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Recorded October 7, 2007 Archived October 8, 2007 40:43 minutes
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Tammy Gomez interviews her mother Margie Gomez young life and her life now.


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00:04 Hello, my name is Tammy Gomez. My middle name is Melody and I'm 45 years old and today is October 7th. 2007 Sunday. I'm here in Fort Worth, Texas. And I'm going to be speaking with my mother who is right here across from me Margie Gomez.

00:26 Hello, my name is Margie Gomez. And I'm 63 years old and today is October 7th 2007. And where in Fort Worth Stockyard and I'm going to be talking to Tammy Tammy Gomez.

00:44 Well, I'm really glad that we're here today to share some of your history and some of your life story. I hear a lot of it pretty often, but I thought there's some things that I like to hear you say again or talk about again. Could you tell us tell me when you were born and where you were born Tammy? I was born in 1944 in Gonzales, Texas and that I was delivered by midwives. Can you imagine that and I didn't know it till I saw my birth certificate. When did you see your birth certificate I 1992 when I went outside of the door and that's what when I had to remake my birth certificate. That's for not man. Look at that. I was delivered by midwives and saw was the seventh child and that was never mentioned to you when you're going up know my mom never told me that and then the course when I found out she was already gone, so I didn't we didn't talk about it.

01:44 You say you have a lot of brothers and sisters. Do you want to tell us all their name his mother and Daddy had 12 kids and not like I said, I'm the 7th. So, you know what that means? What does all that mean the hand downs and if I got to eat I was lucky to get to eat or something like that or I'd be the last one in the list or something like that. But I yes, I had to my oldest brother Victor Sanchez Jr. And met me and Jessie Jessie and Adam were Twins and Isabel Lily Wiley myself Patsy Ruben, Mary Helen and Manuela will Nelly was her name and who else?

02:27 But that's 12 so you were born in Gonzales, but you say that you moved on your birthday. Yes. I was four years old when we moved to West Texas. We were what he called migrant family cuz

02:44 Daddy had worked there and Daddy had been in the service but since the family was growing he was going to put them all to work. Not me. I wouldn't go to work, but they all came to we all move to West Texas where they would be pulling cotton and chopping cotton and doing everything with cotton. You say not you so does that mean you were too young. But I do remember a lot of stuff lot of things back then it was when the family was working. What did you do? Well, I would play around and I know when they were pulling caught not sit under the the trailer for The Cotton for they put all the cotton after they picked it and I would eat lunch and I want supposed to tell it was time and my mom would get onto me cuz I'd be doing that and later on when they were pulling cotton. I mean shopping con by that time. It was like in 1949 and Mother Mother and Daddy had been in that terrible accident and and mom was Crypt.

03:44 So I hung around with her so I could

03:48 Do you know that they used to take Mom to these people's garage and she'd lay there while they did the work on the feels. So she didn't have a nursing home Rehabilitation Center. They didn't want to talk about those things back in 49. So she went to another family's garage Daddy and the older ones when chopping cotton and I remember I was there too, you know, give her water whatever needed and this woman where we were at she used to do her laundry Tammy and she she's hanging out on the clothesline and I would always find coins on the bar on the ground because I don't think she checked the pockets. How old were you then I was about 8, maybe he has generated a little income yourself. And I eventually did you make it out to the cotton fields at all. No way later when I was married. I did only be

04:48 Cuz I wanted to I didn't put cotton but I I shop cotton because where we lived in Anson, Texas and I think you were about a year old know maybe you were too cuz Miranda was a baby then Naomi went and stayed with us and I told my husband I said, I think I can shop cutting all around here. Cuz we live right there was like a lot. I think he is an acre. I don't know how much to make sure. But anyway, it was like about four blocks of of cotton that could that needed to be shot and daddy and my husband you who the owner was who he said Margie wants to do that stop and listen, I regretted it cuz it was a lot. Anyway Naomi used to come and stay and take care of you and Miranda while I went and did that but I only went early in the morning late in the evening not drink when he was hot the hottest part of the day. That was that was the only time I ever did do then so when you were a child and y'all or y'all had just moved to to that area for cotton picker.

05:48 Did y'all live in your own house or did you live in when we first got here from Gonzales? We stayed at the Tom and Falmouth tiny. That was t h a n e s tiny I think it's not like t h a t h i n t i n y t h a m e s timing that was our last anyway, we stayed at their garage and then they had a little oil storage room sort of like it was just the 101 room and you know that picture that's in my living room on the family that's in front of that little house where we live.

06:29 See you all shared a bunch of little bunk beds or little cuts on the on the floor or I guess I want the time we saw us amphibious has to know what that is or what CMP is Yeah, a hundred a hundred feet. But anyway, we lived there for about not too long maybe about couple of months and then they got one of their house is that it was empty. So we moved but dead and then they still work with the same family by that time. I was six and I had started school in Saegertown and I know how far was Secretariat did you say y'all moved to stemp to Haskell? No, no from from that garage. We move to a farmhouse. Where was that garage and what and secretin and Saegertown and the house was Integrity but it was kind of like about maybe 10 miles away from that garage, but it was daddy still the family still work with that family, and then I started school and when

07:28 Secretin from that Farmhouse and I see that house right now that storm cellar. I remember every bit of it have fun and days to have a stock tank and I used to be used to sit around and within Splash our feet in the water and my daddy would come and pick it up a bucket full of water and he throw it and he's safe but it's a good value of a dental assistant in Orlando, Mr. That means looks like it's going to rain is it looks like it's gonna rain so my mom getting wet and daddy with splash water on all of you and how you said that you are certain age when you

08:12 When you knew yourself, can you talk about that? I Met Myself you met yourself when I was about 4, cuz I don't that's I remember you know that your first memory I have of my stuff out. So that's when I met Margie. So what did Margie look like? What was she used to call me for Tata? Because I was a little overweight and that I had straight hair like a little Indian hair cutter. I think you call it a page and

08:44 I remember some of the things when I was 4 years old, that's why I remember that that's when I started no one messed up because my sisters were old enough to shave their legs and one day they were hiding from my parents. You couldn't change your legs. Then I'm in now, you know, it's so open, you know where my nose you shave your legs and stuff. So it was something you hide your head or are you ashamed of they were my sisters were in and I was going to tell on him and they said if I didn't tell they would shave my legs if I didn't tell him so I was four years old when I started getting my legs and they did it and then another time I had some gum and you know it that we could hardly get any gum. We were so poor. I mean we weren't we were pouring in some of the things that we really did need to who needs gum, you know, but there was always love and a lot of clean clothes at clean house and all that but

09:43 One time I had some gum in my mouth and during the night when I was asleep Lily and Isabel open my mouth and got my gum out because they wanted to go they took it from you to chew themselves. Yeah. See you don't do that. Now it will how did you happen to have it and they didn't get it? Just I don't know. I don't remember how it somebody must have given it to you and they were jealous and they want to hear in this is Willmar just got here. She's going to sleep. So I mean that's what I imagine, you know, but they did and my mother would say that I would sometimes I'd wake up in the night crying and screaming cuz it had you know, I have gotten scared when they open my mouth and took my gum out some drama just a memory of that.

10:32 So, how about your brothers? How did they treat you?

10:36 Did you have a favorite brother? My oldest brother was my favorite brother. What who was he did eat though his father. He he was an alcoholic but I love him.

10:50 He wasn't an alcoholic till later on in life. That's yeah, but I always yeah, that's right. Cuz when he married that's mostly when the problems started with him and his wife and he went out. But anyway, I love him a lot and he on my other sisters were afraid of him, but and I wasn't afraid of him and in him and I could you know, and I really liked it. That was my favorite.

11:19 And when did he die, he died? Probably sometimes late 70s number know when you went to school. What was your favorite subject or can you talk about some of your favorite memories of being in school?

11:34 One thing I have I regret that my mom never got involved with any of my stuff.

11:40 She because back then the Mother and Daddy couldn't get involved. But Daddy did in a way because he would he would be the one who would buy us the school supplies and when it was Valentine's he'd go and get is the Valentine's Day. And I remember the first time I dress for Halloween and I was Little Red Riding Hood Daddy bought me the cave in the middle hood that goes it was so cute and then see that's that's in my mind forever. And then when you said your mother couldn't participate did they have like a parent's nights and little they had Talent not yes, but they they didn't my sister-in-law did Tito's wife my favorite rage wife. Her name is Ramona, but we call her Rae. She fixed my hair and got it real pretty for one night. We did the oh well when you dance around the pole the maypole dance, she got me all dressed up. I mean with me

12:40 Hair done and everything and bathe me and everything and sew in.

12:46 Another memory I have is

12:49 Jesse my brother was the one who took me to school the first day when you were six, I wouldn't know I was actually I was five cuz I went to kindergarten cuz I can remember all the names of my teachers to let him lie was my first kindergarten teacher and and Jesse. My brother was one that took me to school and introduce me and see instead of saying is your daddy. This was my brother, you know, but anyway, one day Miss Hanley had our names written on the on the list on the on the board and I always knew how to spell my last name my maiden name Richard Sanchez and you had a ride it in now.

13:29 Small letters but this time she tricked us and rode rode him in in the

13:34 Start a letter capital and I couldn't find mine and I went up there and and oh gosh, I was so embarrassed cuz I couldn't find my name. You didn't recognize it. I didn't feel better knowing that way. I knew it with the the capital M and all the little letter u a b a m a r g i a and so forth. And so that's one of the members that I have that in kindergarten and then in the middle of kindergarten I got we moved to paint Creek to another farm house. And then this is Daddy my parents started working with the

14:09 Travis hit Mr. Travis does Mr. Tiny told him about daddy and them so he he Hard Knocks in the fields and crake and also that was another time Jesse weiner on the busted to get me and enroll and there was other siblings. Do you know but he went to get the younger ones and roll and I remember the bus the bus was so weird. So old-fashioned the seats were facing each other like the one in the window and then the one in the center was facing each other they were lawn seats. And then the other way the other side was the same way. So that was for lawn seats, and I remember that so much for the buses yellow back then yeah, they were yellow but very old and anyway, but that I went to paint Creek till I was in the fourth grade and was at school in a graded or do you remember if they were?

15:09 Thank you kids with mostly African-American. Just mostly.

15:15 White people in a few Hispanic very few and in and I are out of school. I love school very much and I went there till I was in the fourth grade then we move to Haskell to the town of Haskell. We didn't we weren't done leaving the farm anymore and your father's work. Daddy said most of them had got married and stuff and had their own family. So then Daddy and Mom moved to Haskell and daddy work at a furniture store. What year was that? That was like in 59? No, I didn't know it was 58 cuz that's when I started going with daddy with my husband in 58 and then we got married in 60 and see daddy still work at that furniture store cuz we bought the furniture there for your first house and yeah without him knowing who it was for. So when your father got the new job in the furniture store and y'all moved to Haskell

16:15 Just like a bigger Town than Saegertown and the other places that it feel like y'all were going to another level. Like y'all were going to be richer or have more did. Did you think of it? That way? I know. I just I know not really all I thought is we were going to be new or everything, you know, like stores in the grocery store. And and the school would be there. We wouldn't have to go in a box or something and did he have any health problems or did it not but in that all he didn't stop working in the field cuz he was sick and disabled by the way, baby. I was born in 44 when Daddy Daddy was in the service and and he wasn't he went there when I was born and Mom says that when daddy came home on leave heated. She said my mom said it was a lot of Tears on you and I said mother what do you mean to say? Cuz Daddy was crying and all the tears are falling on the baby and I was a baby cuz he had met you before me and how old were you when he met you I don't

17:15 Oh, I don't know this way is I don't know you have this other memory of the first time your mother really looked at you you said you weren't you were cooking and she looked at you and she said something. Yeah as my mom was so sweet. But you know what there was so many of us. I'm glad I just had three. But anyway, she said she was cooking something in mind. That's one thing. That's why I didn't learn how to cook cuz Mama didn't allow us in the kitchen. But this time she asked me to come and stir some something. She was cooking. I don't know if it was.

17:51 Potatoes or what it was. But anyway, I have to go near her and stir this whatever was in the skillet and she looked at me she saw where do you got your nose just like Daddy and see she had noticed that and I was I was about thirteen when she noticed that I look like Daddy.

18:11 Well, and it was about that time wasn't it that you met Miss Kearney you talked a lot about her and she seem like a person who did notice you a lot and help out a lot Kearney because see when I was in the 8th grade.

18:25 I kind of felt like I was having I was having to ask for everything like I needed new shoes. I needed things for school. And and then it was it look like it was getting pretty tutu expense for my parents. And so in order for Wally to finish school since by the by then we thought that the male made it more school and then the female but it's not so now but back then you did and so I quit school your parents told you to well know they didn't tell me I just felt like I needed to attend and when I said I was they didn't they didn't stop me. It was like it's okay, you know.

19:07 But nowadays I wouldn't want that, you know, but anyway, and so I quit school when I was in the eighth grade and and in order for Wally to finish school and which he did he graduated from Paschal High School in but when I quit school, I went to live with miss Connie cuz she had a invalid husband and and daddy would put him to bed and bathe him and and then the morning he'd go and race him up and dress him up for the day. Well, mom was taking care of miss miss Connie but one is Carnie broke her hip and she was going to need 24-hour care. So I was by that time I was fifteen so

19:50 I went to live with her and daddy kept his he he would still come and do mr. Carney cuz I couldn't handle him but during the day I did cuz he said in that wheelchair and not feed him or you know what I needed to be done, but I didn't have to put him in the bathroom thing like that. Cuz Daddy would take care of that. He he had that what you call it.

20:11 That bag Cricket to to pee in colostomy bag, and so he

20:20 And so that's why I stayed was with Miss Kearney for almost a year. She was a good woman and she and that's when I learned how to cook. Can you imagine I didn't learn it home, but I learned with her I learned how to make the rose biscuits and oatmeal cookies and salmon patties the these things we didn't have it home and I learned all of this good stuff at her house and then and then when I got married in 1960, she let Daddy my daddy take the bride. I was abroad in her 1960, Are you borrowed the car? She is only wedding day the day I hope so.

21:03 What's your favorite memory of of being a teenager then?

21:08 Cuz it seems like you started working when you were fifteen, and then you were married at 16.

21:14 I enjoyed all this music back in the 50s 60s, which I still have. I have a lot of good record albums of 45 of heard a lot of them here and I used to love to dance and go dancing and in the end in Haskell. I was well known cuz since I was with Miss Kearny she used to keep the ladies from the there was like four dress shops. They would come to her house and let her buy her stuff there. They would bring you dressed as you know to model love it or not and models. Tell him to hurry I should buy so they met me and guess what? I got a good credit with them. I used to buy on credit and they let me take the clothes and then pay it out as I could because I have it is coming at Ya Miss Anna is it was the coalfield department store hasn't department store and personality shop. Listen, that was wonderful.

22:14 And I in in the soon as they got new dresses and thank call me said Margie we had the new we just got the New Order you need to come and see this and and and well, I'm pretty fancy having a very good somebody at a dress shop coming to your house and that was wonderful Styles and I've seen photographs of you all dressed up you'd have hats and matching purses and Teddy coat and a nice hairstyles. You mentioned something recently about him listening to radio late at night and hearing a New Orleans radio station. Yes talk about it. When we lived in high school. The one really very many radio stations in but my my heart my husband my boyfriend, then he would listen he live down the country up in Saegertown and he would hear wnoe and in Shreveport or New Orleans New Orleans, Louisiana, and he didn't hear all the good news.

23:14 The new song the latest said he'd call me know I would call him cuz we didn't have a phone I would run to this restaurant has about a block from our our house and I would call him and he'd say let you need to listen to K Noe and that was a radio station that I listen to we could get a clear at what time did that happen at just late at night? Yeah, like 10:30 till about 1 it was a good radio station. But and then the daytime you couldn't hear it not just at night.

23:49 An Indian my parents would listen to a Mexican radio station from out of Mexico somewhere and I was telling hope the other day that my parent I could hear it like it back for Daddy would turn the radio on and you'd hear all these Mexican music and I would have told you and I said hope what does that mean? She said what they were talking about different medic medicines and I didn't know what I'm talkin news radio not just music. I like to hear that to you know, and that was the only time I heard Mexican music to back then we didn't have all these Mexican music and Mexican TV. Now we do there's lots of channels and lots of radio stations, you know.

24:36 So when you started going out with Ted with daddy daddy, did you you went out to a lot of concerts and you went dancing together? Can ye Arroyo Harbison and Roy Orbison die in Lubbock or did you have to go to the he came to Stanford? He came to Stamford high that is Stanford was about 16 miles from Haskell. So we went to see him there and we so fast on ammo and the Everly Brothers in Abilene and Fest anema wasn't in Wichita Falls. And and we would go to the west Texas fair in Abilene and we'd see all these concerts with listen to all these concerts in and Daddy and I would go dancing to the country and western comedian Jimmy. He was not a comedian. He was a good country western singer and his a heavy guy and you know what he

25:36 To Fort Worth when you in back in the like 58 through 62 and then when we moved over here to Fort Worth, we went to see him over here off of Lancaster and liking like an 89 maybe 79 cuz Daddy got sick and 8081.

25:56 Yes.

25:58 That was fun. So what's your favorite memory of the first few years of being married or talk about when you were the the day you were married when I was at what day and what year OK I got married on weed Daddy and I got married on November 26th, 1960 and Daddy was 10 minutes late and he told my favorite brother kept teasing me. He ain't coming are you coming but he did but we had a wonderful ceremony in in Haskell and the mass does the church service was in Stamford. And that was the first wedding to be held at St. Ann's Catholic Church, which still exists it was the first wedding day first wedding eyes. Was it a brand new church that are you building in Father James? He's something he's gone now, but we got married there and then we had our dinner reception and Haskell at the

26:58 And then later that evening we went on the sneaky honeymoon that we told her we were going to send Angela. We just went to a balloon.

27:10 You were you thinking people were going to follow you or what did need to tell nobody nothing. And of course, there's some of my greatest memories was. Well my first born died within a month after he was born and I was told I shouldn't get pregnant again, but we did and that's when you we had you

27:32 In 1962 and 1962

27:37 And where were you leave living Den in Stamford? And yes, I'm outside of Stamford close to Ansonia train Anson and Stanford and then Miranda was born in 64 you and Miranda were born in Stamford and Ted was born here in Fort Worth in 1970.

27:55 What was your favorite place to live?

27:59 Where I am right now, I've been there 36 years. I believed, you know, you know what have I done too much does a property. How do you say I invested all my plans my garden and everything. I love my home would you say that's one of your proudest achievements is having that home and

28:25 Making it comfortable and the way you like it having that home and having my three kids.

28:33 And being so proud of you of what things you do.

28:38 You always make me so happy. I'm so proud of you.

28:44 Because I didn't have the dreams that you had.

28:49 When it rains and you have a comforter almost all your tricks, and I'm proud of you.

29:01 Well, we know that people can achieve unless they have a good foundation a good background and lots of love and y'all definitely gave that to us both you and Daddy and it's the way you loved each other has always been a special thing. Cuz a lot of times kids don't see their parents. That's what caring for one another that's what the girl at. The entrance told me Saturday cuz I told her that when you went to Nepal.

29:29 That you carried that is hanky that one of his handkerchief and and I said that he went to bed that can't get you out up on somewhere up going up efforts mountains are somewhere. She laid it out and took a picture of her daddy's handkerchief and she said, you know what? I don't have memories of my daddy like that. She said that's wonderful that even though your husband has been gone now for 17 years.

29:58 She said that's wonderful that your daughter has those memories of him. She said there's a lot of kids that are hurting out there and that they don't even they can't find satisfaction. They can't find.

30:12 Memories to leave on a ling girl

30:15 Will you have survived a lot and you didn't get to finish school and a lot of kids now, they think they have life so hard and they didn't have have nearly though the struggle in the new being poor like you did. What would you tell those kids? What what kind of words of wisdom would you give?

30:35 Oh wow.

30:38 I just I just I just wish that they would do better because they think it's so easy just to get involved with the doing bad when they're so much beautiful life is so beautiful out there. Why do they want to do that? I don't know. I wouldn't know how to approach one and say Jay and just turn around do it right. You know why you can't talk to kids in here anymore?

31:04 Now you talk to a lot of people anyway, cuz you make friends so easily that's something that I'll always have with me is how you you we would go to the laundromat down on James Avenue. The one that was next to 7-Eleven in before we left you'd be friends with at least two other women in there and they be coming over to our house or they come over to see your plants and you meet people who drive down the street to her admirer your lawn and how about the other day when I stop to show off Marley my dog to that lady that had her dog out in the yard the same kind of dog you do and where did you get that from that friendliness?

31:43 What do you think you got that for? I think I think I got it for myself.

31:48 You got it where my mom was very friendly, but I think I fell I passed my mom. Where does it come from inside you what? What do you think that spirit is my spirit and my my love my heart is full of love and like I have told several people. There's some people that are that don't look good. But if you had love in your heart that would make you a very loving but if you don't have love in your heart and your ugly, that's sad.

32:19 Because no matter what you look like if you had love in your heart, that would make a difference.

32:28 That's a beautiful thing to have and to know that you you would knowledge that you gave it to yourself. No, that's that's powerful to know that you you made it for yourself and like, you know, I care for a lot of not the little ladies that I help and I love them and and I pretended like they're my mom.

32:49 And I'll take good care of him and and buy first they love me and I love them, you know.

32:57 Is there one or more things that you'd like to do that you haven't done yet that you think about doing?

33:07 The only thing I wish that Brandon kid would be

33:13 In more control of their lies

33:18 Before I before I leave this life, I would like to see them settled and and how do you say it up more financially settle in and you I mean I'm proud of you and and if they could only learn some some of the things you know that they need to know now, they're getting up in their age and they need to know and and I don't I'm not going to give up cuz I'm in agreement with God and God we have agreed that I will sleep with their first real.

33:56 That's a big hope that a mother can have that's really something I think a lot of mothers want to see and hope for in their children.

34:11 I wanted to ask you if I'm

34:16 If you could sing that song that you used to sing.

34:20 When I was a queen, that was a little bitty baby old when I was a little bitty baby my mama would Rock Me In The Cradle Nancy. I forgot it. That's about as much as you've ever saying that beginning or both of y'all were little I used to just see that at all. I would just go. I used to I used to sing a lot but somehow I had lost that but

34:56 I don't seem like I used to but I do laugh so that takes of that plays the part of singing I laugh a lot then you make a lot of people laugh at you do a lot of fun things. I remember when the neighbors next door had a pile of them branches and cut up and piled up on the on the yard. You went and Drew little smiley face every end of everyone. And as soon as I saw that I knew you had done it. Yeah, that was really need. I've got pictures of that. So it's like you have a childlike spirit and you do these funny little things probably to please yourself more but other people in end up enjoying them to yeah. Well, I guess we're young at heart all the time to me. You'll you You Oughta Know that too. But yes and not I see I see God's loving a lot of things and I pay attention. I say look this sometimes I can be sad and all the sudden.

35:56 There's something that shows me. Hey here. This will make you happy and I see I am paying attention you're paying attention you pay attention it gets better and you have a son that's what it is. I'm listening and you say you have some of your brothers and sisters have already passed away. But some are still living. What do you wish for them for the remainder of their lives?

36:26 Like my mind Lily.

36:30 Well

36:35 I wish that they would live. I think I'm living the good life and I wish that they would be a little bit more open and

36:47 And

36:49 And enjoy life the way it should be.

36:53 I'm just glad we don't live back there and stand for anymore. We're over here and we can there's a lot of things to learn every day over here.

37:01 Even at my age I'm learning.

37:04 What's the best thing that's ever been given to you?

37:13 I had a lot of love given to me from Daddy and and

37:20 I guess my kids.

37:25 And I'm probably not recently got myself a car gave myself a brand new car and a little dog. Oh, yeah, since you treat like a little boyfriend and something else. I love Marley. Yes. I found Marley October 22nd. He's going to be a year with me now and

37:46 He's precious. I just love him. He's a great companion.

37:51 And going back to Daddy your husband when he died. He was in his early 50s that he was 52 when he died. He got sick at 42. He was sick for nine years and then he died in 1990 but in 1980 had a brain tumor that affected and you need to know this cuz you never went to the doctor with me.

38:20 Daddy had a brain tumor that damaged optic nerve so he became blind doctor Bechtel thought that maybe after he got the tumor out that he would get his eyesight back, but he didn't he lost that left eye side and then later he lost completely blind.

38:39 Daddy, what's a diabetic but he didn't he didn't become blind because he was a diabetic Tammy daddy died of Parkinson because Dr. Shundori he was he was one of the last doctor's that's on him and Funk Parkinson had settled in daddy. So Daddy's law jaws locked the day. He died. The night he died.

39:04 And that's what took daddy's life.

39:08 In the end it was sad for nine long years and now he's been gone 17 years, but but somehow he's providing. He's looking he's watching he's watching he knows every step and everything. We all have a relationship with him still that's never going to end from home for great memories of faith and all that ended. Do you remember?

39:31 What was it 2 years ago when the pope died that the channel 8 came to my house and you know, you do because Daddy had been blessed by the Pope in San Antonio of 87. We have driven we had driven their daddy was already sick and and we went there and we had to sign in ASL for handicapped people cuz Daddy was sick. And so and he got they gave us a special treatment to get there in the Gulf court and during end at 5 in the morning and that golf cart and then and before you knew it they mention daddy's name that he was going to get to be on the red carpet and greeted by the pope and Miranda your sister was in Florida in and she was watching TV cuz the pope was in San Antonio in Texas and in and she got to see Daddy over national TV.

40:26 The beautiful memories. Thanks for sharing everything. You've shared been really special. Thank you with a lot of enjoy doing this.

40:38 I love you. I love you, too.