Russell Dale and Serena Stickney

Recorded July 28, 2008 Archived July 28, 2008 39:23 minutes
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Id: MBY004268


Serena Stickney interviews Russell Dale, reunited after twenty years. They talk about who they were in the third grade, who they are now, and what they want to be in the future.

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After relaying how they found each other again after twenty years, Serena asks Russell about “the salts” - referring to the many types of salt his family invented to flavor their food.
Russell describes being a student whose father had died, and finding supporting father-figures in his teachers. He goes on to talk about the importance of “Back to The Future” in his life -- time-travel appealed to his desire to have his father back, but also nurtured a fascination with history, science fiction and a subsequent writing career.
Russell describes having bought Serena a locket in the third grade, although he never got to give it to her because she moved away. He was devastated, but saved it for twenty years, after which he was finally able to present it to her upon their reunion. They clearly love each other on some level.
Serena describes herself as somewhat of a goof-ball nerd-type. As a child she had a permed mullet, and freely told embarrassing stories about herself that crystallize her sense of integrity.
The two discuss Russ’s life at this moment in time, how he is on the cusp of fulfilling his life’s desires - although he hesitates to chase his dreams or even name them. He mentions crying himself to sleep, and having no home. Serena describes her dreams of opening an orphanage in Mexico, and being filled with lots of love to give.


  • Russell Dale
  • Serena Stickney