Lois Lenzi and Sonya Michelle Lenzi

Recorded May 25, 2008 Archived May 25, 2008 35:11 minutes
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Lois Lenzi talks with her daughter Sonya about meeting her husband, giving birth to Soyna and what it was like to raise Soyna and her other two daughters.

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Lois talks about the car they bought when the were first married
Lois gave birth to Soyna (who was one month late) and had to drive herself home from the hospital because her mother didn’t drive a stick
Lois wanted a strong woman name and says that it is why she picked the name Soyna. She remembers Soyna painting her sister with green paint
Lois and Soyna talk about Soyna’s room growing up and how it was decorated
Soyna asks Lois if she is worried that she isn’t married and has no kids
Lois and Soyna talk about Soyna’s father’s involvement in all of the girls’ lives
Lois talks about the move from Boston to Boise
Lois’s words of wisdom are that she should be happy, enjoy each day and keep gardening


  • Lois Lenzi
  • Sonya Michelle Lenzi