave for my mini cameras. That's what my doctor says and then after my 3K Morse me again another time so you don't have that anymore.

23:52 So the Spider-Man I had my third cable. I was praying beside my bed because I don't know how to read. Sorry. I cannot make it. There were three boxes beside me useless to one is what happened. When is the third the third one is someone send that to didn't have lied, but the third one has a big lighter near Round something. You saw no, I didn't say anything, but I have something that I pick up from the store. What is it is a crucifix. He showed me that the crucifix and then after all after weeks are you phone because I was a little bit better. I went out to give the birdies phone.

24:41 I saw a crucifix in front of the door again. Then I asked her if that is her know does not mine, but my God, somebody come to drop this crucifix in front of my door and in the morning.

24:57 Lost scared again, but I was hot baby was I think it was a miracle that came to me. I give it until now.

25:11 Then when I was in a 1997.

25:17 IOS old lady. Okay. I promise to The Miraculous Medal. I will go to pray for from my niece from the door of the church until the altar of the 10. I did it and when I decide my bed, so I got this under boxes. They so how did it happen. Die out here. That's another miracle that I know. What is the time zone to me was relief.

25:59 And then now

26:01 But I did not tell my daughter. It's it's only LG. Knows because my other daughter seems to me that maybe they're professional about this taste. You said when I was okay, we used to go to a meeting again because I'm a member of the Couples for Christ.

26:33 They always tell me that I am America whenever I pass get in the door.

26:44 I want to ask you about another scary time in your life and it's probably the World War. I was wondering if this is scary in the Philippines the first time I heard that there was a war because there was no soldiers no good at all and they just came up there like 3 and then scared the Japanese were the Japanese Americans coming the Japanese came. So because your uncle I am on my way brother was a soldier in God even kept the country.

27:44 Because everywhere I went all the time because I've been thinking that it's just vanilla.

27:52 Where do you say Japanese could get in but all of that middle boats eggs for my kids because edit a new floor was there.

28:10 Listen to only child. I have a couple extra pegs and I was nothing left in the running to the east because I don't know where to go. But I don't know where to go. I don't have any way there. No, we will find a way everybody run today is the people and your auntie or ring what even lost?

28:45 Because the father was the only one who was taking care of her and that she followed all the people coming to the river. There was a man who said there was a cook I did was a kid to watch lowest and looking for a father who was that thing that is my due to I was trying to do this old man is crying. He went out and got Angela and is the first in the north. So she went there to pick her up and then when jumping this goes around the earth so scary.

29:38 They call me things and then ask if you don't cannot tell the poorest kind of water to your mouth and then step on your stomach while my God is so hard to do that to you or did they do that to who did they do that to your blood? And your daddy did not send that to you because you know, you're like fixing things they don't touch him.

30:20 Cycl3 game and I was like, but there were so many people for the kerosene can fill up water and then pulled out and spent on the spit on that. I am God and there was a time that the Japanese came to our place in notification place and I was pregnant with one of them was there texting like any other thing and the other people in our place and pounding rice that's showing that if you're doing something when I was pregnant and then it came up the stairs and then is that your wife.

31:21 And there was a very scary thing that they found this other ladies that they were expected to be with the soldiers and they hung the lady put it up put the fit up and put something between between the legs of my God. Lady became crazy until now. Maybe they used to cool to pick up chicken and then Grandpa was founder doing something on the field dick pick him up to let him carry this foods that they get because they forget they just get it in a sack and then your grandpa went there to a certain barrier over they want to go

32:19 He's carrying their food in Japanese tried to kill here to poke him with the bionet. There was a Chinese and Japanese that I've been giving me things to sell in our house and that was a settlement coming to our house every week to give us candies and everything. So you lived in your town, but then when the Japanese came, he became a soldier not yet.

33:08 Hey baby stores in there, but we didn't know that their captains and Majors, but the captain's so bored that time to go anywhere because they can throw everywhere. It's so hard. This was scary. They just I don't know if they're even slip on the field.

33:46 Death roll over there and they sleep on the field without anything very high mountains sleeping there and your uncle was born in USA. He was so sick and my aunt says we may Bury Bury him here or submit that in the mountain.

34:22 Crazy, sometimes let your dad and my mom had been sick since my brother was a soldier said being six six years has Beto, right? Yeah, that's what happened. He had they went through the coppice camping job Soldier. They are all girl. Concentration camp in Corpus and he was really sick with dysentery. That's how he was there. I'm glad that it was not he wasn't it.

35:16 But the law doesn't understand that we heard from him was my God. I wish my mom. I wish I could just bring the water for my mom was as surprised that they could not do anything when they are thirsty and assessor. That's how they live. And that's so Grandpa Tito. Did he did he go to button know who that is the place where they were already taking the compass. That was the last time.

36:12 Limited 1945 what is over or no?

36:18 They before the end of the war.

36:22 Who are we we are all in the various mountains. They told people again to go to the town $2 houses. If you don't go there they burn their house tonight is the only house our house was left behind the church in my base behind a jar. That's why I spend so this other people have gone.

36:52 Are there places build their own house again? What dreams do you have for for your children and your grandchildren?

37:11 What do you mean? I'm not the weather like in my children my grandchildren because some of them are professionals my grandchildren are professionals and they're heading giving us their support to

37:39 Everything up that they called. Just giving us even the youngest could hurt after a certain thing that they could.

37:50 I am so glad that all of my grandchildren are respectful.

37:58 Yeah, they never never answer me rough. They never say things against me. Always whenever I said, and that's how they call me. Just one grandma always use their help. Especially Nico and he has to follow you need to find that thing that nickel did and then took the chair. That's what I said because it's both ours for his grandpa people in the place.

38:58 Do you have any last words of wisdom or anyting less than anything? I wish I might be able to hear my advice that use respect their parents. They would be the boys on the boat that guess they were they should be a work man on fire on life. They would be kind to everyone.

39:42 Break the Lourdes spec the youngest and everybody whatever people they met. That's what my race and I wish them to pray for everybody.

39:59 Are better life, good morning, because looking at the present at president now.

40:24 The Punjab