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Gary interviews his grandmother Irene about her life.

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Irene was born Annie Irene Swain, but she didn’t want to be called Annie because they had a dog named Annie.
Irene’s father’s store had an advertisement for the movie theater on the side. Irene could go to the movies every Saturday night.
Irene would wake up at 4am, work 10 hour days at the Boeing plant in Wichita, KS and then go roller skating until midnight.
Friends invited Irene and her husband, Don, to go sailing from the East coast to the West coast via the Panama Canal, but they said no. The boat ended up being lost in a storm.
Gary’s dad was 18 when he was born.


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00:06 My name is Gary Prince. I'm 37. Today's date is May 11th, 2009. We're in Eugene, Oregon and I'm interviewing my grandmother Irene.

00:16 My name is Irene Prince and my age is 84 and today's date is May 11th, 2009. We're in Eugene Oregon and relationship to my partner is I'm his grandmother. Let's go see my grandson out of work.

00:35 See you were born on January 1st. 1925. That is correct. What about being a New Year's baby happened that year did they do anything special for your parents getting the next year they gave away baby buggies to the first baby born. You were born Annie Irene, Swain. You tell me why you don't go buy any because when I was a little girl, my daddy came home with a bird dog named Annie and I got teased about being named after a dog.

01:10 Can you still don't have a dog? I don't have a dog and I don't like that name to I did learn later though that I was named Annie because it was my mother's great-aunt her. Favorite grey dancing. Okay, Annie Ruth rare.

01:24 And how old were your parents when you were born to remember?

01:29 No, I don't know where that young parents I think so. They were about 2:22 when they married and I had a brother and a sister over and I-35 about 2728. I stay in their late 20s.

01:44 And I know wants to know what it was like for you to live through the Dust Bowl and depression. St. And depressing depressing ourselves do it, but my grandparents out in eastern Colorado. I had to tie ropes from the house to the pump house to the well house.

02:05 In order to keep from getting lost during the dust storms when they would go from the house up to the pump house to get something for dinner because that was a refrigerator and

02:15 And then as far as the depression, well, we didn't have a whole lot, but we have a lot of love.

02:23 I remember you told me that your dad had an auto shop that had the the billboard on the side and advertised on by the same person and he got passes for putting that allowing them to put that billboard advertisement on the shop and there was enough passes for us five kids to go to the movie in for Saturday night for a month except for that last Saturday. I think he had to pay a dollar dollar and a half something in Norfolk against all in the Netflix the time so I'm out of money. Can you have the time that he only made $0.25 in a week told him it was one week when he said he didn't take any. I'm not a whole thing that hold long raising 5 kids and everybody still made up made it to adulthood.

03:18 That you also that was a time that you got to see The Wizard of Oz in the theater and I never bothered to ask but is that the first time you saw a movie go to color but it was among the very first it was the the most outstanding all I remember how I felt or how the audience react when she ran.

03:43 So when you were in high school you were on the track team. And so Sarah Donnell at Donnell says you had a rifle range in the basement of high school. Did you learn to shoot? Yeah, we had to go down underneath the gym. We had to climb over all of these pipes that were down there to get back to where the the shooting range was. Well,

04:06 And then so when you were young woman you became a Rosie the Riveter in World War II. How old were you when you did that you remember I was right out of high school 18. Wow, and I would have to hold a 25 lb squeeze press gun over my head to rivet icebox rivet jeans, you had to get them in there and set and riveted before they got warm or they wouldn't work. Oh my goodness. That's without the main job that you had while you do while you work for them. And that was on the forward half of the Bombay Bombay section of the B-29 when it was in the Boeing plant in Wichita, Kansas. Do you remember specifically any of your co-workers the Galaxy worked with anything about did they do anything Friday or keep track of each other and now they were just

05:00 But just like me they were just going to a job and having fun. How did you feel about doing a man's job at the time? It was considered a man's job. I did not consider the riveting to be a man's job when they asked me to do a man's job. I told him no and I got a pink slip for it. Really? Yes. Add a Bombay section was set into a jig metal stuff that we worked with was that into this jig. They asked me to set up the jig which is a heavy metal piece. Sure. And I said no, you've got a man here that can do that job and they gave me a pink slip for it. But you know the next time they set up another jig was a man doing it in the man. Did it every time after that other man appreciated that actually

05:48 Know what were the working conditions like at the time compared to now when we were you working? I mean probably not a standard 8 hour day with weekends off and then order thing with some I think we just had Saturdays off or Sundays sure as one day everybody was pulling for the war effort in the morning and Daddy was driving a pickup truck. Can you pick up people along the way to the plant go ahead and do my 10 hours then come back with Daddy then go in and change my clothes and grab a bite to eat and run down and catch the bus go to town in roller skate until midnight come home with me tonight and go back to bed and get up and do it all over again the next day and down those teenagers.

06:35 What do we are working conditions as far as like did you have to wear a hard hat safety glasses and that kind of thing or was it just me or did you see people get hurt with it. We had to have her hair covered with no Lucerne or loose ends on our our hair covering and we wore jumpsuits. Okay.

06:58 We have the special jumpsuits as we had to wear so.

07:02 But that and I think we had hard as steel toed shoes. We wore to how much did you make for that job back in the day?

07:13 You know, I don't remember but it was good wage. I do know that I took my first paycheck and spend it on everybody in the family and then got chewed because I spent all my money I should save it. I remember you mentioned in one time that you babysat with a six kids for a whole week with a whole weekend of it. And you got paid a dollar for that and you were excited to make that much money. I don't remember the specific specific incident, but we did $0.50 an hour was a real good wage back then and it was some

07:51 I went to it with a people to Oklahoma one time should take care of their children and for him while they were gone. But that was about the only time I ever spend you do more than just a night. I need thing as house babysitting kids. Go back to being a Rosie the Riveter. What were the circumstances around the job ending did was there a big layoff or no? I quit and went to New York to New York City with my sister-in-law Maxine cuz she wanted to go see her husband who was my brother and he was stationed at Aberdeen Maryland. So we took the train and we went back to New York City and I stayed there for a couple of weeks and then time for me to go home and texting didn't want to go so I had to come home all by myself.

08:45 Play little girl from Kansas. What's the heaviest bencher had to change trains in Chicago and I got in a crowd in the first got the car and pulled the ring on the strap off and there was fortunately the conductor saw it happen and brought it to me. My guardian angel again was looking after me.

09:14 So when what about about what time in life did you meet Grandpa?

09:19 I met him probably were going through this roller skating stage.

09:23 In the when I was 18 right after I got out of high school. He was Rose. My little sister Rosie's dance partner. They were taking Dance Floor skating dance lessons. She could skate better and I couldn't he could do until they were Partners. So then afterwards then we'd have our regular session and we don't go get together and go out and have fun hamburger malts afterwards and it was one of those times when there have been a sailor up there roller skating and he was kind of, you know, we're going along with this cuz he didn't have anybody else and I ain't feeling step behind him, right? You know, how come back here, but I'm gone ever noticed me. You're being a ham.

10:19 And so you were 18 when you met them and keeps you hadn't done much dating before performing Grandpa.

10:28 They're at the wizard of roller rink that you would go to that kind of the big thing to do with the time and they played music and how they have malts or what not there on site or did you go to another like a diner or we went to another Diner afterwards so they couldn't have too much food. Are they end up on the on the wrench around 18? How long did you recording before you got married? I was married at twenty. I was 14 days past 20 when I got married when I was at considered old for the for the day to to get married.

11:04 Well, I don't know that you would say it was over because during that time it was during the war there was a lot of quick weddings because time is short and we got married on the date that we did because my brother was going to be the best man. We had to wait for him to get leave from the service to come home for the wedding. So, you know, it was a very quickly planned wedding. So you hadn't been together too long was probably 10 months cuz I was going with him in November when he tried to shoot me. Okay. Now there's a story there.

11:44 Well, it's not as much of a story as it sounds like we were out target shooting and I'm laying on the ground with a rifle and he's standing up with with a pistol and he starts to do something with a pistol that fires off the side my hand while he had just given me my engagement ring. I just want it if you don't want to marry me just say so you don't have to show.

12:10 Boy, that's a dollar to get a mixed message there.

12:15 So you guys had a really active social life when you were with me before having kids. You went quite a while before having kids understand you were members of Social Clubs and there was a social club in Inglewood where we were living at the time. It's called The Angel airs and we participated in that they had dances soon. They going to do a horseback ride from that part of Englewood down to Redondo Beach down to the beach right at night on horses and then come back and put the horses in the stable and set up and play penny-ante poker till till somebody decided they wanted to go to Santa Barbara for breakfast and we jump in the car and drive to Santa Barbara and have breakfast and then we crash sounds like this was a far stretch from from Wichita. So when what was it worth it took you out to, California?

13:15 Where to go to school at USC because it had a very good engineering school. Will he got through maybe one semester and that was about as far as he got with his schooling at USC. He went to some other schools later on but he went out with a fellow that was driving out during the war can you know, it's kind of hard to get gas stamps and then I took the training went out in

13:43 Month later, I think it was my other two later. And that's how come we ended up about their plus fact that he said that she'd never live in the same time with my folks or his folks.

13:55 Cuz he felt like the emerge would have a better success if there was annoying Florence or any interruptions, you know from the in-laws. How long were you married 53 years before he passed away?

14:14 Now he he was working for Lockheed and don't I was wondering what it was like to have him gone for extended periods of time when the limo would pull up and he dashed out the door and you wouldn't know when he was coming back or where he was going over the time. I got around to that why I kind of gotten used to it because he would take a shorter trips where I wouldn't know where he was going like when Oroville was a baby. I kept track of it one time and he was gone exactly half of the time of a month holding us, so

14:45 And it just was something to do and never thought anything about it was just like having breakfast the three kids.

14:58 And did you go into your adult life or even as a kid wanting kids or was that something that just sort of happened? Do you know who I always wanted as I would have been a bit, but at the time it probably wasn't decided we're going to have to

15:17 Other how the best laid plans

15:21 Who who is the light of mine already know the answer but it was at the one that most in trouble as far as with the kids went.

15:31 Who was the hardest race I would say it was horrible and he's getting more like his father all the time. Even these days. It was so amazing to when when Grandpa died, of course it in an unfortunate leaving like right now and I didn't learn enough about him before either that to hear that he had. It was just an incredibly smart man on his own and did you know how to had fellas that were had a much larger paper education on beneath him that he was in charge of they used to call him the encyclopedia the walking encyclopedia.

16:14 It did have a broad range of knowledge.

16:20 So you remember anything funny specifically that the kids did?

16:29 Or was it just so many funny things that start with a

16:34 I don't remember anything specifically I can tell you a few things that they were doing that they got in trouble for that might be another conversation for another time. So when you were young and maybe when the kids were young you remember meeting anyone interesting or taken trips or member of the story about the the family that wanted you to take the boat trip with him do that was before kids this Steve will barge in his wife and their son. They lived up there in Santa Monica and his grandfather holds the patent for the Creole soul that all of the telephone poles are dipped in for every one of those telephone poles his grandfather got two cents.

17:22 So, you know how many telephone poles are at the end Steve's father or grandfather had lots of money when it comes to Christmas time. He didn't know what to give him. So he gives Steve a check for $500 and it gives Charlotte one for 250. And Lance that check for $100 will save wanted to go back to

17:41 Massachusetts, was it back a someplace on the

17:48 I think it was the Hudson. No, it wasn't that anyway doesn't matter if you wanted to go back there and pick up a boat. And then he wanted to sail it down the east coast and around through the Panama Canal and back up the West Coast.

18:01 And he wanted done and I to go with me as a 40-foot sailboat and wanted us to go with him to help him say it and it's just well, you know Steve's a very nice fellow and I really enjoy him, but I cannot see spending that like the time on a 40 foot boat with Steve. I said, no, I don't go he said okay, we don't go well when he picked up the boat getting to a nor'easter and it was swept to Sea and they never found them.

18:30 That's a that's always amaze me to think of the my guardian angel again. There it is. And I thought about how much that would have affected the future of the whole the whole way we were going

18:49 Was I know that Orville's real big on Fast Cars and that sort of thing was I was Grandpa ever like that when you guys were young did you ever have anything that was ridiculous? We didn't we had some friends that had a little lamb hot rods that they run in the dry lakes lake beds out in the Mojave Desert and we go out and he'd write in there. So every once in awhile, I get to drive it be so amazing when we could never afford that kind of stuff do any kids when I talk to you or grandpa or just remember the way your lives were versus the way the lives are of people. I know it's it's still night and day and it'll never be that way again if you we went out and experience things and we watch it on TV.

19:43 When you move to to Madras and your but you've been a small business owner in Cupertino with it was that when you guys got started on being on your own in the service station and never sustained lucky. He was laid off or layed off and so he couldn't find another job. So he went into business into the service station business. We were in there for 6 years.

20:18 Before coming to Oregon before moving to Oregon. No, Dennis came up to her to see a friend and then you you all followed up there after the gym.

20:39 When I turn 18, I'm I'm moving to Oregon with all his birthday was on Saturday or Friday. And on Saturday heal after Mother's Day was Sunday. He wouldn't stay another day longer he left and he moved to Oregon. He was up here for a year and

20:55 Things are not going the way I wanted them to in.

20:59 California in so Isis

21:03 Let's go to Oregon and wild in acid also.

21:09 Called and talked to his father about two maybe going in business him going into Dennis going into business for himself in in Madras. And so but he wanted financing. So we said well, let's go investigate it while we went investigated. We did it ourselves instead of financing him. I tell everybody I couldn't get Dennis to come home. So I had to bring the rest of family.

21:40 Yeah, that's told me about that market research that that he and Grandpa dead where they just drove up on the hill and look out of mattress and it's been successful ever since well, he said he went into the grocery store and he asks is clerks in there. Who would you recommend to do your auto repair and they had nobody that they could recommend several repair places, but there was nobody that they could you know just dropped the Hamed recommend. So he said okay that sounds like a good mistress to be in the service station had a had a repair Bay in that sort of thing as well say goodnight. Did they did like mechanical work?

22:28 So then Jim and Dennis and grandpa just sort of figured it out as they went became mechanical at that point and then Jim and dentist and oral just picked it up as they went along every time there was a school of any kind to come up with and they were off to that school and get the education for it.

22:52 The we went into business and put the partnership of the boys doing the labor and we Finance did the financing. That's how the partnership started and then did you start intoeing to begin with or was that later that was part of the business. We went into the tow truck came with it and not Orville was offered the opportunity to go into business with them also, but at that particular point in time, he was more interested in electronics and he was going into the Navy so he did not go into business with him.

23:28 Know, how did how did you react to being told you were going to be a grandmother for the first time?

23:34 You really want to know where the kids are awful young. I don't know. I don't have to if I don't want to I think I'll reserve my answer on that before. We had our first child then we had children for 9 years. And then the first grandchild was 9 years later.

24:06 Yep, your dad was 18 when you were born. I was so if I was 28 and 18 is 3046 or 6.

24:15 Little younger than you wanted

24:19 That's kind of already been forced grandmother. Grandmother. Yeah Yep. This is something that Donnell brought up and I'm sure you would never forget this but I did cuz it happened early on in life that you're that you survived cancer.

24:42 I didn't forget it completely. But yeah, it's been 27 me or any problems with her know. I was very fortunate. I took chemo which people nowadays don't do it and most the time anybody taken came over to lose all of their hair. Will I just lost lost the black so why here stays and if you look at Donna's wedding pictures, you'll see I'm totally white headed and then in time the black grew back in again the name for that. I don't know but I took treatments for once a month for 12 months. Now, my little sister is going in for a limb lumpectomy today and she will be taking radiation 5 days a week for six weeks. So she's going to be on it. I think she's getting a lot more than I got but then when I finish mine

25:42 Maya treatments I thought this is very interesting. They shot him. I think it was a radioactive material in the blood system and then they tracked it as it went through the system and this would material if there was any cancer it would light up like a sparkler on it. And otherwise it would run to the ends Tippin's of your fingers and your toes and they just Sparkle likes referees out there. I found that very interesting to watch them know you didn't feel the same but I got to watch the picture, you know is if it went through the system and you can see the fingers and toes Sparkle the

26:33 The treatments themselves were not bad, but there was an odor to it and they hospital or the doctor's office itself. The whole thing just reeked to this order to the point that when I would receive a billing statement in the mail, it would have this order on it and it was I think about 3 years or more after I finish treatment before I can smell at end and not get sick at my stomach because of it. Sure. Did they get the whole thing taken care of the first dryer to finish my treatments? So unlike again, I was very fortunate but I had the lumps under my arm for 10 years before anything was done about it. Oh, oh really? Yes. They were cancerous for 10 years in prison would like a little bit bigger.

27:33 And when they diagnosed me and asked me how long I'd had these lumps. I said it about 10 years and he said we have to start looking at people's immune system in regards to cancer and it wasn't long after that before. I heard him talking on the TV about people's immune system in regard to cancer cuz you know, you can have a good immune system. And obviously I had a very slow-growing one cancer plus a good immune system and I got through it very well. I got a beautiful spread for the bread out of the cabin that I made for him. And that when you quit smoking or did you continue to smoke for a while after the cancer? I think I smoke after cancer.

28:23 Did you have a hard time quitting?

28:26 Oh gosh, no wallet, quit three times, but such were not bad for a lot of books. Of course. This was over periods of time. You know, I'd quit only be for 5 years or so and then the last time at 2

28:41 NetSpend

28:44 First was 20 years ago now I guess it was such a common thing. Everybody smoke we had no idea what they told me that it wasn't good for the baby. But you know, I found something wouldn't give me heartburn. So I went and smoked it. Was that something that when you were roller skating and where were people that young smoking at the roller rink, or was it not until you move to California? Do you think that is good for her? Yes didn't stop me.

29:30 Dennis was wondering what the most challenging time of your life was and white kids really and there was you're pretty much on your own then you didn't have your mom there nearby to like my mother came out after gym was born and then she came out for a while after Dennis was born in and we'll see when she was born. Daddy took her.

30:00 Don thit my father deep sea fishing. So then when Dennis was born why they had to come back because mother hadn't been deep-sea fishing so so mother and I got to go deep sea fishing that time that was an experience. We rented the pool. We're out there fishing away and I'm done said he never got the fish because he was so busy putting the debate on my toll for me so I can fix some Buddy Holly.

30:34 I'm just trying to hang on to it so I don't have to pay for it.

30:46 What's what's the earliest memory?

30:50 Earliest time I can remember is when Rosie was born. I was three years old and she was born at home and we go in to see mother in the new baby and they want to know what they should name and Aunt Lena had a nice that had black long curls pretty little girl and I wanted to name her and her name was Rose Marie and I wanted to name Rosie Rose Marie. So she'd be pretty like that little girl. That's how it works. Well mother ended up calling her Rosella. She turned out to be pretty nice or not. Didn't have the long curls on the prettiest Smiles of anybody. I know though.

31:34 II was remembering this morning. Actually there was a story on the radio about people who have survived polio and how even though some of them have been cured. They're starting to have some effects of having stop having been through that. I think you had friends that had Polio when you were young and you two best friends were both Ruth Marie. She can her legs were so she could use it but this one foot and never grew any more than it was at this time. She had the polio and the other one she had she couldn't use her leg one leg too well and they ended up amputating at the knee before she was

32:19 Out of the age for hospitalization for children's hospital. He was I think 18 or 20 somewhere around there when she had her leg amputated and she had such a great sense of humor. She would go out in the evening with her prosthesis and she come home with it thrown over her shoulder. So that must have been kind of a scary thing at the at the time to mrs. Hale had given Ruth Ruth and castor oil. She would have never had Polio, but what you got

33:07 When we were growing up.

33:09 Mother decided to go shopping one time and she asked Grandma to keep us while my grandma lived in what we called a basement house. It was a basement in the ground when there's a roof over the top of it for tornado, sir.

33:28 So this is this is dirt floor.

33:33 Steps up and out in the dirt and then you got to pass out to the Outhouse. So mother gives all of us kids a dose of castor oil because it's just before school starts and she thinks she's going to clean us all out. So we stay in school. We won't get sick during the year. She gives us all a dose of castor oil takes his ass to get to Grandma's and it rains and all of these kids in and out because of the cast after that every time mother ask Grandma to stay if the kids could stay with her. She said did you give me I think not

34:16 What's

34:19 What are things that you miss about the past?

34:22 As far as difference in community or the slower pace

34:30 We had time to do things then.

34:33 And actually when you come right down to it, I would probably did a lot more than you can do now because so much more is expected of you now, that's true.

34:44 Like him when we had our mother, my mother had to do all of her laundry on the washboard.

34:54 And she was expected to do laundry in that was it but nowadays you do laundry. You take care of the kids. Should you go to the PTA meeting to volunteer at the hospital? And you do this you do that and it's all expected of you, but you don't have time to sit in that rocking chair out there on that front porch in and watch the world go by tool storage. Yes. Yes words. You should know one thing. I've noticed that it's amazing to me as there's that used to be a lot of sexism in there still isn't so some regard but now I think we've gone who tried to get so far away from that that every man feels he needs to be able to do everything that every woman does and vice-versa that every woman should be able to raise kids and have that career and keep the beautiful home and do all of these things and be happy about it at all times cuz that's the way we are when we the only one time her I consider that and that's if you're traveling in an RV unit you each need to know what the other

35:54 When does something happens to you got to be able to take over their responsibilities another incident when we were in the hospital in Massachusetts with the infected blood vessel, and he's there for two or three days and he's he's real concerned. What am I going to do with this truck and fifth wheel?

36:20 And he said she was just have to sell it. That's all there is to it while he's tell me about it later. And I said no way there's things in there that I will not get cannot give up, but will not give up. I said we are going home and I'm going to learn to drive this truck and trailer.

36:36 So we headed back home.

36:38 And we hate take some white buckets we go out to the fairgrounds. He sets them up for campsites and I'm to put this trailer in this campsite. So we spend one whole day about 3 hours out there trying to put this trailer in the he keeps saying straighten it up while he's talking about getting my wheel straight and I think he means the truck and trailer straight face shirt put away up here and straighten. Let me try and back it back here. And then that just doesn't work. So after 3 hours a week folded up and we go back to the shop and the boys as well Mom. How'd you do are since I wiped out that hole for us.

37:20 Next day we go back and he sets up the sites for me again. And then he goes over. Well then sits on the fence and leaves me to my own.

37:29 I learned to put it in there. I didn't do a fantastic job. But I knew if I had to I could if I couldn't do it. I stopped into an RV park if the people in the park can't park it for me. I'll go to the next RV park. It'll a find one that does.

37:54 Let that kind of reminds me of when do you think that living through the depression affected how you do things now or I mean obviously I probably did I hear on TV now what you need to do to help you survive through this depression and everything. They're telling me is what I've done all of my life. I'll just common sense learned from you a lot of the ways that we manage our money Carly and I and we hear about all the belt tightening measures and things that people are having to do and we're doing just fine keeping things the way they are both of those credit cards now.

38:32 The the envelopes the putting money in envelopes as was a really smart thing and I actually that was a great thing to learn.

38:42 But I could save you some money. I mean you could earn you some money. I guess she called out any money. I just balance my statement from the bank and I'm already 1.35% money that will advertise that as being something good.

38:58 So, you know what, we know what you miss about the past. What about the present do you prefer over the way things were done besides flush toilets and that kind of thing indoor heating chop wood. That is nice. But I always have been on a lot of folks of your generation are like using computers and cell phones and that kind of thing. You took took right to that is that you think from working in offices and run a business is the way you have. I will be left behind. I made that comment to when I learn to operate the credit card at a gas pump. I made the statement to my in front of my brother-in-law that I

39:48 What's showing how to do it and I decided I needed to learn how or I'd be left behind you and he started doing it right into it matters first. Will he followed this phone one time the first thing you did when we got there was to go in and get a drink of water. First thing. He did after he got his drink alarms go out and pull up his freshwater tank and drain all that other water out and put everything that has water as the opal Springs bottled water in what are your good point? All right there.

40:36 How would you think you'd like to be remembered?

40:44 It's nice how you know, we all have these Grand expectations and then lofty goals in life and really it all boils down to the basic things of being male family and friends and things that that matter like that.

41:00 Well, I'm pretty proud of what I've done. I think you've done very well and I look at the state of things in the world in general and and then look at our family and how real fortunate we are that everybody's in good health and everybody's taken care of and we don't have anybody in and we do we're all friends talk to my sister. I haven't talked to her in 10 years about why not? Nobody going to be closer to Hawaii?

41:31 Anything in life that

41:33 Could keep you from talking to him. I wouldn't think no point in even if she did steal your husband. There's always another fish in the sea.

41:51 So after all that's happened. Do you have any regrets?

41:58 I don't dwell on regrets. So I don't know if that I have any that's good.

42:04 I'd rather looked the happy side. I'll look for the Silver Lining is much brighter way to live and I don't care how bad it looks today. You just keep looking one of these days that Silver Linings going to show up and everything. That's true.

42:30 Well, I just I wanted to let you know how what an honor it's been for me to be able to do this with you and to be able to get the whole family thought of me to to be the one to talk to you.

42:41 Well, I thank you for doing it.

42:45 And you're definitely the most interesting person. I know I've spent so many hours talking with people about nothing and then sometimes it's real fulfilling and fun. A lot of times you walk away with no feeling of anything having happened, but

43:03 Life you flat is so much more interesting than what's going on in the world.

43:12 I think it's a very boring.

43:15 Nothing fancy just common ordinary.

43:20 Life the one you led. It's mine.

43:29 But thank you. Thank you.