Paula Bendel and Rhonda Pupella

Recorded April 6, 2008 Archived April 6, 2008 38:29 minutes
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Sisters Paula Bendel and Rhonda Pupella remember their grandparents, Clyde and Mabel Nancarrow (paternal) and Herbert and Sarah Phelps (maternal), and share stories of their time on the family farms.

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The sisters describe their Nancarrow grandparents’ work. Mabel was a suffragette and schoolteacher, and Clyde was a doctor and Depression-era railroad worker.
Paula describes Mabel’s longtime friends of the Cola Club.
The women describe Sarah Phelps’ first engagement and her ending the relationship and remember Sarah’s children.
Rhonda shares the story of her mother’s conception and birth and describes her and Paula’s childhood memories of the Phelps’ family farm, Turkey Creek.
The sisters remember their mother, Arnetha Nancarrow, and their mother’s pet chickens.


  • Paula Bendel
  • Rhonda Pupella