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Joshua Elder and Ryan McLaughlin are nearing the end of a Mexico to Canada bike ride along the Continental Divide Trail. Stories from their mountainbiking trip, which is awareness raising about Alzheimer’s disease

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Joshua attacked by a rabid raccoon, now he’s getting rabies shots
various ER experiences from the trip, multiple times going to the hospital
Being in challenging situations, both physically and to their friendship, and how many people don’t experience these challenges
Missing people from home, or else happy to stay out west
Bears and skunks disturbing their sleep


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00:05 Name Ryan McLaughlin age 22 today's date

00:12 July 6th 2007 location Butte Montana relationship to partner friend and foe

00:22 Name Joshua Weimer Elder age 23 today's date July 6th, 2007 location Butte Montana and relationship to partner best friend.

00:43 So here we are today sitting in Butte Montana a place that we probably didn't think we'd be sitting very long. Why are we here so long? Why are we here so long? That's a great question. Well, I think you have to go back about two days to the rabid raccoon encounter and I'm sitting there getting off my bike looking at a seemingly dead raccoon in the middle of the road and I'll ring my bell and I guess it alarmed the rabid raccoon. Just as much alarmed me cuz the rabid raccoon got up and started charging me and here I am watching this thing come full speed at me turning my life front wheel perpendicular to the rest of my wheel the rest of my bike the rabid raccoon runs into my wheel and trying to protect myself and in the midst of it getting the saliva from the raccoon all over me like we not being scratched or bitten but nonetheless needing to get the rabies vaccine shot. So

01:43 Here I am second day need to get up to Missoula tomorrow so I can get the second set and hey, it makes for a better story. Right? Did you run over the raccoon again? Yeah. Well that wasn't on purpose. I need to mention that but yeah, I start ran over it twice because in the midst of trying to protect it with them with my back wheel trying to keep it between myself and the raccoon. I heard of end up running over a Tenpenny it to the ground with a screeching out and yelling out for for help and I mean not really caring much had said and as I'm trying to run away with the rest of my bike my trailer because we sort of are biking 2500 miles with packing your stuff in the back end up running over it with its wheel as well. So ran over twice running. Okay, at least a little payback. Yeah, so I got to run over twice and then I get to take five shots. So the numbers aren't equal but maybe the pain is I don't know.

02:42 But yeah, so give me a little background on what we're doing about 8 months ago Ryan and I were probably hiking a portion of the Appalachian Trail together. I think and the Maryland portion and you know, we wanted to take an adventure and somehow the idea of a cycling or doing the entire Continental Divide came up and I have no clue who really killed that idea. Maybe my father was thinking when I get back but I'm somehow the idea of The Most Extreme Adventure we could think of came up and we said, you know what we can do this. So here we are over 2,000 miles into the trip. I'm biking the longest off road bike route in the entire world and it's pretty incredible my mind. At least we made it this far. We just encountered some great great people great stories and not some challenging situations. But unless we made it here and done. That's why it's just a pleasure to be sharing the story with them with our listeners. So so yeah, we just want to give a little run-down and

03:42 Why we're doing a trip what we've encountered and what we really enjoyed about it. So so sort of why we're doing the trip bomb. It's actually we're officially endorsed by the Alzheimer's Association and you can get more information about it at ww.w. Joshua elder.com. That's j o s h u a e l dr.com riding to try to raise awareness and funds for the Alzheimer's Association research fund and so far we've raised about $10,000 and we're trying to raise more but we've been through the real remote sections of our country trying to raise awareness in those areas of need. So, yeah, it's been a great great trip and I we met some great people along the way but I don't know Ryan, you know, it's one of those things that we've we've been cycling a long one another for 8 hours at a time. We set up camp randomly in these, you know, apparently middle of nowhere America and yet I'm sure we haven't really addressed everything that we could have really talked about on the ride. So I think this

04:42 A great opportunity from ABS to ask a few questions to one another about her some things that have come to mind but maybe really have never gotten out in the open about situations. We've gone through or experiences are people with Madden. I'm sure you have a few questions for me on that. A lot of the mediation seems to be seems to be okay with settling on that as well.

05:09 So anyway, we first arrived in Tucson. Did you think I was water or desert that were looking at remember at night time? We couldn't decide you remember coming in and it looks like pitch black at night night. I thought it was water and this is what I have but then you know seemingly the idea of a lot of water in Tucson became a sort of a paradox that I sort of chuckled to myself in the morning saying he has probably not the case. So yeah, I remember waking up and down his way. Wasn't it was pretty out that morning and very had a first bike from the funeral home. And yeah, we ran some bike project to the bike shop and what happened to Dennis Dennis Dennis had to go and his whole life. I think it's a brake system was impeded or some like that. He had to go in and get his brake system reconfigured and get him maybe a new line for his brake cable. But yeah that was inserted the for the first time we want to have to deal with in the morning, but I really haven't heard of getting down to the to the biggest of the border right there where we're driving down and then Dennis is saying no no, no. No, we don't need any more gas or whatever and

06:09 Out of gas finally making it to the border and we get to the Border just in time. They will take clothes end up closing like 30 minutes later and catch us up and take us out. And so we got it off the truck set up our bike without 430 at this time. I mean who would think of starting the journey at 4:30 in the afternoon the first day we would so he ended up riding what 46 miles the first time and it was it was an easy night wasn't let's see the night. Yeah, what would would have happened? We got to buy flat tires Forsyth last tires first. And what did we get those again? I'm sure you don't have any ideas.

06:46 Clinton when we took our bikes off the road for a second. I got Thorns remember this goat heads and I remember the hell. Yeah. What why do you remember that Ryan? How many flat tires did you have in New Mexico New Mexico little over 20, we we were trying to figure out whether that's a world record, but I don't think we're going to have to look too far cuz I think we set some kind of record for flat tires. Are you did I want to take some credit for it? I mean, you know, I was part of the team so I can't set the record for being the fastest 2 / of some other get some record and hey, you know, I think I don't think you can blame me cuz they say hey maybe if you didn't have the $25, he would have been the fastest. So people always have that will no doubt, you know, good job. So anyway, how'd you feel about sleeping in a church band is Calvin the wind storm was moving in the twins really picking up then big electrical storm is really pretty out that first night and never asking that guy and we were like, hey, is there any place we can stay and he's like, well, yeah, you're welcome to camp out on are you know?

07:46 Molottery here, but in the winter going to pick up with your tenses probably better or more wise that you probably go into the abandoned church nearby stronger storms to it that night. Yeah. That was tough at a time ever won. A lot of the windows were open in the winds were just blown back and forth and it was couldn't sleep because it was so loud. You don't I remember I did sit a bird out of church though. You're right. That was that was very kind gesture of young Han. I don't know. If you do the same to look at it. There's there's like twenty dead birds on so I can with the same thing happened to that poor brother. You're right. That was that was okay, but the window is looking at me. It must have been checking you out or something in the illegal immigrants would spend nights there. So I remember going in there in the first time being like what am I getting myself into one of these things happen. But you know, I was one of those stories that just, you know, sort of I suggest

08:46 Set a precedence for a really amazing trip. So we certainly didn't go too long after that till we had a few more stores to talk about the Netflix. We camped somewhere along was it seep are not wasn't she borrowed? What was I realize he borrowed yet? It wasn't it was see if I rode yet nothing special about that place in the desert, you know, if you know the area surrounding the centipede that was crawling on her 10th. At first. I was like a centipede you were like a Josh what's that? I was like that's a 10 inch centipede trying to crawl in our tent. That's the lights the wonderful wonderful tonight. But yeah, we had some crazy encounters. What what what do you think I guess departing from through this like itinerary of what we're going through but maybe this will bring up some ideas of yours and we think some of the toughest spots we went through or

09:42 Compass

09:43 Bad saying Northern New Mexico forum

09:49 Disown, is it calling on every desktop? I am technically technically flies or whatever you call me like the train is not to mention of course. Yeah, but Wyoming.

10:04 That was tough because it's boring but it was like the worst Road in the trash. That's the address of and didn't talk about the worst Road. When what what what day were we doing? When we hit the worst road on the trip. Was it a hundred miles a hundred miles from Columbine? What was at Columbine Colorado Columbine, Colorado to Rawlins, Wyoming? We covered a hundred miles and that's a hundred miles off road with John there was there was a small part where I was on the road, but for the most part we had some pretty challenging off receptions boardercross and we had that like right now dance dance app is for the for the listeners. We have we tried to do one I get celebrations at each a periodic stay we've gone through because store and I travel to Continental Divide pass through New Mexico and go through, Colorado.

11:04 Let me go through parts of the realtor Wyoming parts of Idaho. And then we finish up in Montana on the border of Montana Canada. Do we have we have a few border crossings but disappointingly. Azariyah point out now all the states that we go through these back roads, but not all of them have border crossing sign. So the first date surely did and we made a big deal out of that. We have been planning this dancer supposedly Finance plans for I want to just burn this dance on Ryan. So we we did we did a random improvisational dance on the border of New Mexico and Colorado and I'd have to say it was probably one of the bigger head so far our video blogs online. It was it was good of a good time.

11:55 Awkward dancer well for the camera it worked while the camera I like the I don't know the impression you were doing a Stevie Wonder and who was the other guy by Justin Timberlake they were they were great and they're very nice.

12:12 Back to membury. Are you think of Silver City Silver City? Will that was the first big town we went through so I don't know. I it was the first big time we came to and that was we were only on the road a few days and that I think I was still at the point where I was still questioning like my sanity of going on this trip and making myself and do are all these type of call days, you know of 89 hours in a bike cuz I think it's something we've gotten used to but like it's certainly not something that I think we were used to in the beginning. I don't know if you remember back then but those two of those first couple weeks were I think we're really challenging in a lot of ways I think making it for the first two weeks through for me at least prove to myself I could do the rest of the trip, but I knew was going to be a first tough two weeks and I certainly was I don't really like silver say too much ice is kind of you know, what was it like day 3 for something like that forget how many were already in town? But like members that I got my biggest meal members or members was amazing ever the meal we got there at

13:12 Gosh, we got like double servings. We were we're coming off of that member. We before members that we had a really challenging section. We went into Adobe clay. It started raining out. I got stuck in about three tenths of a mile took us about two hours to cover cuz we had to carry all of our gear out of this mud. And I think I was one of those things that we first hit and we were like, I think I remember hearing and hearing you yell in the background like mud fight, you know, and I think that quickly changed to oh my gosh, I'm can we even get out of this, you know section. So we're going to Camp here tonight. Are you going to be camping here tonight? Yeah. I didn't know whether we were not but it was nice that we weren't too far away from empress and then that talk about nice people that member that Rancher just to help us out along the way and there's a power washer and how much washer do I have for a bike ride is house shower and a thousand other card is a lot of people in the Senate polls car that that brings up a good question about sort of some of the what what are you sent me earlier that your favorite people in?

14:12 So many great people meet. We got it. We really have to set it a sin to shout out to so many of the people who have made this trip what it has become because without the great people on this ride, it would not have been the great if it has been a member and their names from the beginning to the first the first person what they were i a b and Carol and they were the ones that we met in members that was a Rancher and his wife and an input to remember the guy that gave us the hearty meal in the morning. That was Jerry. He was the owner of that Lodge. We were staying at down there and for me, I remember up ended up meeting that guy Rick who worked for absolute bikes in Salida who helped me with my knee problem. And there's a La Garita people gave us some dinner pay Walker read if people does 99 hour gust of wind that they were saying you can't sleep outside tonight. That's crazy, you know, so

15:12 They brought us and they allowed us to use their RV has really nice place wasn't it last night and we were saying goodbye they were like, well, we've never really had wings like that and it's really not tied down. So we didn't know if it's going to work out for y'all. So yeah, it's probably a story for another time. But yeah, so that that's just been it's been a really need them really anything. I want to ask you a few questions about talking about Serta VR experiences. I I don't think most people can categorize something as ER experiences on a trip because that is just I think of a recipe for disaster if you hear ye are no I'm not just going back to that first time and remember I'm not telling you we were in Del Norte right now.

16:12 Those things like pick your poison and then get yelled at by the person doesn't think it's pronounced that why you so but yeah, we were down and and and yeah, we had just comfortable to wear right and got in there and you know, we were pretty happy about it. Like, you know, we had a good lunch. I was stopped by the library and you went back to the hotel I think and we got back to the hotel and it was crazy because you know, we we didn't think that anything was really going to be wrong and Michael we had to the doctor, right? Cuz you're sick cuz Michael is sick or being nice guy. We're being nice guys. We stopped because we want to wait for him to ride within the next day and and we had no idea that you know, I was going to get sick let alone everyone else in the party was going to get sick that I had that had drunk the bad water and put Dora. So here I am you go out to dinner. I'm telling you. I don't feel so well and you come back in the room and what happens when you come back in the room on the floor.

17:10 Shaking shaking cuz I don't really remember much of this. Yeah, so I try to get help with the way he's going to restaurant our own the motel, but there were they couldn't come drive a mile to the hospital cuz I didn't want to leave the motel office. That's right. So I had to go knock on some doors and ask some people around and then getting up getting a ride to be. Alright Yea Yea nice guy who wrote that was not a good night for me wasn't.

17:41 You got a nice bed. You said that's the end of the night. You're right. I did get a nice bed. Can you get shot in your butt to I did I just get a shot for nausea and that did help matters. So I was I was very thankful to those doctors and nurses in delnor it because I was not what I want happy camper, but we meet there in the ER do we meet? Oh, yeah, Don Julian Lane Frost riding the Great Divide and we hadn't seen them in a day, right and all the sudden we see them in their next door in the in the emergency room. And that made me feel a little bit better cuz I was like, oh, maybe I'm not going to wake you. Maybe. This is something that anyone going through wood would be here cuz I'm certainly didn't want to have to go the emergency room. But and then here I am two days ago in the emergency room again getting shots for rabies. So so I got you everything else. You're pretty glad you got the insurance before. Yeah, you know finishing up my nose.

18:41 Pistachios doing research on Alzheimer's and frontotemporal Dementia neurogenetics research at the National Institutes of Health and the right before I left people were like you really should get cold right now Cobra Insurance the way to go car insurance. She's covered me before I start medical school and it was little bit expensive but I was like, you know, yeah, I'll get it in a few just in case just in case, you know, things never happened in case that happened but I like that got to thank those people for stressing that I mean, I don't think I would ever have gone without getting it but you know, I can definitely took people's advice get anything done, please don't run. We had enough Miss Ashley 2016. We got another organelle 304 miles something like that. But I never come to the end of it and hundreds going to be driving because I got to get to my next shot. So it's either that or quit the trip. So I think it's so worth the worth the driving to

19:41 The next hospital so I can get to be necessary medication not to get rabies. So I think most people would be okay with that. But yeah, we've had some challenging situations and yeah, I I want I want to make a make a comment. I know this is I don't know but this applies but you know, this is where I want to talk about it, but you know, not only have we had sort of some problems in terms of technical problems that only have we had some problems in terms of

20:13 I mean health reasons, you know being tired whatever but you don't really on the trip. It was it was a tough. Also just I think between you and I and you know, it was it was something that I didn't know whether we're going to go through that but we did and I think we really in a real stressful situation and we are dealing with you know, a lot of things and dumb and you know, I think we've come 180 from there and I just I'm real proud to call you my friend and you know, we've been through things that most people

20:49 Probably will never experience in their life and never have to go through the hardship. Sometimes we've had to go through and

20:56 How to get where we are and it's

20:59 Adjective is a pleasure to call you my friend and I hope you know, I really really respect you as a person cuz we've the

21:06 We made it through some hard things and I know that if I ever had to fall back on someone to trust him when I definitely trust you, or I can trust you to yes. It's been in some great great great stories though, you know.

21:21 Yeah, we hope we've known each other for almost 10 years now. I guess we went through went to high school together and swim team we run swimming team together and that's when we got to know each other and we were always a little bit I'd I'd say have different ideas of what we wanted to do with our time after high school. And we always had some ideas of Adventures or maybe in different ways, but we sorta came back together and decided on an adventure together that we both could I could fight together and you know that you need me to Africa though. That was your one and I'd remember coming back from African you had a few questions for me cuz that's one of your Big Dreams to get there, but you'll definitely get there and I think this is this is this was a big trip for both of us, but it interesting enough. It was one of those things that I think we have different objectives and different reasons for doing in the beginning and I still think we have different objectives, but I think we've met both of those objectives and we got about a slightly different way, but then

22:21 Plus, I think we found maybe a little bit of what we're looking for out here, and I don't know what you found, but I definitely feel a lot more content emotionally physically and definitely spiritually about, you know, my next journey in life. So this is definitely helped me in a lot of ways, but you think it's helped you

22:39 Yes, I think yes. It does. It's just good to know before this. I never did anything really stayed in the Pennsylvania state of Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey once I made it as far as I'm what is it, Wisconsin that is as pretty excited for each convention actually.

23:08 Importation is nothing else. That's funny. There's nothing to shame. So, yeah, I think it's the things I like New Mexico to because of my allergies so backed up there to that. I love them yet. That's great a story about where we're in New Mexico. Right? And we're coming out of we were we were about about 40 miles away from queue bad thing. And that was where we had the encounter with a snake with a snake. And then what are you think? I was talking about your talk about that. I didn't get really bad case of allergies in until New Mexico 1.0. That's true. I guess I have no snakes snakes snake. I know I was thinking about your Outdoorsman. You know that you're his Ryan, you know going to high school with him. He's always the guy that you know wanted to be

24:08 Did the next guy in the Discovery Channel, you know, the guy that was like Outdoors, you know dealing with the animals like going out to him check them out. And for me, I'm real happy to keep Lake up for the far distance from them. So there I am your little if you want to Garza front in front of Ryan going up this going up these like are abroad using and select certain middle to Mexico. And so we're coming through this arid desert and yeah, I'm coming around the corner and and on the left corner of a sudden I start to hear this like hissing sound. I look to my left and there's a rattlesnake probably in a 4ft long. I don't notice things like it like up in the requisition ready to attack and I look to the left and at the last minute I turn to the right cuz I see this thing the thing lashes out just misses me. And so I go on I'm just like him have never pedal so fast sometimes like bugging, you know, and let go by looking at a ground squirrel make a ground squirrel. So I'm waiting there in like 5 minutes go by 10 minutes go by and I'm like, maybe I should go back for my mean like I almost got attacked me behind.

25:08 Maybe I you know made this thing pretty upset and now things going out to Ryan and somewhat in there and I turn around finally turn around. You know, I'm a little scared this point. I'm like, I don't really want to go back there. But you know, I got to get my friend I start to turn around and all of a sudden my comes up the hill. He's got this huge smile across his face. He's looking at me and he's like man that was just great. What was great ride was like what a contrast with encounters, you know here I am biking is fast as possible in him stopping but somebody else's camera now now that you've lost their own but yeah, that's a good question. What have you lost on this trip run?

26:04 I think I'm the first thing was a pirate scope. Yeah. Yeah pirate scope and I think a quick story needs to be told about the Pirates Goku's power scope is incredible. I mean Ryan shows up on the Great Divide you got you got to understand where biking like something where most people go on this trip are people that have done a lot of Adventures before I'm you talking about this guy we met Michael is this German guy? He's like the whole Pan Am and he's like from the southernmost tip of South America to the northernmost tip in North America 18,000 miles to years. Those are the kind of experiences of people have before they ride this type of thing. Right? So we're coming out and I've had some basic travel like touring experience before Ryan's had 40 miles of biking experience before and so we're coming out and you know, a lot of people caring like Ultra lightweight stuff and he is Ryan, you know, and I'm trying to care like what stuff I'm still pretty heavy and your Ryan and I are you know it like we're going to work here in like in the first 3 days like the first day he like he's showing his cameras cameras like 10 lb like

27:04 Any other obvious thing the funny thing was the guitar obviously in the guitar. You have like a full size guitar in the back of your if I back of your Bob and Bob is the trailer carrying and anyone who would see this kind of thing would just be like what you know, but three binoculars and what do you pull out you pull out this like bees like 10 lb binoculars, right? And we're like where the binoculars come from right? I don't know how that much there but there was just funny and then the third day after that and we thought we had seen all the bulky stuff and all the random stuff and then you pull out the pirate scope and that was just the Crux of it that was like icing on the cake. That was like incredible. I mean this guy has a pirate scope and then I remember Dennis being with us and he said give me biking shorts has to make the best in the in the in the right thing. You know who have a dictionary

28:04 I have a dictionary to you and I haven't got a lot of stuff. I have to admit, you know, I've been trying to get down and wait for as you've I think gain weight somehow this entire trip not not physically but a lot more than I could before I don't know how they got lots of food and cereal and that's why I think it's one of the trip. Did you come up with this idea if you were like, you know, what I mean from now on is cereal and bagel part of milk. I got some more powdered milk. I took the powder milk that David left. That's true. So we're back to where we need to be.

28:49 Periscope then I lost them bring it $800 tent give me $200 temples and I have to

29:10 Symptoms of heart attack, but any case

29:14 Yes, hopefully I found them and I hope they damn them to the address on the temples maybe and then what was it after that?

29:29 It was a while. So you lost something. I think I think so, but then about a week ago right between but not as meaningful probably know me like Cameron. I was pretty sure that's pretty good. Luckily. We save some of the most of the videos so from from New Mexico to summon does exist anymore in my mind has been erased and Idaho and Idaho, Idaho, I was surprised it was great. Did you regret taking the railroad Trail now CC the railroad Trail for the listeners as I actually like there's two there's two two sections, right and the railroad Trails looked at us like the

30:29 Cartier version right? That's what version they say don't do. You know it's a really hard version but I was really beautiful so we went on it and it was it was tough. But I guess maybe maybe you regret it somewhat Ryan is Salisbury lock the camera but Schramm components. That's why you laughing at me Champaign five five changing. We've gone through so many changes so many components. It's been crazy. I think it's tough part was like mountain bike touring cuz it's really not touring. I mean touring it when you think of it is like on the road with predictable conditions, you know, you know what you're going to see day in day out. You don't know what you're going to see dad died out while Nissan Nissan his tracks with these mountain bikes in some of these Road Services were going over and down Hills and I'll pills and no wear and tear on a bike is just a lot more than what we'd rather be going through. But yeah, the shrimp components did not hold up the way we would have liked them too. So that was that was a disappointment. That really was wonder if I'll ever get my thumb.

31:29 Shocks warranty to you need to figure that out. I don't know on day like what was that is to your shocks just completely failed in the front. So you've had to lock them out for the rest of the tripping, but you don't you ride with yours mostly like that. Anyway, yeah. I don't think it's much of a difference. I just forgot about them anyway, so, but I'd still like to get him fixed eventually and it saddens me to look at my shocks. Give me a tissue run.

32:01 For the rest of this. I'm looking forward to you honestly, like, you know, it's one of those things that it's been a great journey and and I have really wanted to know just enjoy the process but I'm getting to the point now, where are you know, I really miss people back home. And I think I think I'm ever mentioning this to Ryan wants to know if I had if I had the people I love the most out here with me. I can stay out here like it's it's it's great. I mean the people are meeting the scenery were seeing the experiences were having I mean, it's just it's just like changing but I think it's hard to be away from the people you love and people love you. And so I'm looking forward to getting back to seeing everyone I think especially with the recent scenarios of being out here with you know, this rabies vaccines and all that kind of stuff like, you know, my parents my girlfriend and her friends and stuff like that. You know, they've been a little worried about, you know, something as soon as we've been in and I think they're going to be happy for us to be home as well. So but looking forward to I'm looking forward

33:01 Finishing it off on a good note finishing a strong with Ryan crossing the border with him and border crossing the border touching the Border. I can't I don't have a passport with me. But yeah just now getting to the board together and find peace and and being able to share these stories with people in the future. So I'm looking forward to seeing a grizzly bear.

33:23 Yeah, he'll tell you I have this at the Bears per I bought was $48 or something like that and I have been able to use yet and I can't bring it on the plane. That was pretty hilarious. That that man. That's another great story. Where where was that warm River Campground right. Now? Remember Campground we get there on time going up three times, I think and I went to the small little Rapids and people are checking us out. Like look like it was fun. We were and said he went to sleep that night and I get woken up at for 4:30 in the morning and Dave like one of the guys that we would met at that. She was done biking with us like Josh Josh Josh. I need you right now, you know that's like Call to Arms. My contacts are out. I'm disoriented. I have no clue what's going on you like also I need your light and so I'm looking for the light. I'm opening up all my zipper is trying to figure out what's going on you and those who were the first thing you said.

34:23 The bear out there for it in my direction to think there's a bear out there. Right and I left he doesn't wake up anyone else. He's like you don't no one else needs to be woken because I'm the only person sleep in their prey and that he had his own bear spray, but somehow the bear spray was in his other bag not in his tent. I think he learned a lesson from and we kissed a bear spray and he's like Freddy's going up on the thing and he turns in the light and brightest bright and he sees that as a skunk and the world through his sack, which he didn't even close beaches like what are you doing? And and so he starts throwing stuff at the skunk to get rid of the skunk and then all that. This is all I hear I'm laying down and she's like,

35:10 Do you like their own like these rocks and you know, whatever Adam and all of a sudden like I hear Ryan's voice needs like

35:17 And Ryan's like I just got spray directions. He said he sprayed around he sprayed around here. And so for the next day never riding behind Dave behind a for a little bit and I mean, he just raked I thought there was another skunk in the area, but it was actually him. So, you know, I want to finish up with was thinking you Ryan for for a great trip and great stories. And you know is one of these things I'm going to be telling my grandkids and I hopefully I can share with them some day and you know, it's up as we're doing this for Alzheimer's I really think that memories should last a lifetime and you know, I certainly have made lifelong memories on this trip. So I want to thank you to even if we forget them they'll they'll be able to be stored and passed on so want to thank God thank everyone to making this a possibility the Alzheimer's Association life matters for their for their help in their spawn.

36:17 Ship and our loved ones my girlfriend Stephanie who's been incredible at keeping an updating the website and supporting me in this my parents my grandparents and friends and definitely Ryan for supporting me along this as well. So I want to thank you Ryan and and a great journey and dad says someone said it would it would it would it be the one guy I have we had this party right before we left and some guy was like so so do you like psychic cycling or what did the guy say to you is like a princess. I said, I don't consider myself much of a biker. So you start biking the longest off road bike route in the entire world. I don't consider myself much of a biker. It was a great story with a great time.

37:07 Thanks.