Thomas J. McMahon and Deirdre McMahon Boone

Recorded April 6, 2007 Archived April 6, 2007 42:22 minutes
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Thomas tells daughter about meeting her mother and about how he came to Chicago from Ireland.

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  • Thomas J. McMahon
  • Deirdre McMahon Boone

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00:05 Okay, this is Deirdre McMahon Boone. My age is 31 today is April 6th 2007 and we're in Kalamazoo Michigan and I'm interviewing my father.

00:19 Kyle McMahon

00:20 Golden 86 today is what date?

00:26 Location

00:29 Kalamazoo Michigan father. Thanks Dad. I wanted to start out by asking if you could tell me a little bit about.

00:44 Where you grow up and and and and about your family and your siblings your mom and dad and your siblings. Can you tell me a little bit about them Father? So is my father had five brothers and one sister?

01:14 We gave the Sister Act that she wasn't the youngest but she was closed and I was always one of them. So can you go through in list all of the brothers?

01:30 Sister is always one of the park parole. And can you name them? All for me? I was next Tom Ignatius, Mary and Kevin.

01:48 On the 7th and I was always one of the photos. I want of the Fargo Force that mean that you hung out with the four oldest and the for you

02:13 What events?

02:15 And my father always kept are you still could change as a grown but you didn't.

02:36 Anyway, he always kept sons and he always

02:42 How to special for sale for mens

02:48 So weird season of Jamaican sweet

02:57 Abraham known as a blank

03:01 I don't know if you want to go and we are through the roof across and we always told his room because you are nice cell phone.

03:14 Revolvers that was better to sit on the other rough ropes Fabric in Western era.

03:29 And

03:31 You can find a rope.

03:44 Soul is wrong.

03:46 And

03:48 And stay out of it and I had the same. Hope I get it. I figured you'd be safer in Knoxville. And when are you going to hold you? Give my brother. When I say to Ben didn't expect.

04:14 Best friend you could always run faster than my father.

04:22 And just as the man was entitled to me.

04:27 Was this all results were.

04:32 Justice is

04:36 I've been feeling so sexy, that it was busy.

04:41 So sudden showed up on the scene as it's about the tree. How did you like the tapioca?

04:49 Avenza, the punishment stretches across the back side.

04:55 Vision was one of the neighbors and he said

05:05 He he he he.

05:09 My father doesn't think you realize that you had a dirty mind like that. You would give you a job.

05:29 Why did you call it? Tapioca? Did you and your brothers call it that and Joseph Reese Reading, Pennsylvania?

05:50 I think we are the only ones that so much I feel.

05:57 When Mickey at her and said that he probably did.

05:59 Even know what that meant.

06:04 Why would your mom?

06:06 How to make tapioca for years and she's 15 years for some family in New York and so impatient about it.

06:24 Is it good cook she went to school. She had a degree in Coke. Did you go to school in New York?

06:36 Yeah, you got to make money to support the family. So were you what kind of a student were you when you were in school? Is it going to rain Friday?

06:51 Retrograde for Scorpio

06:58 Audrey and I still remember some of the Palms Elementary School.

07:08 Some subjects that was a joke on it.

07:11 Trevor Reilly wizard of witch trailer

07:15 I haven't been to a different school later and I was missing some of the subject the teacher.

07:24 The teacher didn't know that you hadn't covered that last conference was he one of the good teachers?

07:40 And you never told him that you hadn't studied that before how old were you at that time?

07:59 Some of the things that was one of the most important about the babysitter in the potatoes when students are going shopping in the eyes so dilated babysitting four of us or all of us is far too little to notice for of us.

08:36 One of the neighbors came to the rescue and Steve.

08:41 So what did your parents do when they came home after that?

08:47 Enjoyed it is swollen.

08:55 Lindsay is watching you on.

08:59 Everything is where what are you figure out? How old were you when you left home?

09:10 I was about 21 with your father still alive at that time. When did he died six months before I left home. Remember how he died?

09:31 And was he sick for a long time?

09:43 Does off the door on Mainland 10 + 758

09:55 Sorry put a hole in the back of the drawer is a whole lemon essential that and change to the Bulls.

10:10 Is the bullseye is full of bulls just enough to open the door.

10:16 That's cool stuff in the back.

10:21 The back of the door

10:23 Stream trailer

10:26 Or just so they can figure out how I'm getting you out anymore.

10:41 When did you start that? When did you first drill the hole in the door? And so why did you leave home?

10:51 I work who else lived at home at that time.

10:57 What do you were brothers?

11:00 Ignatius Mary and Kevin and your mother

11:05 And you were the oldest left there and where were the other three?

11:11 It would see whether or not it was as well cuz it was Andy.

11:17 Yeah, real smooth and Jarvis Johnson.

11:22 So you left at 21 and went to England that right to London Bob language?

11:36 It to what the bomb damage? So did you go and work where John was living and he was doing carpentry 290 and what Shakespeare is, but I learn fast. Did you learn from him or from other people and you wouldn't work for a different one or with him?

12:06 Our company and what kind of work you said bomb damage? So what kind of jobs would you do?

12:18 All kinds of traffic if you are 21, it was 1942 or 1943 43 and it's that's during the war and

12:31 Who Tommy was telling me that you worked doing some work with a factory where they had the the sun lights in the roof of the factory or Nordstrom Authority I work Sunday

12:49 I'm driving. Deborah. Tell her I didn't want the light shines for the Rope because that would give the gym playing all the information. They need to put black and silver guy dies in those and then who else did you did you meet other people working? There? Were there other were some of the laborers people involved in the war?

13:27 As far as I know we're all involved.

13:30 I thought point you.

13:33 And did you where is Coventry in relation to England in London? Is that is that close to London? Later?

13:48 That wasn't the person I haven't seen England from home and I

13:59 After 6 months I quit. When baked.

14:03 I'm in for a vacation and I went to instead of going back to that job. I went to.

14:10 Or Jack was okay. I want to work for them.

14:16 And what was it like during the during the war working on that stuff?

14:22 What was it like working during the war while the war was going on and during the the bombings and everything Sorrento for rough?

14:37 Vanity. Yeah, where did you live when you worked there?

14:41 I will fly live dinner for nose.

14:46 And did they get for each person that lived in the boarding house? Did they get a rash in a food for that person play precious metal is a train.

15:02 Ways to cook salmon

15:05 And we we had such as he's put that and trade them you buy food from them so they could buy some drink before he were hungrier than you were thirsty.

15:21 Convention hall

15:25 And so you went there 1943 and you came and then you came to Chicago or you went to Chicago and 51. What what prompted you to leave after that amount of time? Why did you leave?

15:42 I don't know.

15:44 Kevin was out here and here right back to America and I figured I could leave.

15:56 I'm 4 weeks wages go back. If you didn't like it. You could always go back to Tim and Jon still live in England at the time Tim and John your brother's very much when you were there about you went to the wedding and now and then on the way home. Somebody made you a lunch.

16:40 It is a sandwich for me because I went to I was working on it at the time and I really need are sitting in the tree. So she made it say when she made it.

16:56 Don't call Susan piece of bread when I was hungry. So I got photos pics and put things in it and then put one for the team and the corner pieces in head on.

17:21 Alexa play Same version in mandatory and she was in the

17:31 And then work on time. Me and because of the wall as long as fiction electrical and she had to be there.

17:56 So she was very bad and she's so much.

18:04 I thought you couldn't wait a week.

18:09 Customs of the photos of those Middleburg much electrical, so the only time Saturday looking forward to a package. She's always shows are composed and she was very embarrassed for sale.

18:27 I would love this morning or I can move.

18:32 That wasn't very nice. So you came to Chicago in 1951. And did you live to do where did you live when you came here? And they've been married for Long by then?

18:55 They had Eileen know the Geraldine is John's.

19:06 And I need it today. If I wasn't going to come home every was screaming and I was asleep at the last time you babysat, right?

19:28 So what jobs did you do? What did you start doing when you came here?

19:35 Sensors on construction with Kevin Dillon homes one night. I was given to me.

19:44 And look

19:49 I have collected all the all the way union dues rules.

19:58 Entrapass so much for reading so much everyone connected a whole bunch of money and he came into her we were having a drink.

20:09 After the meeting remember the name of the bar that is home. I was the only one not driving all the others are at home with him. All this money is a refrigerator home again. Wow, did he suspect one of the Union guys or did he just think in general? He didn't want to have that much money the money you want pictures.

20:48 The business of Keeping the Faith Evans

21:04 Yeah, so there is so yes, so I rode home with him I need.

21:11 Quiz me on the way about the job. Send me to work for husband.

21:20 Thor drawing

21:22 Open stations on the pipeline from the Mexican go to the Canadian border. How long have you been here at that time? I had been in Chicago Bulls newborn. I don't think this all the time. So he asked you if you were interested in that.

22:02 Where did you go? Where did they send you to Oklahoma, Kansas City?

22:18 Minneapolis Minnesota, how long was the span of that? How long was the span of that work? And how long how much time would you spend in each town?

22:34 High School back every 6 weeks

22:38 And then I went back it for some men when baking with Wyndham business together having tonight. So that was about a year after you came.

22:50 Ultra almost dry

22:54 Let me hear ya. Sounds like a year.

22:58 And did you meet any interesting characters on that pipeline work?

23:07 I don't know a lot of irony where they mostly people were they mostly people like you or were they in the red as I talk to you in a minute. I think New York was at the time and when you came from England you were in the union. Did you have to transfer your membership?

23:42 I was looking at was one of the only ones that got transferred from the first word expensive Society of Woodworkers Brotherhood of Carpenters, and I

24:12 Kevin Lucey I transferred and told him I'd have to meet with the

24:29 Representative of the American and sign up

24:34 Open phone to the new phone and was suddenly I have letters in it it open as I was sending and bring the little Chicago.

24:54 And then was that enough to have a brother walking in and check smart. So you came back to Chicago and you started the business together. And then this is that was about 1952 and then

25:21 You did that for a couple years and then when did how did you meet Mom?

25:25 Unlimited I love instead of the house and there's a

25:32 Niece gets married

25:35 And because I was staying in the house, I was invited and because Mom worked for Peter Shannon, I think they're one of the sisters of Mary mother was invited. She worked for Peter Cetera.

25:54 And I was invited because of what

25:57 It said that was at the boardinghouse. How did you meet her to somebody introduced you to her?

26:16 I meant 10 people attend the vintages.

26:23 And so you met that night and you talked and and then when did you you ask her out that that very night the 11th because I didn't make a note for the phone number and you just remembered it and didn't write it down. And where did you take her?

27:02 Pittsburgh

27:06 I always about it only going together for

27:13 Pooping once we got

27:16 Everybody within a year. What was the first the big party the big ball that you took her to and you introduced?

27:25 Since atoms shoes

27:32 I was pretty sure and adorable the accountant at the office she worked in.

27:41 Can you send your books and he sells was sick to his stomach?

27:48 Who teaches 1247?

27:59 So into the looking over to me today or Richard Daley.

28:13 And you introduce mom to both of them.

28:19 And so you got married in November and right after you got married, did you get an apartment?

28:29 How did that work or did you go away right away?

28:32 Rooms for rent

28:35 Romantic poetry for her honeymoon for a couple months and then came back and stayed at Kevin and Jones while they went to Ireland and watch their kids here and then and then you got an apartment. Where was the apartment?

29:05 So Somewhere Over East Africa.

29:14 I was visiting her home and when Freddie Freeman and then the house wasn't ready. So you moved in with creely's after the lease was up. How long were you there was big enough?

29:39 How many kids did the moon form?

29:43 I just hope our hurricane. Sorry I could tell them all night and she knew party catch the both know him.

29:57 Smitty's General after dinner one evening

30:06 I'm so tired of this story. She was in hooking a Jell-O mold.

30:12 Is it to the guy who she was laughing so hard?

30:18 We both had a good laugh over. Can you tell me about hurricane story?

30:25 Are you guys trying to lose you know, but I don't know if this one is.

30:36 Neighbors is Denver

30:40 Then wave has beef out of it and the father of the old man.

30:46 What was dead in the old man that stole the air one except for the fire? He fell into the fire going to Portland Oregon went to the lake today.

31:02 This is your nose a little said if I was that it's an advisor to let it go off to get them to do what to put another Scuttle of turf and Let It Go.

31:22 Well, man, I can see why they were they lost their Jello over that one. So did you have leis at that time when you lived with quillies? Where is oozing? There's one I forgot her name. That's crazy.

31:46 We

31:48 Was the house ready by the time Sheila was born?

31:52 Unpause the house ready by the time Sheila was born had you moved in yet.

32:00 She knows or know the horse.

32:06 Caprese and she's over.

32:27 Is there any way to lower the dead 52 what the two women?

32:41 Good night.

32:45 Norwalk Iowa is in what what was going on?

32:53 I'm sitting in the front first of all to the driving range. It's a ball.

33:07 Intersection trailer and Latin roots of Kevin Frazier's box

33:24 Champagne

33:30 You like being a father?

33:33 Are you better at that than you were babysitting for?

33:41 I think it was better than that.

33:46 I think so, too. I said I think so, too.

33:50 So do you

33:53 What about being a grandfather? Is that different?

33:56 Set different than being a father.

33:59 Difference in the way

34:02 See everything when you are getting away with so much it's hard.

34:23 Do you have any words of wisdom that you would want to share with your grandkids and your kids about life and what's important?

34:32 I don't know of anything else, but I think it would later. Okay, what would you say you're proud of stuff?

34:41 I'm trouble not my family.

34:48 Elizabeth the II of the two of the most intelligent students

34:55 Banking

34:57 This should have Isaac, This is the most intelligent.

35:11 But they all but they did they did. Well it just took.

35:20 Especially Sheila

35:23 Elizabeth Sheila

35:30 Mora

35:32 I need a me the baby.

35:40 Do would you say you had any regrets? Is there anything that you regret in Life or anything? You wished you'd done that you haven't done the saddest words of tongue and Pen. Yeah, okay.

36:07 When will I feel after that fence would have been a hell of a lot? I didn't know that was part of that verse when until I saw that when you gave me that to type up and it looked for it online and I saw the the second part that it could have been a lot worse than I thought that was funny.

36:35 This is good old Boston.

36:40 Homes being in the closet

36:42 Where

36:44 Yeah, but speak only to the Lord and the Lord speak only to God you learned in school.

36:54 I learned them sore after school.

37:01 Wells Elementary School

37:04 Lady of the Lake in the desert the truck we don't have enough time for that.

37:14 Drugs get into

37:18 Okay.

37:21 So, can you tell me a little bit about Mom and why you thought she was so great when you met her.

37:29 You look great. Very intelligent. Yeah, yeah.

37:45 I've seen those good fifty years and going strong 50 years and going strong.

37:54 How many Lenovo?

38:00 The eagle through a lot in 50 years.

38:03 FCS

38:06 And what is what what advice would you give me about raising kids or give any of us about raising kids?

38:22 Oh and on the secret a different approach know I tried both approaches. That was for I just said I don't know it and it looks or some of you or what? I don't know.

38:43 I know I let you touch that.

38:48 I don't know which was really was right which way

38:52 Which is the best way and said my own this was?

39:03 Sitting up straight in the home phone number.

39:11 Some kisses on the

39:14 I figured Lenny's.

39:18 I don't want you to do it. But okay.

39:29 Actually, this is a question for you. Okay. I just wanted to see if you could share in the last minute that we have your one of your most memorable, you know my memories of of your father sure that share a memory of you and one of my most memorable.

39:53 One of my favorites. I think I have a couple but one of them was when I was in kindergarten, do you remember when I went to kindergarten and Sister Evelyn she wanted me to walk to school by myself remember and we live right next to the school, but I was afraid because I was afraid of her. I think she was mean I used to get walked to school by you or by Peggy or Eileen and she yelled at me everyday. And so I remember one day you decided that you would walk me to school up until the corner. Remember this for the gym was and I could see you all the way you stood right there until I got to the door of the school and I could wave to you and run in and that was your solution. So you walked me to school so I felt safe, but she didn't see you so I never got in trouble and that was a good one.

40:46 And I I just remember once at dinner as a little kid you were I think there was some tension around the dinner table. We were all there and people were upset about something but I was little and I never knew. What an I remember you trying to make me laugh until we had lettuce. We had a big salad and you took you took lettuce and made a hat out of one of the big lettuce leaves and you sat and put that on your head and you put one of my head and I was laughing away and everybody else was upset about something there's something going on, but I never knew I was just laughing away and ran out to play afterwards with a big leaf lettuce on my head like a hat.

41:26 Another those are a couple of my random funny ones, but

41:32 I remember walking to the school.

41:37 What's the name from Chicago?

41:41 Losers presidential Trail High School and Academy

41:53 Too friendly funny care once you see I didn't see that's why I don't know.

42:01 What is the name of bunnies called? Oh, yeah, I'll email her. I'll tell her I think that's it.