Xavier Sainz, Thais Saínz, and Nicole Di Rocco

Recorded February 22, 2010 Archived February 22, 2010 37:50 minutes
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Nicole Di Rocca asks her parents about their recent family trip to Cuba and her parents’ immigration from Cuba over 40 years ago.

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Thais reads a poem she wrote called “49 years” about the recent family trip back to Cuba.
Thais and Javier talk about their parents’ exodus from Cuba following Castro’s revoution.
Thais expected to have her Quinceañera in Cuba but couldn’t go back.
Thais remembers her father having to hide in Havana following the Bay of Pigs invasion when everyone who was not with the revolution was suspected of being against it.
Xavier tells the story of smuggling his mother’s diamond earrings out of Cuba in a piece of chewing gum.
Thais came to the US to attend boarding school with two $20 bills her mother sewed into the hem of her skirt.
Xavier and Thais lived just 14 blocks away from each other growing up in Cuba but met years later at a UCLA party.
Thais’s mother passed away this week and Thais shares the moments with the trip she would like to tell her about.
Thais on the importance of honoring immigrant stories.


  • Xavier Sainz
  • Thais Saínz
  • Nicole Di Rocco