Sherrilyn Adams and Stacee Adams

Recorded April 6, 2009 Archived April 6, 2009 39:58 minutes
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Stacee interviews her mother about the time in her life when she was single and free.

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Stacee is single and the world is full of possibility, and she wants to hear about that time in her mom’s life.
Sherri was called a rebel in high school. She was a war protester, which wasn’t the norm in UT. She had long hair, wore bellbottoms, little makeup, went barefoot.
Sherri was enveloped in music in high school. She loved rock music that made her get up and move.
Stacee feels like a late bloomer. She has really come into her own lately. She was very much influenced by her mom.
In high school they had to take a class on planning your wedding. The boys had to plan the honeymoon.


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