Shirley Ela, Wiliam Ela, and Steve Ela

Recorded September 14, 2009 Archived September 14, 2009 43:03 minutes
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Steve Ela (46) talks with his parents, Shirley Ela (85) and William Ela (86) about their long standing family involvement in the fruit farming industry.

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The Ela family begins by explaining what brought them to the North Fork Valley. Shirley and Bill both talk about their family’s long heritage in fruit farming.
Shirley talks about meeting Bill after he returned from the US Navy.
Bill talks about his first entry into the fruit business as a box boy and a peach thinner. When he married Shirley is when he oficially came into the orchard business.
Shirley and Steve share their early memories of working on fruit orchards.
Bill served as a Judge in Colorado. He talks about his greatest accomplishment, bringing work release programs into Colorado.
All talk about the different changes that have happened and are happening in the fruit growing industry.
All talk about what they are most proud of. Shirley and Bill are most proud of their children, and their family’s honorable name. Steve is most proud of bringing smiles to people’s faces when they bite into delicious fruit!


  • Shirley Ela (b. 1924)
  • Wiliam Ela (b. 1923)
  • Steve Ela (b. 1963)

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