Frederick Earl DeCamp and Cynthia Betts

Recorded June 14, 2009 Archived June 14, 2009 38:04 minutes
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Frederick Earl DeCamp, 91, by his niece, Cynthia Betts, 61, about growing up near the Grand Coulee Dam and being in the air force.

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He remembers games he played on the Colville Reservation.
He remembers his first ride in an airplane.
He lived in Alaska for the War Department.
He lost his first and second wife to cancer.
He was a trouble maker in the military always spoke his mind.
He took pictures during his time in World War II.


  • Frederick Earl DeCamp
  • Cynthia Betts

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00:04 My name is Cynthia Betts and I am 61 years old. Today's date is June 14th 2009 and we're in Wenatchee Washington and I'm going to interview my uncle.

00:20 I'm Frederick Hurley camp.

00:23 91 years old

00:27 Andron, Wenatchee, Washington a day, June 14th 2009

00:37 Okay. Well Uncle Earl let's start at the beginning when and where were you born?

00:45 I was born on my father's Homestead.

00:49 In November 28th, 1917 north of Nashville and Washington about 8 Miles and

01:00 Indian Reservation

01:02 What was it like growing up on the reservation?

01:06 Well

01:09 We didn't have the things that we have today.

01:13 Didn't have refrigerators. You didn't have inside Plumbing we had.

01:24 We drank Azar Creek Water other quick and it would probably better than we've got to get out of work after today.

01:36 Completed. Okay, who were your parents? Tell us a little bit about them early camping Florence Nobles.

01:47 Until they got married and a marriage married in Waterville, Washington in 1916.

01:55 My father came from Indiana my mother come from, Illinois.

02:01 Anthony

02:03 Medtronic oval ended the reservation Indian Reservation. My mother came there as a cook at the hotel and my father was a Porsche master and worked in the family store.

02:18 Did did did you get into any trouble when you were a kid?

02:25 No, not then maybe later.

02:32 Okay. Do you have any favorite stories from your childhood?

02:37 Yeah, well, I got a quite a few.

02:40 How old how old how old how are young Mater?

02:49 No, I can't there's so many of them.

02:56 Did a lot of walking we didn't have I didn't have a bicycle has had time. We walk to the Columbia River and played in the sand.

03:07 It wasn't much to do.

03:10 And I also

03:13 Walked around to some of the

03:17 Where at Machinery Machinery was being overhauls.

03:21 Another place were two men were working on day hacks and wagons long to the engines.

03:34 And I went to any place that was action. I traveled alone.

03:43 That's

03:46 What did you want to be when you were when you grew up? I thought of being a veterinarian.

04:01 And what did you end up doing? I ended up being a mechanic because it seems to be

04:07 Just natural for me to know about machinery and engines and I overhauled like Model T engine. And so that's banned. It was easy for me. That's why I went that way.

04:24 What were some of the games you played as a kid? Would you say what were some of the games that you played as a kid?

04:33 Oh, we're like a band off of a hub of a wagon wheel is about that wide then had a stick with a cross on it. Just put that thing around there was a ring off of a hub of a wagon. It was about an inch wide and 8 in in diameter and we had a stick with a cross on the end and we push dad's around on the ground.

04:59 Other

05:01 Game show run chaperone

05:08 That's about about it on mask.

05:12 Did you have much interaction with the Indian children?

05:18 I want your school as well as we did have some in the fall a little day of the parents went down to Yakima to pick Hops and show they have school kids.