Joselyn Geaga-Rosenthal and Jason Yap

Recorded February 28, 2010 Archived February 28, 2010 42:16 minutes
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Joselyn Geaga-Rosenthal, 62, tells her son Jason Yam about her arrival to the United States, including the trip by ship, and about her political awakening in the United States.

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JG explains why and how she immigrated to America from the Philippines.
JG talks about being on a ship for twenty-one days - different ports visited, boys met, the dances on ship and adventures on land.
JG remembers arriving in San Francisco and passing under Golden Gate Bridge. She remembers her excitement at arrival and during car ride down to Los Angeles.
JG talks about beginning to realize the prevalent discrimination against Filipinos in the United States. She recounts moments when she was discriminated against, including when trying to rent an apartment.
JG explains the emotional impact that political movements of 1960s and 1970s, specially the Yellow Power movement, had on her. She felt empowered.
JG discusses her decision to abandon the Catholic faith and her parents’ and older relatives’ reaction.


  • Joselyn Geaga-Rosenthal
  • Jason Yap