Ira Greenberg and Gabriela Greenberg

Recorded October 10, 2009 Archived October 10, 2009 35:03 minutes
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Ira Greenberg (59) talks to his daughter Gabriela Greenberg (6) about her birthday, life in 1st grade and what they want for dinner.

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Gabriela talks about the pink streak she got in her hair because she had been asking her dad about it for a long time. She says she wants to go skiing after the interview.
Gabriela describes her ideal 7th birthday party. She wants a cake with candles that re-ignite on their
Gabriela talks about her Halloween costume.
Gabriela talks about what 1st grade is like for her. They are about to learn more about Japan and more math.
Gabriela talks about all the places that she wants to visit, which includes Japan, China, D.C. and Antarctica.


  • Ira Greenberg
  • Gabriela Greenberg


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00:05 My name is Ira Greenberg. I am 59 years old. Today's date is October 10th 2009. We are in Colorado Springs Colorado and I am here with my daughter Gabriella.

00:19 My name is Gabriela. My age is 6 and today is October 10th 2009 and I freaked it there and I'm here with my dad exact excellent. And we here in storycorps and actually get be so she's 6 years old, but you're going to be 7 in just one week your birthday is coming up.

00:57 And today we put a pink streak in your hair because you've been asking for a long time. Do you like your pink streak?

01:06 And I'm really glad you did that. But it was kind of scary at first. We have to answer more but it wasn't so we're getting over some things that are scary. We're talkin about going skiing this winter.

01:24 A little bit scared to go skiing. I don't know. You're also a little bit scared to climb the monkey bars and not anymore. But you were at one point, but they're not scared of those things anymore. And I don't think I'd be scared and here we also have with us today. We have Pony and we have lion and we almost broke up, but we look so bad and Christmas Bear in the car and there's some very cold and sleepy today. I want to go skiing right now Chinese food tonight.

02:17 What would you like in the Chinese restaurant?

02:23 Chinese noodles chicken and dumplings browse for the microphone

02:37 Get real close to the microphone you LL Cool J.

02:53 I can't talk to you sweetie. I want and this conversation is going to be recorded forever. That's going to be in the biggest library opposed to the Library of Congress, which is the biggest library. It's bigger than all the libraries that we've been to CDs of conversations like this with lots of other dads and their daughters. What should I say?

03:45 Sister, what should I say?

03:49 Lion what you say?

03:54 I don't know.

03:57 Sister, what? Can I say? I don't know. Maybe we'll just sit here quietly and watch you guys talk a little closer. But we have what are some of your Webkinz pets we have silly seal quacky.

04:28 We have candy, who's not nice.

04:37 Build-A-Bear swan

04:51 Principle of this we got a pretty large collection of stuffed animals at 18 of them.

04:59 It fits pretty good collection. How many stories have been giving her one of my birthday party? I forget.

05:17 You going to have your friends coming to your birthday party that you blow how then they come back in?

05:42 Can do with your birthday number on a Magna bike with your friends help you blow out the candles on your cake.

06:12 Were you dreaming about your birthday party the other day?

06:21 I remember is going like a lalalalala. Lalalalala. What song is that?

06:37 I was just going like a lalala.

06:44 Dance that goes with it.

06:51 I know that song.

06:53 Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

07:07 I don't think she wants me to talk very much. Okay, you guys just sit here and just enjoy this. Should we you know, we sent invitations to many of your friends. I think 89, but I don't know.

07:33 And you asked me if I could invite mrs. Fuller to your party.

07:39 Yeah, she goes to your party.

07:49 And I like to carving on pumpkin today, but it was Gillian stinky this kind of figured. That's the first time I've ever made pumpkin seeds pretty fun thing to do and will we carve another pumpkin?

08:14 How about if we get one?

08:20 Stylistics

08:24 It was an almost.

08:26 Weight, where do you lose at?

08:37 Shut down under the table next week. We're going to go on a field trip with your class to attend for the house a bigger one Jupiter. No because I'm going to be pretty heavy to carry them.

09:20 It's going to be a lot of pumpkin seeds and that's going to be very heavy and gooey going to be even more gooey than the one we did today. But that's okay. We can we can do gooey ones. Are you coming? If you want to put your jacket. Would you like to wear my scarf? There you go, cuz I've been mad batter just started me in Winter and you know what because it's so cold the Rockies baseball game tonight is cancelled. Did we find a Halloween costume for you today and a huge huge dress that mommy might cut and I just came on button.

10:20 Oh, baby Platinum backup.

10:28 Did your Billy unbutton your your snap? If you can get up on your knees on the seat you give me a Halloween cakes the goofy face.

10:51 You're weird. I think we should put you in the windows of jack o'lantern for Halloween.

10:59 I think I'm going to give you a wedgie ever given anybody a wedgie.

11:12 I've heard you say you got a wedgie.

11:19 It's one of the funniest thing. You ever said suddenly. Oh come out of nowhere and say in your preschool. God bless our education. I don't know math science art.

11:49 Vowels

11:54 About is something like a e i o u b wearing how to make painting and all the stuff and we're going to study about Japan.

12:18 You speak a little bit of Japanese.

12:21 That's my Japanese. Can you speak in Japanese this morning? You told me you could come to 99 in Japanese.

12:29 Okay. What else are you going to learn tonight? I don't know and I did math. Have we learned? What's 3 + 1?

12:39 4

12:41 What's 6 + 1 I don't want to do math anymore.

12:48 But you want to get good at math, right? That's what you told me stating. You're weird. You're weird.

13:04 Meet your SpongeBob weird.

13:07 And you're a little bit weird. Are we going to take some ice skating lessons this year? I hope your skates still there. I think they did. They shut the last time we went.

13:26 Ouch emoji

13:28 Careful with the microphones cuz when we touch him they make

13:33 Loud noises that sound like knocking on the recording it will get the listen to the record.

13:43 After we're done, we'll get to sit back and listen to

13:51 Let's see. What else did we learn?

13:56 Can prescribe we going to do field trips we can do math science. We did a little bit of geography couple weeks ago. It was pretty fun. And you crawled all the way up to the Arctic Circle to the North Pole.

14:15 Crawled over to Florida and you can say hello to people on us and then when they listen to it, he'll hear you saying hello. Is there anybody you'd like to say? Hello to Daddy? Chubby cheeks. Chubby cheeks evil laugh evil. That's what I call and Auntie Jen benefits new girlfriend. Her name is Sophia younger S5.

15:15 That's pretty cool. Are you going to tell Uncle Auntie Jan about what we bought today that you talked about that reminded you of her at the Halloween store? I look weird in that. What was the first thing you said when you put it on do remember? Well, yeah, but after that what you said and did you look a lot like after they're older than you say hi to the cousins. Remember i7 High been high.

16:10 Maya hello, Savannah. Hello, David. Hello.

16:19 Everybody in my whole family and we can send them copies of pictures if you would like to hold your breath.

16:38 Stop

16:41 I can't do it. I can't do it.

16:45 There you go. Green Ali.

16:52 Where else would you like to travel to if we were able to take a trip tomorrow? Where would you like to go Washington DC Antarctica to see Santa Claus?

17:11 I would like to go to all the places in the world.

17:24 It starts with a J.

17:31 Remember by Florida

17:41 And if you go to Japan, you're going to learn to use chopsticks.

17:45 Scared to use chopsticks in the eye line. Do you know what Japanese music sounds like violins and flutes and there's are different.

18:16 You look really really different. Do you know what their shoes are made of in Japan?

18:22 Stop sometimes and sometimes they were shoes made of wood bamboo.

18:33 Or just in China.

18:35 Japan

18:38 So we'll go to Japan together.

18:41 What else do you want to do when we go to Japan?

18:46 Do you want to have

18:49 Adventures, what about if we go to Paris?

18:54 Cuz you want to go see the Eiffel Tower.

19:01 I want to blow away. I want to go away and I haven't found you yet. So I need to find Uber a what color bad daddy.

19:24 What color Beret did you on about?

19:42 The size of my head crazy

19:46 Buddha by fighting games

19:57 Your brother by thing. I don't know what this means.

20:03 I know what it means.

20:08 It means beautiful thing.

20:11 Blah blah blah

20:15 Don't flick a no flaking out looking for a client.

20:28 Do you also do a lot of projects in school projects? I've never seen anybody do as many projects as Gabriella.

20:38 Steep loose and scissors and tape and a mailbox that you made for all your invitations for your birthday party. That was pretty cool.

20:55 And what's the new book that we just got?

21:05 That sounds scary.

21:09 Are you being a blob?

21:17 And then we can go trick or treating and when people say and they open their door, you can be a Big Blob and just go and eat them.

21:26 And pick what I do that crazy, man.

21:38 And that wouldn't be good if we want to trick-or-treat here. I got to take everybody. Would you share it with your friends?

21:55 I don't know what to say. It's hard to know what to say. But sometimes you do.

22:08 I have some dinner cuz I'm hungry once we finish talking. We're going to go out for dinner.

22:16 Can we go out and get some Chinese chicken salad and a dumpling or two and some rice and some tea maybe a nice warm cloth on your hands on a nice cold day.

22:34 And then we'll go home and you can have a hot chocolate.

22:39 But you cannot have 71 marshmallows in your hot chocolate like you did earlier today. You can only have sixty-three marshmallows.

22:50 That's not enough 63 much money. You want more marshmallows you love you more.

22:58 What's more 63 or 100?

23:07 What's more a gazillion or a hundred shadow puppets work work work work work?

23:26 Can you do an alligator?

23:30 YouTube butterfly

23:33 Can you do a hippopotamus?

23:48 Be careful, sweetie.

23:52 I don't want you to get a lie here. Is that a snort or sneeze? I think it was a skirt. I think we have a snorty person in the recording this with us today.

24:12 Where where is the microphone? We just big licorice? What if it was liquor would you just hit the microphone the whole thing?

24:27 Do you like licorice strawberry?

24:41 Not too many things that you don't like that.

24:46 Okay, do you need some water?

24:50 A girl I see a wobbly tooth in there.

24:56 I see one wobbly tooth and one tooth that needs to come in. We've had a lot of visits from the Tooth Fairy this year.

25:07 One I got a Build-A-Bear to I got this Pony. Sorry. I got money for I got a Hannah Montana recording studio V. I got a camper what's a camper camper something like it's a little on the side where you put the 10 top play with little animals and dolls and stuff.

25:51 I like doodoo doodoo doodoo doodoo, doodoo, doodoo? Doodoo? Doodoo? Doodoo. Are you going to sleep in your tent?

26:06 Are you going to sleep in your bed?

26:15 It's going to be fun though. You want to sleep in your tent in the backyard?

26:20 Nicole

26:23 But you want to go camping, right?

26:28 Triple that are you picking a cuticle?

26:32 How to cheat in Kerrville

26:36 Yes, I did your nails not taking it off.

26:43 Understeering

26:50 What?

26:52 Can you can you can pick a little bit of your little bit nervous?

26:59 I know.

27:17 What are you doing? Just seeing where the conversation goes next. I love talking to you sweetie your fun with you. It's hard to just kind of have to talk. But you know what? We talked all day long just like this and that's why I wanted us to do this cuz this is what we do when we spend time together. We just chat and we drive and you stick your head out the window.

27:50 And my hair goes back like

27:55 And sometimes you record the noises from other cars on your Hannah Montana recording.

28:02 Infini

28:04 And sometimes you stick your head out the window and you say things to people.

28:14 Sometimes you tell them what have you been doing lately that you're going to sell their house or at?

28:23 It's been like sticking your head out the window.

28:33 Not this version.

28:40 So I thought because we do that every day, it would be fun to just come in here and do the same thing.

28:50 What you doing?

28:53 I'm trying to make my eyebrows touch the ceiling. Can you make her eyebrows Touch This Feeling?

28:59 Daddy it's impossible to really tall.

29:06 Go on to the sing then come back.

29:16 A giraffe is taller than this.

29:18 Not a baby dry baby dresser only about that pic.

29:25 Baby dress and what is this? What is the baby giraffe say when when they talk to the government?

29:35 They're pretty quiet, aren't they? Have you ever heard of giraffe talk?

29:39 But I know the gun.

29:43 What do they say when you give them crackers?

29:46 After they say yummy yummy yummy inside their brains have no teeth. Of course they do. How do you know?

30:02 Cuz once I had dinner with a giraffe.

30:05 I had dinner with a giraffe and I saw giraffe chewing its food that you have couldn't use chopsticks though, but it was chewing its food and I saw its teeth.

30:21 You're lying liar. Liar pants on fire hanging from a telephone wire a liar pants on fire hanging fire. My dad's a liar girls love to have dinner and they love to sit with people but they don't say very much. They're pretty quiet.

30:55 Liar liar pants on fire hanging from a telephone line to downtown line. I seen a liar hanging from a telephone wire.

31:14 Really hanging from a telephone like a pants were on fire. And he was lying liar liar pants on fire hanging from a telephone line by people throw him up, but I need a flip and landed on his stomach like his pants on heel he had matches and he kept lighting of pants.

31:53 Okay, I wasn't telling the truth about having dinner with the giraffe you were at you got me. You got me you were hanging from a telephone line.

32:06 Actually sit down, but I'd like to would you like to have dinner at the zoo one night with all the animals?

32:20 Liar liar pants on fire hanging

32:27 Oh boy, lying. You guys are all ganging up on me. Just cuz I told a little FIB. It was just a little tiny Fab. It was just a little makeup story. I just pretend I'm just a little pretend. We're getting down to the end of our our time that they give us for this very fun talking to you. I want to thank you, sweetie for coming in and doing this cuz it's pretty neat. It'll be cold when we get outside and we'll go have a nice warm dinner.

33:07 But it's been lovely talking to you Gabby 7th birthday is Sunday and

33:23 Art Sports in my cake is going to be a weapons cake and everybody's going to get a lot of their goodie bag candles that light themselves back up again when you go I'm going to go and I'm going to scream.

33:46 You are you going to do a quiet screen were really really really loud scream will happy birthday coming up sweetie. I'm glad you got your pink streak. I'm glad we got to talk. I love you very very much. You are delightful. I forgot your birthday in August birthday. Do you remember one of the things we did for Daddy's birthday?

34:14 Have cake we did but you remember something else that we did we did that we had breakfast for dinner that night. We had pancakes and we had french toast have memes and it was a lot of fun and I think you ate your entire pancake with chocolate chips and everything. So I love you. I hope we do this again. We have lots and lots and lots and lots and hundreds of more birthdays together and lots more conversations together never will goodnight Pony. Goodnight lion.

35:02 Okay.