Betty Jane Isaacs Moczygemba, Mary Margaret Isaacs Inselmann, and Mary Jane Moczygemba Verette

Recorded March 6, 2008 Archived March 6, 2008 39:57 minutes
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Betty Jane Moczygemba, Mary Inselmann, and Mary Jane Verette remember Genevieve Isaacs, Betty and Mary’s mother and Mary Jane’s grandmother.

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Betty and Mary share their earliest memories of their mother with Mary Jane.
Betty remembers living during the Depression and describes the family’s home at that time, which they purchased for $6000.
The women remember their family’s Christmas celebration and traditions. Mary describes the extensive menu of turkey, fruit cake, green bean casserole, and ambrosia.
The women remember their family’s Easter traditions, including Betty’s egg dyeing parties.
Betty tells Mary Jane of the family’s Irish roots, remembering their ancestors from the American Revolution.


  • Betty Jane Isaacs Moczygemba
  • Mary Margaret Isaacs Inselmann
  • Mary Jane Moczygemba Verette

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