Irene Prince and Gary Prince

Recorded May 11, 2009 Archived May 11, 2009 43:33 minutes
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Gary interviews his grandmother Irene about her life.

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Irene was born Annie Irene Swain, but she didn’t want to be called Annie because they had a dog named Annie.
Irene’s father’s store had an advertisement for the movie theater on the side. Irene could go to the movies every Saturday night.
Irene would wake up at 4am, work 10 hour days at the Boeing plant in Wichita, KS and then go roller skating until midnight.
Friends invited Irene and her husband, Don, to go sailing from the East coast to the West coast via the Panama Canal, but they said no. The boat ended up being lost in a storm.
Gary’s dad was 18 when he was born.


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