Trudy Henry and Jan Scoggins

Recorded August 12, 2006 Archived August 12, 2006 45:31 minutes
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Jan interviews her mother Trudy about the dust bowl, her family and the time that Bonnie & Clyde stopped at their house.

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- Trudy tells Jan that Bonnie & Clyde stopped by their house when she was little and they didn’t know who it was. They lucked out because they left.
Trudy’s family was poor - they had to mortgage the house because they owed $500 at the grocery store. Her mom used to sew clothes out of old bags and jacket liners.
Trudy mentions being a member of the first Mickey Mouse club and sings a verse of the song.
Trudy was punched by a war victim that she was treating as a nurse.
Trudy talks about what the dust bowl was like.


  • Trudy Henry
  • Jan Scoggins