Albin Dahlgren and Chad Haatvedt

Recorded September 5, 2008 Archived September 5, 2008 39:37 minutes
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Chad Haatvedt interviews his father Albin Dahlgren about the chronology of his life.

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Albin was born on a farm in Adams, North Dakota. He describes his family, what he did for fun, life during the Great Depression and the chores that he had to do as a child.
Albin tells about the time in his life when he joined the service, went to school for Electric Services and then got his first job at Sears Roebuck.
Albin worked for Philco for awhile in Fargo, repairing televisions. He then got married and looked for a “better job” which he found at A1 Radio and TV. He describes moving on to another job after that in Silver Bay and then goes back to a story about how he met his wife in a bar.
Albin has always been a “tinkerer and inventor.” He talks about a telescope and a solar collector that he made.
When Chad and Albin first met, how Albin fills his days now and how honored Chad feels to have Albin as a father-in-law.


  • Albin Dahlgren
  • Chad Haatvedt